A History of Women Philosophers: Modern Women Philosophers, 1600-1900 / Edition 1

A History of Women Philosophers: Modern Women Philosophers, 1600-1900 / Edition 1

by M.E. Waithe

ISBN-10: 0792309316

ISBN-13: 9780792309314

Pub. Date: 10/31/1991

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
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History of Women Philosophers Series, #3
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6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.24(d)

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Table of Contents

1. Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. Natural Philosophy.- IV. Feminism.- V. Conclusions.- 2. Kristina Wasa, Queen of Sweden.- I. Biography.- II. Philosophy.- 1. Traditional Assessments of Kristina’s Views.- 2. Kristina’s Philosophical Development.- 3. Kristina and Descartes.- 4. Religious Skepticism.- 5. Philosophy and Linguistics.- 6. The Maxims.- 7. Misogyny and Feminism.- III. Conclusions.- 3. Anne Finch, Viscountess Conway.- I. Biography.- II. Influence on Leibniz.- III. Philosophical Writing.- IV. Summary.- 4. Sor Juana Ine's De La Cruz.- I. Biography.- II. Prose Philosophical Works.- 1. Carta Atenagórica.- 2. Respuesta.- III. Philosophical Poetry.- 1. Sueño.- 2. Sonnets.- IV. Conclusions.- 5. Damaris Cudworth Masham.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- 1. Correspondence.- 2. Faith and Reason.- 3. Women, Education and Reason.- 4. Epistemology, Feminism and Moral Philosophy.- III. Conclusions.- 6. Mary Astell.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. Religious Epistemology and Women.- 1. Condition of Women.- 2. Women, Epistemology and Reason.- 3. Marriage and Subjection of Women.- IV. Epistemology and Religious Knowledge.- 1. Reason and Revelation.- 2. Whether Matter Can Think.- 3. Whether God is the Efficient Cause of Pain and Pleasure.- V. Conclusions.- 7. Catharine Trotter Cockburn.- I. Biography.- II. Philosophical Writings.- III. Epistemological Foundations of Moral Law.- 1. Knowledge of Virtue and Vice.- 2. Natural Conscience.- IV. Epistemological Foundation of Religion.- 1. The Role of Rewards and Punishments.- 2. On Revelation.- V. The Immortality of the Soul.- 1. Whether God May Add Thought to Matter.- VI. Summary.- VII. Conclusions.- 8. Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier De Breteuil Du Châtelet-Lomont.- I. Biography.- II. Ethics, Religion and Philosophy of Language.- 1. Ethics.- 2. Philosophy of Religion.- 3. Philosophy of Language.- III. Collaborative Works.- 1. Collaboration on Voltaire’s Éléments.- 2. Collaboration with Voltaire on Traité de Métaphysique.- IV. Metaphysics.- 1. Writings on Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science.- 2. The Development of du Châtelet’s Views on Metaphysics.- 3. Free Will: Problems for Newtonian Science.- 4. Solving the Problems of Newtonianism.- 5. Reaction to du Châtelet’s Metaphysics.- V. Philosophy of Science.- 1. Fire, Light and Color.- 2. Scientific Method.- VI. Conclusions.- 9. Mary Wollstonecraft.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. Philosophy.- 1. Human Nature.- 2. Ethics.- 3. Social and Political Philosophy.- 4. Philosophy of Education.- 5. Influences on Wollstonecraft’s Philosophy.- 6. Critique of Rousseau.- IV. Conclusions.- 10. Clarisse Coignet.- I. Introduction.- II. Metaethics and Moral Philosophy.- 1. The New Science of Morality.- 2. Freedom, a Fact of Human Nature.- 3. Man, the Creator of Morality.- 4. Duty, a Law of Conscience.- III. Political and Social Philosophy.- 1. The State, an Extension of Individual Morality.- 2. The Social Contract.- 3. The Separation of Religion and Morality.- 4. Women’s Suffrage and Women’s Destiny.- IV. Conclusions.- 11. Antoinette Brown Blackwell.- I. Biography.- II. Philosophy.- 1. Metaphysics.- 2. Truth.- 3. Perception.- 4. Time.- 5. God.- 6. Immortality.- 7. Mind/Body Problem.- 8. Nature of the Sexes.- III. Conclusions.- 12. Julie Velten Favre.- I. Biography.- II. Works.- III. Philosophy.- 1. The Unity of Moral Law.- 2. Woman’s Moral Vocation.- 3. The Great Human Family.- 4. An “Ethics of Abundance”.- IV. Conclusions.- 13. Women Philosophers of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.- I. The Seventeenth Century.- 1. Anna Maria van Schurman.- 2. Bathsua Pell Makin.- 3. Elisabeth of Bohemia, Princess Palatine.- 4. Helena Lucretia Cornaro Piscopia.- II. The Eighteenth Century.- 1. Laura Bassi Verati.- 2. Catharine Sawbridge Macaulay-Graham.- 3. Sophia, a Person of Quality [pseud.].- 4. (Marie) Olympe de Gouges (Marie de Gouzes).- 5. Mary Fairfax Somerville.- 6. Anna Doyle Wheeler.- III. The Nineteenth Century.- 1. Catharine Ward Beecher.- 2. Harriet Martineau.- 3. Harriet Hardy Taylor Mill.- 4. Jenny Poinsard d’Héricourt.- 5. George Eliot (Marian Evans).- 6. Clemence Royer.- 7. Juliette Lambert La Messine Adam.- 8. Christine Ladd-Franklin.- 9. Hortense Allart de Meritens.- IV. Conclusions.

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