A Killing Cure

A Killing Cure

by Evelyn Walker, Perry D. Young

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The psychologically ruinous exploitation of Walker by her psychiatrist Zane Parzen as told to Young (God's Bullies, etc.) by the victim is corroborated by personal, medical and legal documents that served as evidence in a sensational San Diego malpractice suit. The authors contend here that the public should be made aware that there are therapists who, as in this case, manipulate, drug and sexually abuse patients and thereby create absolute dependency. During the three years (19741977) that Walker was the psychiatrist's patient, she lost her husband and two children and made multiple suicide attempts. Although the court awarded her $4.6 million, and she has remarried, she remains, or so she claims, obsessed with Parzen. He, in turn, as a result of the trial publicity, destroyed his own career and marriage. Major ad/promo; author tour. (June 5)
Library Journal
On the recommendation of her psychi atrist neighbor, Walker went to see psychiatrist Zane Parzen for her head aches and mild depression. Two and half years laterafter frequent and hu miliating sexual relations with Parzen; addiction to tranquilizers and other drugs followed by near-fatal withdraw al; suicide attempts; and a tragic di vorceshe was a borderline psychot ic. Walker hired flamboyant attorney Marvin Lewis, Sr., and embarked on long and bitter malpractice proceed ings (which she won). This was the first time that a psychiatrist was ex pelled from his chapter of the Ameri can Psychoanalytic Association by his own colleagues for having sexual rela tions with a patient. As told alternately by journalist Young and by Walker herself, the story reads like something from the latest scandal sheet. It will be read. Recommended for public librar ies. Marcia G. Fuchs, Guilford Free Lib., Conn.

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