New Beginning

A New Beginning

by Bishop Eddie L. Long

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Emi Gospel


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bishop Eddie L. Long   Primary Artist
Grant Green   Tenor (Vocal)
Charles Jackson   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin Bond   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Vocals,Synthesizer Guitar
Lorraine Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Jonathan DuBose   Guitar
John Ely   Guitar
Tony Gooden   Tenor (Vocal)
Leslie Johnson   Soprano (Vocal)
William Page   Soprano (Vocal)
Angela Smith   Alto (Vocal)
Gloria Stewart   Alto (Vocal)
Margaret Taylor   Soprano (Vocal)
Donna Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Robin Freeman   Alto (Vocal)
Juanita Williams   Alto (Vocal)
Veronica "Nilaja" Jones   Soprano (Vocal)
Jeremy Haynes   Drums
Andrea Baxter   Tenor (Vocal)
Andrew Baxter   Tenor (Vocal)
Vicki Renee Feacher   Soprano (Vocal)
Victoria Flint   Soprano (Vocal)
Tammara Wells   Alto (Vocal)
Yolanda Youngblood   Alto (Vocal)
Lori Allen   Soprano (Vocal)
Craig Evans   Tenor (Vocal)
Audrey Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Barbara Crawford   Alto (Vocal)
Rose Merry Jordan   Tenor (Vocal)
Tonya Bolden   Alto (Vocal)
Sandra McCollum   Soprano (Vocal)
Reginald Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Tamara Warren   Alto (Vocal)
Robert "Bunny" Patton   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal),Tenor (Vocal)
Gwen Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Darrell Freeman   Bass
Dwight A. Baker   Tenor (Vocal)
Heather Headley   Soprano (Vocal)
Faye 'Frantic Faye' Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Charlie "Cada" Brooks   Tenor (Vocal)
Jennifer Jones   Soprano (Vocal)
Gloria Williamson   Alto (Vocal)
Alex Bond   Cartage
Derrieux Edgecomb   Organ
Teresa Watson   Soprano (Vocal)
Deborah Townsend   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Thomas   Tenor (Vocal)
Patrice Antoine   Alto (Vocal)
Jeannie Baggett   Soprano (Vocal)
Aline Bartholomew   Alto (Vocal)
Demeka Beckham   Soprano (Vocal)
Ellasandra Faye Becks   Alto (Vocal)
Cassandra Belin   Tenor (Vocal)
Montye Benjamin   Alto (Vocal)
LaTara Black   Alto (Vocal)
Sylvia Bolton   Tenor (Vocal)
Nikki Bonner   Soprano (Vocal)
Devotion Bradley   Soprano (Vocal)
Mylene Bradley   Soprano (Vocal)
Yolanda Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Michelle Burney   Soprano (Vocal)
DeMario Burns   Tenor (Vocal)
Tamara Cameron   Alto (Vocal)
Cynthia Carter   Alto (Vocal)
LaTonia Clark   Soprano (Vocal)
Lesia Cobb   Soprano (Vocal)
Jacqueline Coger   Soprano (Vocal)
Patricia Allen   Soprano (Vocal)
Julia Cleveland   Alto (Vocal)
Shundon "Shaun" Cox   Tenor (Vocal)
Lesha Price Cunningham   Soprano (Vocal)
Aquevia Davis   Soprano (Vocal)
Rchelle Dixie Hall   Tenor (Vocal)
Joyce Duncan   Alto (Vocal)
Virginia Easter   Alto (Vocal)
Deborah Echols   Soprano (Vocal)
Surretta Eley   Soprano (Vocal)
Marlin Forest   Soprano (Vocal)
Makeda Evans Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Gwen Fitz Henley   Soprano (Vocal)
Florette Goodin   Soprano (Vocal)
Wanda Johnson   Soprano (Vocal)
Herlene Green Jackson   Alto (Vocal)
Latisha Gregory   Alto (Vocal)
Antoinette Grimes   Soprano (Vocal)
Kathleen Hall   Soprano (Vocal)
Wylene Hammond   Soprano (Vocal)
Loretta Hicks   Alto (Vocal)
Reggie Hinson   Tenor (Vocal)
Wanda Hinson   Tenor (Vocal)
Claudia Frasier   Alto (Vocal)
Cherie Funn   Soprano (Vocal)
Gloria Gaines   Soprano (Vocal)
Darlene Holloman   Alto (Vocal)
Thelma Hood   Alto (Vocal)
Marie Horne   Soprano (Vocal)
Delores Hull   Alto (Vocal)
Dawn Hunt   Soprano (Vocal)
Reggie Hymel   Tenor (Vocal)
Ronald James   Saxophone,Soloist
Khalil Jenkins   Tenor (Vocal)
Ralph Steve Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Deaderick Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Angela Joyner   Alto (Vocal)
Schanea Kelly   Soprano (Vocal)
Tamika Kelly   Alto (Vocal)
Gerry Kemp   Tenor (Vocal)
Harriett Kemp   Alto (Vocal)
