A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth Muse

A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth Muse

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by Valentinno

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A Romantic's Passion ( The Tenth Muse) is based on a true story about one of the most haunting and torrid romances. Where the true call of love is expressed in an enriching collection of inimitable prose poems, love letters, essays, extended verse and intimate photo's, that tell the story of a laureled poet and the heat of his passions for his beloved muse. Revealing


A Romantic's Passion ( The Tenth Muse) is based on a true story about one of the most haunting and torrid romances. Where the true call of love is expressed in an enriching collection of inimitable prose poems, love letters, essays, extended verse and intimate photo's, that tell the story of a laureled poet and the heat of his passions for his beloved muse. Revealing the most beautiful and elaborate images of love and devotion. Where the desire, the romance and his dearly loved became his life's work.

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Book Kingdom
Valentinno's, A Romantic's Passion, is a brilliant and inspiring collection of spiritual and romantic poetry that expresses pure passion. It is truly an incomparable album of love poems that will bring tears of joy and happiness to your eyes. It explores the deepest levels of the heart and reminds us all of the beauty, grace, and the effect that true love can have on us all.
The Examiner
Nothing less than genius! Valentinno's work reminds me of Byron with a bit of the idealism of Keats.

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The Tenth Muse


Copyright © 2011 Valentinno
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-2100-8

Chapter One


    The Blood of Life

    She was born from the fortunate womb of
    mother earth. It was the day when love's
    inevitable assault struck my heart with a
    piercing arrow. Where Cupid's hands veiled
    in flames, first strung up his bow.

    She is the breath of life, the breath I inhale,
    the air I hold in and never breathe out. The
    greatest good of this world is the greatest
    good to come. Bound with a greater chain of

    I shall come for hire before her like a
    celestial dove, perched upon the branches of
    heaven. To hold her close in love's sweet
    nest. I among her am the immortal pilot of
    the sun.

    Where her eyes are the passageway of
    steady rays filtered through the windows of
    my impassioned soul. Where every fallen
    angel who only bares one wing she takes up
    in arms and lifts them toward the sky.

    Her loveliness is but the beginning where
    the beginning has no end and her loveliness
    is perfection. She is of infinite providence,
    God sent in an image of a mortal woman.
    But yet in the form of a venerable spirit.

    Love's Sweet Delight

    The great luminaries of Apollo that cast
    down from high balcony falls glistening
    upon my sovereign mistress. Thessaly
    waves sail upon the ocean's glory below a
    smoldering sun colored in the fires of

    If I can not go forward into the flames of her
    burning heart. I'd prefer the beloved
    torments of death to give me battle. She is
    the fragrance of love, perfuming every
    breath of fresh air that lingers as sweet as a
    scarlet rose.

    Her lips against mine comfort me in her
    mansion of destiny as the ardent light of
    dawn draws her deeper into my inner being.
    From her spirit body to all her wondrous

    She is the handiwork of paradise that
    moves between the mastery of time and
    space. Her treasure provides the sacred
    strand within clouds of virtue.

    Sweet Breath

    She creates life everlasting from clouds that
    stand unshaken. God is governed by her
    beauty and has ordained her to soar above
    heaven's kingdom.

    Because she is heir to his throne. Her
    radiance is of all languages, all speech and
    all religions. She changes the winds of time
    and unchains all ethereal melodies until they

    Her sweetness is an open gift from God as it
    is an open gift to the pleasure eye of man. I
    am the Nightingale of paradise, the master
    of the mother tongue.

    Where wondrous expressions are penned in
    such holy verses about her unfaltering
    beauty to the sense of sight. Her sweet air
    beyond a mortal flame kindles within its
    own aurora.

    Blowing out the candle of wishing stars
    upon their dim glow. O' come dear saint!
    Come as the burning lamp of light, and
    guide me on the homeward path of the
    unending love of our hearts.

    The Firmaments of Heaven

    It was light and darkness and he who called
    the land and the seas for his maker, became
    the third day. She was given to shine upon
    this earth. The Lord dressed her face with

    So rich through my heart Ethiopia is honored
    that she is her fortune. Where every votive
    candle burns for love within her eyes. My lady
    of eternal providence, O' how I will set my
    place from the moon to the stars.

    From hers to mine, between ours and the
    heavens. I will create islands out of a grain of
    sand, divide countries and their people and serve
    her the kingdom of Babylon before our Father.

