Patriotic Salute to the Military Family

Patriotic Salute to the Military Family

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by U.S. Military Bands

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Altissimo Records

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  36. Taps ("Bugle Call"), for trumpet  -  U.S. Military Bands
  37. Taps (attributed to Daniel Butterfield)  -  U.S. Military Bands

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

U.S. Military Bands   Primary Artist
United States Air Force Band   Ensemble,Track Performer
United States Marine Band   Band,Ensemble,Track Performer
United States Navy Band   Band,Ensemble,Track Performer
Bob Mater   Drums
Fred Newell   Banjo,Mandolin,Electric Guitar
Pat Patrick   Acoustic Guitar
Lisa Webb   Vocals,Background Vocals
Kim Parent   Vocals,Background Vocals
U.S. Army Field Band & Soldiers Chorus   Track Performer
United States Navy Sea Chanters   Choir, Chorus,Ensemble,Track Performer
United States Coast Guard Band   Band,Ensemble,Track Performer
Danny Borgers   Keyboards
United States Army Band   Band,Ensemble,Track Performer
United States Air Force Singing Sergeants   Choir, Chorus,Ensemble
United States Air Force Heritage of America Band   Band
Perry Barton   Vocals
United States Army Chorus   Choir, Chorus,Ensemble
Eddie Bedford   Bass
Sea Chanter Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Dan Borgers   Keyboards
Paul Patrick   Acoustic Guitar
Perry Barton   Vocals
Eddie Bedford   Bass (Vocal)
Lisa Webb   Vocals
Dan Borgers   Keyboards
Singing Sergeants   Ensemble

Technical Credits

Carmen Dragon   Arranger
Bryan Coleman   Engineer
Pat Patrick   Producer
Bobby Taylor   Cover Photo
Lisa Webb   Duet
Floyd Werle   Arranger
Mark Taylor   Arranger
Thomas Knox   Arranger
McCree   Executive Producer
Claire Lyn Saxon   Executive Producer
Paul Patrick   Producer

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