A New Language For Life: Happy No Matter What

A New Language For Life: Happy No Matter What

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by Louis Koster

We live in a world of change, an exciting new era. To meet the demands of this new era, we too must change. In fact, we must radically change the way we view ourselves. "A New Language for Life" is a new and innovative approach to how you view yourself and life. Making a commitment to be happy, no matter what, "A New Language for Life" will lead


We live in a world of change, an exciting new era. To meet the demands of this new era, we too must change. In fact, we must radically change the way we view ourselves. "A New Language for Life" is a new and innovative approach to how you view yourself and life. Making a commitment to be happy, no matter what, "A New Language for Life" will lead you on a pathway that will enable you to align with your true nature, transcend the limitations that language places on you and restore yourself to the oneness of being—the place of authentic happiness and higher awareness. This new awareness will enable you to reclaim the power of language and manifest your most heartfelt desires. "A New Language for Life" will show you how to transform your life from a place of higher awareness, to trust yourself and life, and to experience an overall sense of peace and well-being—no matter what. It will help you eliminate depression, lethargy, stress, unhappiness, and even your ordinary bad moods. This clear, engaging book will provide a direction to those who are stuck, unsure, at cross-roads in their lives, or believe that there is more to life than what they are now experiencing. Unlike other books, "A New Language for Life" builds on who you actually are, the essential you, so that you can be happy and reach your full potential—no matter what.

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Dr Louis Koster, a distinguished humanitarian, served for over ten years as a medical doctor for “Doctors Without Borders” and other humanitarian organizations in trouble spots across the globe. He worked in war zones in Bosnia, the Sudan, Angola, Liberia and with Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Cuban refugees in Guantanamo Bay. For his humanitarian efforts, Dr. Koster has received numerous awards and has appeared on radio, television, and new shows. The past decade he has practiced medicine in Australia.