    I will build a tabernacle in her name and give my
    heart to the living lights of love with palaces full.
    She is love's calling from God, a vision of the true
    comings of such sweet splendor.

    The Continents of My Heart

    Within heaven's heart bares an angel's soul,
    will stand between the white and gold, or
    the mortal eye below. To tell the grace
    of God to name the brightest star in the face
    of more than human beauty in her name.

    Living hurts to die without her blessed days
    of love. For she lives where stars are sewn
    into the city of cobalt blue. Singing orchards
    whistle a tune without the sound of words.

    Deaf men learn her song without a beat but a
    drummer boy within. Her smile could dream
    the oceans dry and feed upon the air through
    spirits that play hide and seek in the wind.

    My dying arms cradle her civil wars as a
    patriot of love. For her soul is flown above
    the continents of my heart. For her beauty is
    the only one worthy of heaven. She
    completes me by what is most treasured
    within herself.

    The Holiest Right Of The Soul

    Dreams! Visions! Images! Of love, keeping a
    record of eternity. My sound in sweetness,
    her light wings born of divinity shall lead
    empires with the golden fire of the moon.

    She turns darkness into an enlightening
    presence with the full dimension of the
    communion of life. She answers in all
    tongues of the higher plane, enthroned over
    the father of all men.

    Counselors of the glorious sheath will find
    her robed in sublimity. Kings express their
    thanks giving in prayer; raised among
    powerful ministries greater over all the

    She shines with brilliancy and transforms
    into a single entity of beauty, an unchanging
    Goddess of paradise. For she is everywhere,
    in every time and place, involved in every
    moment of my heart.

    Heaven Folds Her Miracles

    Her sweet seasons enlighten the days and
    the months of every new moon. Where
    sweet love baptized governs a glorious
    province. God has filled out her years with
    every true form of beauty.

    Before every auspicious star that took shape
    of her lovely eyes. I long to gaze upon their
    brightness which is given by the lamp of
    Diana where she illuminates the celestial
    spheres of the Queen of Heaven.

    Breath blooms into the flowering shades of
    glory. My beloved! Rise beyond this
    earth with your golden wings. The wings
    that angels were never beautiful enough
    to receive but she.

    A Thousand Suns of Nirvana

    She shields my soul and raises the torch of
    love. For her heart lifts me on all other paths
    and beyond. Submerged in boundless desire
    which shines among the ministries of my heart's

    Where the burning arrows of the flesh never
    miss their mark. She beholds a rich
    brilliance sheltered by loves armor. Where her
    angelic eyes glow from the heaping coals of fire
    embodied in a globe of flames.

    O' blessed in the names of her beauty. The
    central Burn in the third degree of grace. Shall
    strengthen the joining link between Nox and the
    stars and seeks the true teachings of the sky.

    She Is The Light Of My World

    Heaven is just behind that door and within
    that door an angel patiently awaits, and
    every knock at my heart shall be opened.
    She is my saint to be held on earth in my

    For those who think of her, know of her
    kindly spirit that dwells in tribute and shall
    be blessed by a sparring of holy words. Her
    ways are sublime and she invites all things
    of being.

    She as angelical has made a tabernacle of
    the world. Where the winds are her chariot
    and the air of love is our power. That will
    quench our bodies in the sanctified waters of

    The material horizon will be poured on the
    sweet springs of life. Where prayers of
    praise in the benign light of the world will
    be the eternal speaker of the stars.

    The Blessed and the Beautiful

    One prayer had rest the Lord on the opening
    of his holy assembly, her generous ways of
    love rescues me in all delight of the blessed
    and the beautiful.

    Focusing my gaze upon her. That glows like
    her face is rimmed in gold rising to the
    setting of the covering clouds in herds of
    sun. Everlasting in our benevolent hearts to
    embrace all the world in the wonders of her

    I profit in her grandeur by heaven's law.
    Pillars of fire melt me, she will overcome all
    kingdoms and let her spirit show.

    Within its warmth, grace and beauty in its
    power divine. For this enchanted bliss
    returns to the sky, a famed tower to stand
    upon us, a heaven of heavens.

    A sacred space in the world that is written in
    the scriptures of time and speaks about the
    unity of her blessed beauty and the Lord.

