Musical Journey Through Time

Musical Journey Through Time

by Singin' Sam

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Take Two Records

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  1. Bicycle Built for Two  - Singin' Sam
  2. On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away  - Singin' Sam
  3. Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider  - Singin' Sam
  4. Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis  - Singin' Sam
  5. Cheyenne  - Singin' Sam
  6. It Looks Like a Big Night Tonight  - Singin' Sam
  7. He'd Have to Get Under-Get Out and Get Under  - Singin' Sam
  8. Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone  - Singin' Sam
  9. Smiles  - Singin' Sam
  10. Down By the O-HI-O  - Singin' Sam
  11. Say It With Music  - Singin' Sam
  12. Carolina in the Morning  - Singin' Sam
  13. Remember  - Singin' Sam
  14. When Day Is Done  - Singin' Sam
  15. When You're Smiling  - Singin' Sam
  16. Waiting At the End of the Road  - Singin' Sam
  17. Time on My Hands  - Singin' Sam
  18. Take a Picture of the Moon  - Singin' Sam
  19. Rock-a-bye Moon  - Singin' Sam
  20. Dust Off That Old Pianna (Oh Suzanna)  - Singin' Sam
  21. It's De-Lovely {from the musical "Red, Hot and Blue!"]  - Singin' Sam
  22. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place  - Singin' Sam
  23. Believing  - Singin' Sam
  24. Chattanooga Choo Choo  - Singin' Sam
  25. I Don't Want to Walk Without You [from the motion picture "Sweater Girl  - Singin' Sam

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