Florence Knight   Tenor (Vocal)
Jacqueline Lamar   Soprano (Vocal)
Crystal Lawson   Alto (Vocal)
Margaret Lee   Soprano (Vocal)
Beverly Leslie   Tenor (Vocal)
Lillie Lewis   Alto (Vocal)
Monique Lindsay   Alto (Vocal)
Munichia McCalla   Alto (Vocal)
Kimberly McCormick   Alto (Vocal)
Alton McCullough   Tenor (Vocal)
Linda McKinnie   Soprano (Vocal)
Michelle McNeal   Alto (Vocal)
Sharekia McWilliams   Alto (Vocal)
Priscilla D. Miller   Alto (Vocal)
Bridget Mitchell   Alto (Vocal)
Rhonda L. Moore   Soprano (Vocal)
Mia Mormon   Alto (Vocal)
Roberta Moses   Alto (Vocal)
Kemba Mosley   Soprano (Vocal)
Juliana Motley   Alto (Vocal)
Pamela Muckle-Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Santina Murrell   Alto (Vocal)
Mable Myree   Alto (Vocal)
Carolann Neal   Tenor (Vocal)
JacQui Newsome   Tenor (Vocal)
Linda Newton   Soprano (Vocal)
Marion Nixon   Tenor (Vocal)
Kimberly Adair   Soprano (Vocal)
Nadine Searcy   Soprano (Vocal)
Anthony H. Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
New Birth Total Praise Choir   Vocals,Track Performer
Janeen S. Abrams   Soprano (Vocal)
Myra Bates   Soprano (Vocal)
Christine Bellfield   Alto (Vocal)
Shelton Bivins   Tenor (Vocal)
Fredreka Bradley   Alto (Vocal)
Dennis Broyld   Tenor (Vocal)
Kelley Broyld   Alto (Vocal)
Antoinette Coble   Soprano (Vocal)
DaJoie Croslan   Alto (Vocal)
Ken Davis   Tenor (Vocal)
Josilyn Drake   Soprano (Vocal)
LeNasa Dunn   Soprano (Vocal)
Mike Evans   Tenor (Vocal)
F.L.O.W.   Band
Michele Greenwood   Soprano (Vocal)
Lucretia Hall   Alto (Vocal)
Leatha Hayes   Alto (Vocal)
Marilyn Haymon   Alto (Vocal)
Roderick Heard   Tenor (Vocal)
Pamela Hicks   Alto (Vocal)
Shontay Howard   Alto (Vocal)
Jacqueline J. Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Irish Joseph Green   Alto (Vocal)
Nichelle Lindsasy   Soprano (Vocal)
Carrie Marshall   Soprano (Vocal)
Cynthia Marshall   Alto (Vocal)
Vanessa Mincey   Alto (Vocal)
Montgomery   Tenor (Vocal)
Constance Morris   Soprano (Vocal)
Keith Nelson   Tenor (Vocal)
Natasha Newkirk   Alto (Vocal)
Gregory Newsome   Tenor (Vocal)
Nupraz   Vocals
Vanderlisa Pack Reed   Tenor (Vocal)
Janice Parks   Soprano (Vocal)
Ronica Paul   Soprano (Vocal)
Carol Peay   Tenor (Vocal)
Earnestine Peek   Tenor (Vocal)
Carolyn Phillips   Soprano (Vocal)
Tamera Purnell   Alto (Vocal)
Rosalind Rainge   Soprano (Vocal)
Lakesha Robinson   Alto (Vocal)
Demetra Robnett   Alto (Vocal)
Beverly D. Roseberry   Soprano (Vocal)
Pamela Rosier   Alto (Vocal)
Vickie Rutledge   Alto (Vocal)
Tamera Turner   Alto (Vocal)
Priscilla Scales   Soprano (Vocal)
Jon Shoats   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Ernest Simmons   Tenor (Vocal)
Valerie Alexander Simmons   Alto (Vocal)
Rosemary Sims   Alto (Vocal)
Karimu Smith   Alto (Vocal)
John Spillers   Tenor (Vocal)
Kecia Stokes   Alto (Vocal)
Constance Summers   Alto (Vocal)
Charlotte Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Perlina Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Gayle Thurman   Alto (Vocal)
Nollita J. Tubbs   Soprano (Vocal)
Marlean Tucker   Alto (Vocal)
Eileen Turner   Tenor (Vocal)
Shemika Tutt   Alto (Vocal)
Dorothy Vallery   Alto (Vocal)
Flossie Varner   Alto (Vocal)
Pamela Vereen   Soprano (Vocal)
Vernita Victor   Soprano (Vocal)
Annette Wagner   Soprano (Vocal)
Ethelind Waithe   Tenor (Vocal)
Demetria Wallace   Alto (Vocal)
Tuwanna Wesley   Soprano (Vocal)
Derik West   Tenor (Vocal)
Henry Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Mary Louise Willis   Alto (Vocal)
Earnelle P. Winfrey   Alto (Vocal)
Alethia Worlds   Soprano (Vocal)
Rosie Wray   Soprano (Vocal)
Mary Ann Alexander   Alto
Sonja Alford   Alto

Technical Credits

Kevin Bond   Arranger,Director,Programming,Producer,Audio Production,Pro-Tools
Chris Byrd   Composer
Jeremy Haynes   Composer
Ralph Cacciurri   Engineer
Darrell Freeman   Composer
Tony Otero   Engineer
Bishop Eddie L. Long   Presentation
Gwen Fitz Henley   translation
Kimberly McCormick   Composer
Philpott Design   Art Direction

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