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A New Language For Life: Happy No Matter What 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Laurie-70 More than 1 year ago
I had the lovely, good fortune of sitting on an airplane next to a woman who was reading a book with an interesting title: A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What! The author turned out to be a humanitarian MD named Louis Koster, who had worked for some years for Doctors Without Borders and currently has a practice in Australia. The woman was a colleague of mine and Dr. Koster’s new publicist, Stephanie Barko of Austin, Texas. Because I was currently immersed in New Age studies, in particular holistic theology, Ms. Barko’s reading of Dr. Koster’s book intrigued me. When she and I had talking time, we discussed a variety of spiritual path undertakings, the books we had read, and current issues we were dealing with. Thus, when our travel time together ended, Ms. Barko passed Dr. Koster’s book on to me, a gesture for which I am grateful. I read the short (216 pages) treatise in two days. The prose style is simple, crisp, clean, to the point, and a quick read. The message is also simple and easy to understand, especially if you are aware of being on a spiritual quest. If you already know who you are and you are mostly happy with your life, Dr. Koster’s revelation of “The Choice” and “The Insight” will appear old hat to you. However, if your life is full of discontent and you feel stuck in a proverbial rut with no way out, then these two concepts may be just the hooks you need to pull yourself into a new way of being alive. The biggest stumbling block of this book, for me, is that it is annoyingly repetitious, as many self-help books tend to be. I found myself skimming passages because I felt I had already read and absorbed the information. What I found myself wishing for instead was more of Dr. Koster’s own story of his experiences serving in war-torn countries or working with disadvantaged people in the United States. Those intimate tidbits of his own struggle for self-realization and how he overcame adversity fascinated me. I did find the sections on “Your Inner Chatter Subsides,” “Savoring Silence,” “Letting Go Of Resentment,” and “Coming Home to Family” particularly relevant and helpful to me at this time. Toward the end of the book, the chapter titled “Changing the Dream” about the Achuar people in the Amazon rainforest, and their myth revolving around the eagle and the condor (materialistic, scientific societies compared to spiritual, intuitive societies) was especially rewarding, but too short! I wish more of the book had been dedicated to that juxtaposition of mindsets, incorporating more details about the indigenous cultures with whom Dr. Koster had worked. This was not a life-changing book for me, but I’m pleased I took the time to read it. I also visited Dr. Koster’s web site which depicts his warmth, openness and approachability in a way that the book did not. My guess is that he would be a great inspirational speaker and trusted teacher.
dwgodbyDG More than 1 year ago
Former medical doctor Louis Koster does a wonderful job in his book, "A New Language For Life, Happy No Matter What!" of helping the reader gain new insight into how they can turn a mundane life situation into one that brings joy and happiness. This book provides the reader with "The Choice" which the author describes as making "...a firm commitment to be happy, fulfilled and satisfied with your current situation." So many allow the circumstances of life to dictate how they respond emotionally and Koster challenges the reader to take control of their emotions and the circumstances that surround their everyday living to make things enjoyable and fulfilling. Next, he presents several types of power that an individual possess and how they can use them to turn their life from a negative prospective to a positive one. One of the sections that spoke loudly to me was the one on interruptions being a blessing and being centered. There is great insight given on how all interruptions aren't bad, some in fact are actually for our benefit. Also, when we focus on being centered and balanced within our life we stand less of a chance of an emotional wreck. Sometimes we much change our way of thinking and living if we are to become a better person. We must learn to listen as well as to offer forgiveness and move past the points of who's right or wrong. We must allow positive, encouraging things into our life rather than the dead, lifeless, negative ones. The power of the tongue is very important and what we speak we tend to bring to pass within our lives. While this is written in more of a New Age prospective, I think many of the principles are very valuable and insightful. Most anyone could take the advice of this author and become a better person. My only hesitation is that God isn't given the due credit for helping one become that person and it is left to an outer power or influence. For that reason I would have to give the book 4 instead of 5 stars. This book was provided by the author for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
Louis Koster has written a book that is difficult to categorize. One possible label might be `self-help' book but there are so many of those on the shelves and in the ether of eBooks that, while well devised and meaningful to many, simply rehash the material of `focus your goals. Walk through life like you mean it, etc' - all of which is healthy for start over philosophy, but seem to fall short in actually finding the path to changing our world. Dr. Koster has devoted his life to humanitarianism; he overcame a physical problem with stammering and in doing so he discovered that the primary difficulty we each find in aligning with life is that we try to make external changes without paying attention to our `selves'. His concept of changing how we view ourselves is the basis of this erudite yet warmly supportive book. Some may wonder about the title `New Language': he explains this `When I use the word "language" in this book, I'm not just referring to speaking another tongue such as Italian, French or Japanese. I'm referring to all the influences we have been exposed to that shape who we think we are, or who we think we should be. For example, the messages we received from our family, friends, cultures, education, and religions. I call them our birth languages.' He goes on to share the concept that we need to change the view we have of ourselves. `I believe that the answer is in making a commitment to be happy, fulfilled, and content, no matter what the circumstances of our lives are. This commitment allows you to radically change the view you have of yourself, which leads you to express yourself and experience life in a new way. It allows you to find that unique core within yourself and access it through your own language. A commitment to be happy, no matter what, brings you to a place of oneness of being, where you experience an authentic freedom to be, and your language communicates who you are. You no longer feel entrapped and say `I can’t' or `I'm not capable'. You say `I can', `I am capable'. I DO have the power to manifest life as I am.' Dr. Koster challenges us to make the choice of being committed to being happy, fulfilled, and satisfied, no matter what the circumstances of our lives. He sees the path of history and civilization leading to a time when we must be whole as ourselves, integrate with our fellow men, and move to the next higher level of being. `Just BEING liberates the human spirit. When you move away from always striving and wanting, you become free to BE.' Throughout his book he references personal experiences with his travels with Doctors without Borders' and his sharing of his medical knowledge by being a physician to those who are in need. There is no set of charts in this book, lessons we must check off as having memorized, exercises or foods we must absorb in order to follow his example. He only encourages us to make the choice to be who we are. Near the end of his book he addresses his view of the future: `NOW is the time, as many indigenous people believe, for human beings of the modern world to CHOOSE and RESPOND to the call of the guardians of wisdom, and allow for the eagle and the condor to reunite and fly together in one sky.' And he sees this as the opportunity to move from darkness to light and enter into the Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Oneness. Read this book, discover yourself, trust that discovery, and begin to be happy and fulfilled in being who your are. Grady Harp