A Mystical Journey

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  • ISBN-13: 9781449034979
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 11/12/2009
  • Pages: 60
  • Product dimensions: 0.14 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 6.00 (d)

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A Mystical Journey

By George W. Adams


Copyright © 2009 George W. Adams
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-3497-9

Chapter One


O wondrous desert filled with peace this night, The fading twilight shedding ecstasy upon your land Silhouettes yon caravan - trespassing your endless sand, Pregnant mystery unfolding everywhere - awaits the morning light! From yon distant caravan a youth now strays behind, Enchanted by the mystery and your ever changing sands Whose shimmering sea of light fades, for night to find, A sky, filled with brilliant diamonds in his hands. Enveloped in this canopy, of velvet diamond fantasy, Flagrant fragrances fill the cool night air There is no breeze, nor sound, nor emptiness, Only splendorous calm, and awe - reverence everywhere! In this shattering stillness, pounds your heart, oh youth! Magnified - by this celestial majesty! What seeks your throbbing soul, oh tender youth? Know ye not this night is filled with destiny? Or is your soul a captive of the desert's mystery! Across the sky flames by - a brilliant flaming star, Fracturing all stillness, of this awe-filled night Its brilliance lights the desert's floor afar, From this spell of madness, there is no flight, oh tender youth. What now fills your heart, oh wondrous youth? is it, perchance, the cold night desert air? Or fear, that grips your soul, disturbed, A slave, unto a love you dare not know, nor can you bear! Fear not, ohyouth, for soon the dawn will come, And wash away this night unreal Once again, the sun's warm rays you'll feel, For now this comet's trail vanisheth, and soon will come the morn But, alas! another star - more brilliant breaks the dawn! Revealing two Figures, on separate distant dunes, One walks east, with brilliant handsome face Waving, unto the Other - emanating Celestial tunes, Vanishing swiftly, beyond aurora sky - now kissing the desert's wind-made sand of lace! What magic spell now invades this barren sea, That overwhelms, oh youth, your heart and soul, and mind? Is that His Face is turned away, and it you can not see? Or seized by some unreal power, you can not fathom, nor can ye find. What makes your soul a slave, unclothed, now bare, Before His presence, Who stands so firm against the sky Gazing unto the nearing noon-day sun - whose glare, Engulfs in blinding whiteness, everything! Ye can not breathe, nor can ye die! Oh youth!, oh youth! what has befallen thee? For now, this Red-robed Figure is upon one knee, His outstretched Hand reach - for grains of sand Clenching them tightly, He raises gently His evanescent Hand. Uttering Words ye can not bear, nor be too near A rhapsody - filled with Fragrances for only God to hear, How canst, oh youth, your heart fail to breathe, or your soul to understand These Glory-filled Words, His lips embraced, released for every soul, for every land! And now this Fragrance stills your heart, Slain! and broken - by His Dazzling Spark! My soul, my soul! the tender youth cries out, oh earthly garment do not part, That I may fly away, away - free! like unto a lark! Upon his face this youth now lies, So still, so still, for no breathe is there within Just the permeating Fragrance, the tears from his eyes, His soul now gone - to Him, forgiven for his sin, In his desire to love so free, so innocent - Him! Who is the Glory of God's beneficence! And now, ye desert winds - you leap, Blowing near and far, those blessed grains of sand The Blessed Figure releases slowly, from His Hand, Your destinies to fill - upon those souls you'll reap. God's ever cycling promised prophecy, that to those souls, oh blessed grains, You will inflict His chosen hearts - their destiny, That they may know what days these are, Each grain blessed - by His Breathe, Ya-Baha-'u'l-Abha! (Oh Thou glory of the All-glorious!) And now, perchance, oh seekers in His Path, Who wish to seek this Blessed desert Spot You'll find these sands no longer hot, Nay! just a desert haven, filled with peace - free from earthly wrath! And if perchance your heart is pure, while in this blessed ageless land, You may perceive the lamentation of his love - flowing free, Captured, within the breezes of this endless shifting sand, Whispering - "oh Glory! oh God, I love Thee."

The essence of these allegorical phrases is that each grain of sand, blessed by the Breathe of Baha 'u' llah, and guided by the release of His ever-guiding Hand, represents the Baha'is in these days - scattered by the Wind of God, throughout the East and West thereof.

Each grain blown from this Vast Desert of countless grains are the "people of today" - inflicting upon the other grains, "the people of tomorrow," the Love of God. One day, all the remaining grains that now cover the desert's floor, will spread across the land, afflicted by the "ecstasy" of these precious few Blessed Grains of Sand - unleashed by His mercy and grace, for the greatness and Glory of these eternal and everlasting days.


