Meeting Place: Medieval & Renaissance Music for Lute & Ud

A Meeting Place: Medieval & Renaissance Music for Lute & Ud

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by August Denhard

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Sono Luminus


  1. Saltarello
  2. Calata No. 4 "a la spagnola", for lute
  3. Un fior gentil m'apparse, song for 3 voices
  4. Untitled (I), for lute (from the Rowallen Manuscript)
  5. Douce dame jolie, virelai for voice
  6. La Manfredina
  7. Nota
  8. Work(s): Aspire refus contre doulce priere
  9. Spagna
  10. Lamento di Tristano & La Rotta
  11. Estampie
  12. Estampie
  13. Nota I
  14. Recercada No. 1 (Trattado de glosas)
  15. Estampie fragment
  16. Piva, for 2 lutes
  17. Greensleeves, folk song

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A Meeting Place: Medieval & Renaissance Music for Lute & Ud 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
OscarOVeterano1 More than 1 year ago
A MEETING PLACE - Munir Nurettin Beken & August Denhard - Sono Luminus With August Denhard on lute and Munir Nerettin Beker on ud, "A Meeting Place" is an exploration of medieval and Renaissance instrumental music (more than half of it anonymous), with special emphasis given to the historic, improvisatory nature of the different forms. While the ud is traditionally played with a plectrum and the lute with bare fingers, for this recording Mr. Denhard and Mr. Beken have each employed both techniques on their respective instruments. The results, though sometimes a little uneven, never fail to surprise, especially Mr. Beken's improvisations; his fretless instrument (designed to accommodate the Arabic 16 tone octave scale) allows him to add an element of exoticism to even an overly familiar tune like "Greensleeves". This east-meets-west, medieval/Renaissance jam session may not suit the tastes of the more traditionally-minded or authenticity-obsessed, but anyone interested in hearing two excellent musicians take a more relaxed and creative approach to ancient music will find "A Meeting Place" both intriguing and fun. Another very cool recording from a company that seems to be making a habit of putting out cool music. Highly recommended 9 ½ out of 10 Oscar O. Veterano