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A Mother's Work

A Mother's Work

by Deborah Fallows

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Unfocused and uneven, this book manages to raise more questions than it answers. All concern the role of parents, business, community, and government in the lives of our children. Fallows's purpose is to show, through an analysis of child-care resources, that children are better off when their parents care for them and that parents should try harder to accomplish this. However, what comes out most clearly is the need for improved day care. There is an ambivalence in the author's discussion of feminist and pro-family views that weakens her case and denies economic realities. Whether a mother doesn't work, has to work, or wants to work, the problem remainshow to provide the best care for children. Fallows doesn't have the answer. Hilma F. Cooper, Cheltenham Twp. Libs., Pa.

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