    The Taste of Eden on Her Lips

    I shall plead this as content that brings
    such happiness, but worlds of passion that
    burn from within her soul making ecstasy
    unreal. Forbidden as the taste of Eden on her

    Till my dreams explode into her globes of
    paradise. Forgive me for I am the gentle
    lover to her deliciousness. Let me take her in
    nature's way to explore each petal of her

    To seed each blossom in ways no one has
    bloomed. Paradise has time to serve us both,
    for I am the giver to her needs. Let my
    hands be the player of her keys, to bare the
    fullest music of her heart.

    To sip the nectar from within its most
    passion flower. Let me be as if to touch her
    in the corridors of her most sacred chapels.
    Climb her temple steps into the hills of her
    holy ground. Lose my lips in findings
    unknown to taste her naked soul.

    Follow the Way of Love

    Her lovely eyes that see me shall more
    behold me closer and watch over me
    stretched out from a city of angels. She shall
    seize the heavens in her twilight and
    command the Lord's day to rise with the

    Her beauty is a beauty made beautiful. To
    see as mortal men see, one could die before
    their time by gazing upon such magnificence.
    But she opened her lips against me and
    delivered me out of flesh and blood.

    Which once fashioned my earthly soul
    and turned me into a Sultan. Where now
    the province of our hearts will follow the
    way of love for eternity.

    Angels forfeit their immortality just to feel
    the seasons change whenever she takes a
    breath. She is a gift of pure radiance that
    will empower the crowning city of Utopia
    behind the holy veil of the exalted heart.

    Deepest Is Her Eyes

    A briny deep of ink in a single drop
    trembling at the tip of my pen, poised above
    the golden leaves of old parchment. Deeper
    than the stroke of rouge opera with a touch
    of sable in her eyes. With a love just as
    passionate as when my heart first penned it.

    Roses Red

    How simple a rose has risen for her to
    bloom, vows my blossoms, prays to tell,
    forever more within her flower. Days live
    within her, for suns to see, moons reply,
    where angels ride chariots of heaven unto
    me. To love the hand that holds my heart
    within loving seas that rest within her

    Towers of Ivory Clouds

    She is above all the earth and turns the
    treasure of time into a beautiful and lasting
    world. She sweetly stirs Zion's grove in
    testimony in all heights of its highest good.

    The sum of all light stands mind for in the
    mind. She rises in brilliance like the perfect
    dawn. Her love's impression of the hand
    absorbs her life experiences in paradise with
    my heart.

    She is enthroned upon the hills of ivory
    clouds in the assembly of all praise, worthy
    hosts of heaven. A kingdom bestowed upon
    her in the world of the matrix. A love which
    glides with the wings of faithfulness, above
    the sublime prisms in her eyes.

    As the sun from her face shines above the
    horizon and burns brightly upon the
    firmaments before the temple she has risen

    Light of Passion

    A holy kiss laid bare before my lips guides
    the light of passion before the birth of
    stars that illustrates the arts and
    people of the world. Guarding the journals
    of my heart in a celestial precinct.

    The realm beyond is a path of pilgrimage
    leading all human spirits to her holy place
    that brings harmony to the universe. Where
    seas of blue praise the sky and every kiss
    seeks its blessing upon her cheek.

    Angels bear witness to her beauty and
    follow the glory of God. She was designed
    from the essence of love. Glorified be her with
    sacred and fortunate melodies, the
    messenger has revealed her alluring charms.

    Even if heaven and earth had raised their
    swords against me to give me exile, I'd fight
    flame to fire 'cause paradise is here with her.

    Inborn Masterpiece

    She preaches from the good book of passion,
    but my dear love makes her eyes desire
    more deeply than what is published on
    paper. Her exemplar evolves and grows
    brighter and is the candle of this earth.

    When I read her holy dialogues, they are
    talking to me, they are talking about me. A
    book that has been the inward masterpiece
    of my heart long before her pen ever
    inked a page.

    Her letters to me are like looking at scarlet
    roses through Victorian windows. Following
    a pathway on a spiritual scale, composing a
    beloved symphony. Delivered by an
    orchestra of principalities.

    Where destiny will give her wings she
    flies above the stars. Where the soft gaze
    into her soul is her eventide. And her heart's
    fill is the drink of love from the fountain of
    the utopian seas.

    Her Silk Roads of Heaven

    She is a beautiful vision of God, where the
    Empyrean orb will scatter the stars about the
    heavens until the darkness retires and it's
    time to return at dawn.

    She has never walked upon the shadows of
    this earth and set her feet upon its shades of
    living color. Only above the ivory towers of
    Elysium have the imprints of her amorous
    wings been discovered in the white wonders
    of the clouds.