The fading twilight sheds its shield to cast An envelope of darkness from the past, Whose strange silence reveals a wandering soul From timeless corridors, amiss, its destined goal. Appearing from aurora-colored mystic dawn For 'tis God's Hand Who paints his path this morn, To guide his wondrous soul, from timeless sea Back, to unwanted chains of Earth's reality! O shackled youth, why does joy surround your face? Should not cries of lamentation, your heart embrace? For this Mystic Chance that has misled you from His Ridvan Gate Bars your flight eternal, its entrance you must wait! Decades pass, whose number totals two Healing wounds inside, and memories too, But now 'tis time, oh youth, your journey to renew A destined path - granted to so very few! Footsteps taken by enraptured souls so pure From their Crimson Path there was no cure, Except the shedding of their blood so fine Estranged in Drunken Ecstasy - by God's Purest Wine! And now, oh youth, ye find yourself along His Path Is this but unreal madness thy mind does hath? What brings thee to this Timeless Spot? Where every feeling is brought to naught! What place is this, that overwhelms your mind Reeling from an Ecstasy you can not fathom nor can ye find Your soul cries out: "Why am I upon my knees, Why Has my heart surrendered to this Wondrous Breeze?" Is it perchance, oh youth, that from a Stainless Cup you've quaffed, A few remaining precious drops of Peerless Dew Whose Golden Brim, their moistened lips caressed anew, Oh wondrous youth, this dew, alone, your heart it rips We pray you have not tasted both this Dew and Fragrance of their lips! For 'tis the "Perfumed Battlefield" reserved for God's precious few Their hearts and souls - tinged, with "Reddened Dew," How can you now, oh youth, live upon this earthly plane? We pray this Ecstasy will not render thee insane! And now this earthly stage revolves to mystic land Whose soil's still moist with Reddened Fragrant Sand, Cast by them who sail the ship "Eternal Destiny" Named by Him, whose Hand builds every moving entity! To every port from whence these souls embarked Your soul ,oh youth, desires to seek those Blessed Spots now marked, By flaming Mystic Lamp whose Light may flare To those, whose purity-of-madness beholds what mortal eyes not dare. In every port emerging multitudes surround Your soul's appearance; in mystic wonderment there is no sound, Why does the echo of your heart - magnified, pound Oh youth, oh youth, these multitudes are they truly real that you have found? From port-to-port the Timeless Trumpets blow Calling the river of multitudes to flow, From hidden coves, concealed with Snow-white Veil An emblem taken from the mast of Mystic-Sail. The mass of multitudes now converge into a place Vast and walled, aloft, with bannered courtly face, The nearing zenith noonday sun commands every mortal dust To preordained position, before a royal canopy - stained with lust! From whence a bearded king, a-frightened, peers, Upon this multitude, surging with abandoned fear Challenged by a thousand glistening spears, The cordon tightens closely, for every soul to hear. What youth is this, who upheaves my land? Disturbs my people - with separating hand, Come forth, oh youth, surrender unto to me Your wayward ways, for every soul to see! With soul aflame, his handsome face aglow This youth appears, stillness fills each and every row, His hands caress a pillow, black-encased, upon its velvet shines a blade Whose sharpened edge terminates all light to fade! With each approaching step, this youth cries out "O mighty king, my love for thee, I pray, thou will not doubt, This gift I bring thee, is but a token of my behest My heart desires for thee to plunge it deep, within my breast." "Oh king, Oh king! why has thy face gone pale, thy lips drawn thin? Is it because that I may be thy distant kin? Fear not, oh ruler of this blessed land God's mercy will not let Thee stain Thy hand!" With mystic motion, swift, unseen, the dagger flashes by Before his majesty's amazed and helpless eye, Oh wondrous youth, your trembling hands release the dagger's handle, slowly, with ecstatic glance Its blade caressing now, your heart's reddened atoms - leaping in their dance! For in your desire, oh youth, to trace this sacred mystic path The purity of heart forbade reality of any outward wrath, To cause injustice to this earthly lord and sovereignty Whom God chose to guide His people, to their rightful destiny. And now this youth has fallen to the ground From every awe-filled face, there is no sound, His joy-filled blood flows slowly from his breast His flaming face surmounted, by God's Golden Crest! From within the multitude come forth a maid Her tear-washed face reflects her soul - afraid, Withdraws with tender awe, the blood-stained blade aside With caressing hands, she cups the wound to stem the ebbing Crimson Tide! She lifts her grievened face - upward to the sky The words she utters, bestirs every aching soul to sigh, "Oh God, Oh God! do not allow this precious youth to die! The lamentations of her soul now echo softly - she does no longer cry. Is it because this fallen youth now bares a wondrous mystic smile In answer to her melody, pleading every soul in every aisle, Gazing from their Snow-white towers, shining high above Upon this scene, so rare, filled with poignant ecstasy of God's greatest love. And now this wondrous maiden stands, bewildered so Amidst clouds of vale, of pure white snow, Surrounding the unbelieving fastness of her pulsing breast Accelerated Wonderment perfumes her brow to crest. God's fashioned Mercy-wind begins to flow Scattering everything, engulfed, within this velvet lace of snow, Clearing every living atom from her view Assembled here by destined chosen few, to enact this play for God's revue! This final scene reveals her beauteous countenance - alone Gazing into her hands - stained with dancing reddened tone, Forming a pattern in their dance of purest rose Changing from Crimson Red to purest white, reserved for them, God's Glory chose!

