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A Rhyme Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Hip Hop Culture and the Creation of a Political Culture

A Rhyme Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Hip Hop Culture and the Creation of a Political Culture

by Carlton A. Usher

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Africa World Press
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Christel N. Temple
"As�historian, cultural critic,�and�politician,�Usher�offers a�visionary study of Hip Hop Culture steeped in axiological clarity.� At�the juncture of Hip Hop's�third decade and�the�twenty-first century's�demand for practical�leadership capable of deciphering puzzling trends�in popular culture,�Usher's approach resurrects�traditional spirituality in order to guide lyricism back to its roots of linguistic function in aesthetic, communal, and political contexts of Black culture's oral tradition."
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Author of Literary Pan-Africanism:�History, Contexts, and Criticism
"A Rhyme is a Terrible Thing to Waste addresses the founders and owners of the African Cultural product, Hip Hop and sincerely asks the question, 'what are the political philosophies, tenets and goals of the Hip Hop Nation?' The book is a thorough and in depth look at the problems that Hip Hop Culture faces as she enters her 30's in this 21st century while simultaneously chronicling America’s public policy towards her 400 year race problem—us. It is important that all B-Boys and B-Girls (that pay taxes) read this revolutionary and timely analysis of the historical, religious, political and epistemological roots of this way of life that we live and love. PEACE"
of the Vinyl Junkies
Mack H. Jones
"This is a definitive study of the political philosophy, political implications, and political promise—both positive and negative—of Hip Hop as a social force. Kali Usher traces the history of Hip Hop music from its NYC origins to its consolidation as an international agency for transformation, noting along the way the clash of contradictions that made it what it is today. Using sound social science techniques informed by his intimate knowledge of the Hip Hop community, Kali shows how the self-interests of a host of players including artists, producers, disk jockeys, media moguls, corporate owners, and others dovetailed to create an art form whose revolutionary potential is easily hijacked by forces of decadence and retrogression."
Professor Emeritus, Clark Atlanta University
William Jelani Cobb
"With clear-eyed focus and an insider's exhaustive knowledge of the culture, Carlton Usher picks up where Public Enemy left off. A Rhyme is a Terrible Thing to Waste is essential reading for any discussion of contemporary black culture, black politics and the crossroads where the two meet."
author of To The Break of Dawn: A Freestyle on the Hip Hop Aesthetic

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