    The beauty that decorates her eyes turns
    toward her face with a modest gaze.
    Enthroned in sudden splendor towering the
    crown of her noble heart upon the skies of
    tender majesty.

    Loving prayers holds her at grace, glorious
    as the adorn light blessing the sacred
    womb that brought such beauty into this

    Beauty Is She

    Her soft rose petal lips, a sea of deep blue
    eyes with waves of brunet hair with the
    face of an angel, brings heaven and earth
    together within the galleries of her beauty.
    She gets more radiant with every new sun.

    The essence of her divinity comes from the
    highest agency of paradise. To behold her
    every flowering blossom that possesses an
    immortal order of nature in the image of
    every season.

    She is everything that you see in the world,
    a love inspiring woman, blessed with the
    formula for creating perfection. She shows
    herself in the vision of all shapes and forms.

    The earth awakens, opens its eyes and
    sees the future. The birth of a new
    temple arises and a prodigal daughter
    descends. A thousand times as lovely as the
    light of heaven

    The Summits of Paradise

    Heaven hears her angelic voice, the sound
    of sweetness plays the keys to my
    heart in sweet melodies. Her youth of
    beauty is the envy of the pale and ill-favored
    mothers of all women.

    The Lord fashions dress her lovely face
    with mild dimples. Her smile glistens in
    rays of sunshine and the benign light of
    every bright angel. She says nothing but
    with the sparkle of her eyes.

    O' how her love unveiled the treasures of
    time and the air of holy breath stems into a
    blossoming rose below the daystar of
    earthly wonder. Ascending to the
    horizons of glory from the world to the
    summits of paradise.

    Her praiseworthy pleasures are governed by
    her spirit and will rule as a Queen among the
    crown of Elysium's ancestors. She is the
    candle that burns in the wind and gives light
    to every moon.

    My Sacred Heart

    My lady, O' my sacred heart once again
    Eros lifted his bow in secrecy and graced me
    with love's sweet wounds. A pain so gentle I
    could love her a thousand years in one day.

    Her beauty is so great a power it could
    distribute the stars into the twinkling eyes of
    all passion's lovers. For the eternal essence of her
    loveliness did he send every arrow forth.
    From yesterday, to today and forever by
    love's first crusade.

    The hands of God take heaven up in her
    arms, possessing an immortal soul of
    divinity. High upon the mountains of every
    ivory plain an angel in the state of true
    glory, pure and holy in which the light has
    never before been so blessed.


Excerpted from A ROMANTIC'S PASSION by VALENTINNO Copyright © 2011 by Valentinno. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Valentinno was born in New York, and then raised in Glendale Queens, just off the borderline of Brooklyn. He was enrolled in the Catholic school - St Pancras, where he earned a reputation as being very studious and creative. He later attended a private school - Whitestone Academy, and embraced a great love and appreciation for literature. It was there poetry was instilled in his heart forever. His parents encouraged his enthusiasm for writing and he became greatly inspired by the old world romantic's. He published his first love poem called "Bid Me Love" when he was only fourteen. He pursued his literary goals by submitting his prose to various newspapers, journals and magazines. By the time Valentinno was sixteen he was prolific in his writing career and published numerous works. When he graduated from College, he was ranked out of the top three percent of poets in the world. Valentinno utilized the classical language to express profound romantic currents and passionate views. Valentinno was praised for his passionate pulse and the elegant beauty of his imagery. His immense creative out pouring delivered him into the "Who's Who of Poets." While his collections won best manuscript at the CNU writer's conference, a nomination for best book award, the Dickinson Award and 60 literary honors credited to his name. His powerful romantic voice has made him popular around the world, from romancing the hearts of readers to writing poetry for Queen Elizabeth II.