The above phrases and verses are intended to be allegorical; perhaps they are, and perhaps they are not. They are but a reflection of a soul that has stood in naked wonderment in both the outer edges of eternity and before the Blazing Fire of God, through the mercy of His Manifestations in this material world. Whether traversing this worldly plane or other mystic planes of creation, it seems that there are no barriers that can imprison man's soul. Thus, whether these allegorical expressions evolved in the physical world or in the plane of mind and spirit, it becomes evident that both are realities, for the soul has the power to surmount the highest barrier in God's world of creation. The soul and mind are the true expression of God's reflection in man. Baha 'u' llah, the Reflection of God's Glory has proclaimed: "Man is the supreme talisman of God," the supreme token of His creation! Thus, the readers, themselves, must inhale the essence of these words and phrases and evaluate their true inner meaning, through these momentous words of Baha 'u' llah: "The steed of the Valley of Love is pain, and, if there is no pain, the journey will never end."


"Purity and chastity have been, and still are, the most great ornaments for the handmaidens of God. God is My Witness! The brightness of of the light of chastity sheddeth its illumination upon the worlds of the spirit, and its fragrance is wafted even unto the Most Exalted Paradise. God hath verily made chastity to be a crown for the heads of His handmaidens. Great is the blessedness of that handmaiden that hath attained unto this great station." In the beginning of all eternity there stood - a darkness! Vast and empty, cold, and void of light, Beyond all existence only He can best express For in His lonely vigil, gazed into this night. Beyond this vast and timeless sea, His Fragrant Heart perceived her distant cry, Pulsating, filled with constant plea Causing the very darkness to form and sigh. Who is this figure, clothed in black attire? Wandering endlessly in Her never-ending path, Her lamentations echoing softly, "Is there no Fire To guide and free me - from this wrath? His fiery breath transcends this vastly plane The magic of time slowly shapes a molten mane, Of fiery stones that blaze their trail In search, for that soul-tearing wail. Shattering the very stillness of all eternity Clothed in majestic robe of black-velvet fantasy, And now this molten mane begins to cool Multi-colored rays, refracted, pool. Emanating slowly their brilliant essence, To illuminate the darkened corridors of fate And every cornered maze that bars Her entrance, Into His Majestic Kingdom, and eternal gate. The brilliance of this crescent mane now flares, With fluorescent Glory, the Mystic Sea appears A diamond-studded highway now bares, Her darkened path, from which she peers. With innocence and awe, pervading fear, Of this dazzling white immensity, now everywhere! Her lamentations ceased, replaced by single tear, Breathlessly she turns, to brightest sphere. Spellbound exhilaration excites Her breast, From increasing magnetic mystic force Causing every atom of Her soul to alter course, A blinding whiteness surmounts Her head to crest! A crown of diamonds, crescent-shaped, For now she smiles, a smile for Him alone An ecstasy Her heart can never tone, Her freedom, from long torment darken-caped! She now wears Her diamond-crown, adorned, Upon Her flowing coal-black hair Glistening with reflected stardust - forlorn, By Him, for this wondrous maid, so rare! Her majestic figure stands upon His stool, Adorned with black velvet robe ajar Her head, bedecked, with every distant star, To form the Crowning Glory of His Jewel! Her heart, now filled with blazing Glory Sighs with heat, to breathe Her story, To every wandering soul-laden maid Who seeks Her beauty, with faith that does not fade. Her summoning Fragrance tides afar Caressing every distant brilliant star, In search for them, who are Her kin Their lips gone pale, from darkened sin. From distant mansions, maidens now appear, Enraptured, by Her melodic grace A prisoner unto the beauty of Her face, They flee, more quickly, to behold Her near. Their hearts now bared - explodes the dove! Captured, by pervading perfume of Her love, That surrounds Her abounding tenderness Her glowing face and reddened lips caress. (Continues...)

Excerpted from A Mystical Journey by George W. Adams Copyright © 2009 by George W. Adams. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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