A Reef Comes to Life: Creating an Undersea Exhibit

A Reef Comes to Life: Creating an Undersea Exhibit

by Nat Segaloff, Paul Erickson

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 5-6-- Like Mallory and Conley's The Rescue of the Stranded Whales (S. & S., 1989), this book describes a New England Aquarium project and takes readers along step by step--this time through the construction of a coral reef habitat. The authors explain how living coral, tiny soft polyps, leave behind the hard rocklike structure that becomes home to myriad life forms under water. The complex project of replicating this environment, from the mechanics of emptying the hugh aquarium, replacing the centerpiece rock formation with the new reef, refilling the aquarium, to reintroducing the fish is detailed and illustrated. Striking, glossy full-color photographs show each part of the process from the initial sketches to the creation of latex molds used to make the lifelike plastic corals and sponges. Although the writing doesn't always flow smoothly (there's a jerky transition from the role of corals to that of sponges), and the photographs, while beautiful, do not always give an accurate sense of the size of the fish, this is nevertheless an intriguing behind-the-scenes glimpse at a fascinating facility. --Frances E. Millhouser, Reston Regional Library, VA

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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New England Aquarium Book Series
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10 - 12 Years

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