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A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth Muse 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
DGGass More than 1 year ago
If there were just two words to describe this collection of romantic poetry and prose, then those two words would be "simply exquisite". There is nothing that I could write that would ever do the work contained between the covers of "A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth Muse" any justice whatsoever. From the first verse, to the very last picture, I could do little except to become caught up in the magic that was created by this poet. It is no wonder that Valentinno has been compared to Byron and Keats and other great romantic poets. This is one collection that any romantic should have on hand to read and reread. D.G. Gass, author "Twilight Ponderings, Midnight Musings"
stormpoetry More than 1 year ago
Valentinno writes poetry with an old world Romanticism that reclaims love in a revolution of the heart. Moving past Post-Modernism into a new era of the Romantic Enlightenment, he celebrates the ancient worship of the Goddess, reinventing love with a new appreciation, as all things sacred. The words fly up to the highest heaven, as if on the wings of angels in reverence of all that is freely given in perfection, within the grace of the Spirit. Valentinno's poetry burns with the Spirit of love.
William_McDonald More than 1 year ago
"Poet Valentinno is a romantic in the best sense of that word. He captures the divine romance of life through his prose in a brilliant book called "A Romantic's Passion: The Tenth Muse." His words come across as if they were written by a 15th century monk who is high on the spiritual bliss of Holy Communion. One can feel this inner joy and "light" he projects with images from his words and phrasing Valentinno's poetry evokes those same sacred feelings that come from the work of other divine and mystical poets such as Radindranath Tagore, Rumi, and Paramahansa Yogananda in his book of poems called "Whispers from Eternity." To call him a mystic would not be a far stretch - his words certainly convey the feeling that he is reaching out beyond the material world and has escaped the illusions of this reality. If he had been born in another time or place, he could have well been friends with the likes of Blake, Shelley, Keats or Lord Byron. This is tall company but I believe that he is of that same kind of romantic DNA His words are a perfect bridge to the feelings he is trying to convey. He is not afraid to expose his heart and soul in his poems. Truly a gifted writer and one of immense understanding of things beyond the veil of life; it is no hyperbole to say that his work is that of a young master poet! This poet is destined for greater things then just poetry. He is on his way to self-realization Reviewed by William McDonald, American Authors Association
Joseph_S_Morris More than 1 year ago
While reading this spiritually romantic masterpiece I couldn't help but be amazed at how deep Valentinno connects with such ancient concepts and deities in his works. I admittedly am no scholar of Greek mythology, but I am fascinated enough to be caught up in his brilliant prose. Many writers draw from contemporary ideology in order to keep themselves on the cutting edge, but there is something to be said for harnessing that classic feel of romance and unleashing it to melt hearts and move spirits alike. "She is the handy work of paradise that moves between the mastery of time and space." - Enough to melt the iciest of hearts! I truly am a fan of his work
hopless_romantic More than 1 year ago
I was having alot of romantic problems with my wife till my friend told me about this book. After reading it I learned so much about being more romantic. I even memorized one of the authors poems and at quiet even alone with my wife, I resighted it to her. She was so touched she cried. This book brang us back together and we have that spark again. Thanks Valentinno for writing such an insightful book. You are a true expert and poetic genius.
CaliforniaLoverGirl More than 1 year ago
This was such a sensual, romanctic and passionate read, it left my mouth watering for more and more. I can't wait to see what this young romantic has in mind for his next books.
JosephSantoro More than 1 year ago
I have read poetry before but this is by a true artists of words. It was like each word was finely chiseled from the rarest stone. There is something very special about this poet and his work, and we are going to a lot of him on the rise come the near future.
BrooklynTony More than 1 year ago
My wife bought me this book cause she said I could be a little more romantic. So I said why not read it if it's goin to please her. I am really glad I did, I learned so much from the author, he really is an expert on the subject, and it's put so beautifully. I'm not really a poetry type of guy, but he really had me hooked with his words that I read it a second time. Things really worked out, our romantic life is like when we first met so full of that passionate energy. Thanks Valentinno!
Svet76 More than 1 year ago
There is so many things I want to say about this book, but it has left me without words. but I will give it my best. Pure genius, inspirational, passionate, and absolutely amazing!!!!! This author is on his way to the best sellers list for sure.
CourtneyPeterson More than 1 year ago
A Romantic's Passion is a stimulating experience, it aroused my mind, body and soul with sensual words of love and romance.It leaves me wanting more and more.
readmenyc More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing romance,written by the quintessential romantic. We need more books like this written by author like this. This is a must buy for your personal library.
LC38 More than 1 year ago
