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Man and His Guitar: Selected Sides 1927

A Man and His Guitar: Selected Sides 1927

by Bradley Kincaid

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Release Date:
Jsp Records


Disc 1

  1. Methodist Pie
  2. Sourwood Mountain
  3. Cindy
  4. Pretty Little Pink
  5. Old Joe Clark
  6. Old Coon Dog
  7. When the Work's All Done This Fall
  8. Give My Love To Nell
  9. Two Little Girls In Blue
  10. Gooseberry Pie
  11. Pearl Bryan
  12. In the Streets of Laredo
  13. Angels In Heaven Know I Love You
  14. Will the Angels Play Their Harps For Me
  15. Sweet Kitty Wells
  16. Bury Me On the Prairie
  17. The Fatal Wedding
  18. Barbara Allen
  19. The Two Sisters
  20. Fair Ellen
  21. Froggie Went a Courtin'
  22. The Swapping Song
  23. Let That Mule Go Aunk! Aunk!
  24. Happy Days Long Ago
  25. Four Thousand Years Ago

Disc 2

  1. After the Ball
  2. Charlie Brooks
  3. The Little Mohee
  4. A Paper of Pins
  5. The Red River Valley
  6. The Little Rosewood Casket
  7. Marywore Three Links of Chain
  8. Pretty Little Pink
  9. I Could Not Call Her Mother
  10. The Blind Girl
  11. Old Number Three
  12. Give My Love To Nell
  13. On Top of Old Smokey
  14. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
  15. Cindy
  16. My Little Home In Tennessee
  17. Bury Me On the Prairie
  18. The Wreck on the C&O Road
  19. Liza Up In the 'Simmon Tree
  20. Methodist Pie
  21. Sourwood Mountain
  22. Bury Me Out On the Prairie
  23. The True and Tremblind Brakman
  24. A Picture of Life's Other Side
  25. The Blind Girl
  26. I Wonder When I Shall Be Married
  27. Billy Boy
  28. I Gave My Love a Cherry

Disc 3

  1. The Red River Valley
  2. Little Old Log Cabin In the Lane
  3. The Innocent Prisoner
  4. I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me
  5. Somewhere. Somebody's Waiting For Me
  6. For Sale a Baby
  7. Barbara Allen
  8. The Fatal Wedding
  9. After the Ball
  10. Old Joe Clark
  11. Two Little Orphans
  12. Three Wishes
  13. In the Little Shirt That Mother Made For Me
  14. Sweet Betsy From Pike
  15. Mammy's Precious Baby
  16. The First Whippoorwill Song
  17. Life is Like a Mountain Railway
  18. The Blind Girl
  19. The Fatal Wedding
  20. The Fatal Derby Day
  21. Some Little Bug is Goin' To Get You Some Day
  22. Long, Long Ago
  23. The Old Wooden Rocker
  24. My Mother's Beautiful Hands
  25. There's a Red Light Ahead

Disc 4

  1. Ain't We Crazy
  2. The House Carpenter
  3. Dog and Gun (an Old English Ballad)
  4. Down By the Railroad Track
  5. Sweet Inniscara
  6. The Foggy Dew
  7. That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone
  8. Jimmie Rodgers' Life
  9. The Death of Jimmie Rodgers
  10. Zeb Tourney's Gal (Feud Song)
  11. The Ship That Never Returned
  12. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  13. In the Hills of Old Kentucky
  14. Just Plain Folks
  15. The Fatal Derby Day
  16. Humming Bird Special
  17. Those Precious Love Letters
  18. Footprints In the Snow
  19. The Legend of the Robin's Red Breast
  20. Brush the Dsut From That Old Bible
  21. Ain't We Crazy
  22. Now the Table's Turned On You
  23. Blue Tail Fly
  24. Housekeeper's Tragedy
  25. I Loved You Better
  26. My Rooster

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