Life is priceless and we make the most for each day to count, as we think of the passion of love- reading Valentinno's words brought me back to the way I felt when i was once in love, i can compare this feeling to the movie "TItanic." The images were real life not just acting poses... I admire that Valentinno expressed his love. We need more books like this. I call it the "bible of love!"
bookreviewbuzz More than 1 year ago
This is one of the most amazing works of poetry on the market today. It is even hard to put in words the works that explore these pages. if I could give this book more than 5 stars it well deserves it.
Mica10 More than 1 year ago
I loved it...as a Couples Life Coach I would recommend it to my couples to read to each other. This book is a refreshing change from some of the poorly written books that I have been reading lately. I will be rereading this book & I can't wait for his next one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this book the author did a great job at capturing the spirit of love. This collection of romantic poetry and prose is really heartwarming. Valentinno's way of writing draws you right into whatever he's feeling. If you've ever loved anyone, you will appreciate this book.
john_hamilton_347 More than 1 year ago
Romantic, Passionate, Astounding!!!!!!
N_Roberts More than 1 year ago
Valentinno's debut collection, A Romantic's Passion, The Tenth Muse comes to life with the spirit of the old world in five divine chapters; "Romance, Letters, Love, Desire, and Passion." His words come off the page to haunt and inspire as the key to his heart locks him within the doors of a torrid love affair with his beloved muse forever. Where her beauty and their love are celebrated in every living work of art he writes. This book is absolutely the fairytale romance every woman dreams of, written by that quintessential romantic every woman craves. His charming, and magnetic combination of prose and letters stand powerful over the English language. It is evident that when this author touches anything on the topic of love or romance it leaves one without breath, simply incomparable. Reviewed by N. Roberts
lHaufmann More than 1 year ago
All I Can Say Is,WOW! Valentinno's work rivals anything on the book market today. It unfolds quickly and seamlessly, swiftly drawing the reader to the point of no return. It takes you into a world of the perfect romance.
BookReviewBuz More than 1 year ago
A Modern Day Romance that Reads like an Old World Classic by Brian Waldorf. A Romantic’s Passion: The Tenth Muse, Valentinno, AuthorHouse, January 2011, 156 pages,  A Romantic’s Passion the Tenth Muse is a collection of intimate love poems, letters, essays, and journal entries of courtly love in which the poet expresses his perpetual desire to his beloved.  Like an Elizabethan drama in the 21st century, Valentinno's A Romantic's Passion: the Tenth Muse is one of the most unexampled anecdotes of love that will enrapture your heart with old romance. This collection of poetry, prose, essays, and letters are expressions of the poet's most intimate and genuine experiences of love and devotion. Written by, and considered to have approached the language as well composed as the great love poets of the past centuries, this is simply literature at its finest.   Valentinno crafted the richness and depth of his incontestable love for his muse in his poetry, and brought life to one of the most torrid romances since Romeo and Juliet. If the highest purpose of love poetry is to express your true unfathomable emotions then he has reached the pinnacle of passion. His words and phrases haunt the corridors of your thoughts with such profound dimensions like you were present the very moment he penned it. Excerpt: The Blood of Life I shall come for hire before her like a celestial dove, perched upon the branches of heaven to hold her close in love’s sweet nest. I among her am the immortal pilot of the sun. Where her eyes are the passageway of steady rays filtered through the windows of my impassioned soul. Where every fallen angel who only bares one wing she takes up in arms and lifts them toward the sky. Her loveliness is but the beginning where the beginning has no end and her loveliness is perfection. She is of infinite providence, God sent in an image of a mortal woman, but yet in the form of a venerable spirit. A Romantic’s Passion is divided into five chapters (Romance, Letters, Love, Desire, and Passion) with over 150 poems and letters intertwined with inspiriting undertones of earth, heaven, God, nature, eternity, and love.  Valentinno’s effortless expression’s and intricate, symbolic complexity is compelling in its genuine romantic pulse, and passionate views taking readers to a higher plane of enlightenment in his works. 
Latoya Brown More than 1 year ago
A Romantic's Passion the Tenth Muse is an emotional and inspiring journey of true love. The kind of love that most of us only dream about finding one day, or only see in the movies. But this book brings hope that it does exist due to it is based on a true story about a poet and the heat of his passion for his muse. The book is filled with remarkable romantic poems, and love letters that the author has written to his muse through the years. I especially like that Valentinno shares his thoughts about his muse in private journal entries he has published in this brilliant work of romance. It is amazing how the author put this book together and actually shared his real life romantic experience of love with his readers. It is a wonderful tribute to his muse, and that's what I call a true romantic...a man writing an entire book about his woman to tell the entire world how much he loves her.
Daniel_H1 More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful book that explores the power and magnificence of love. From the first page to the very last picture I was caught up in the magic that was created by this poet. This collection of romantic poetry, letters and images is a must-read.
BABYBABES More than 1 year ago
I'm a big fan of Valentinno, it's always a pleasure to read his style of writing. You got to love it! Every word has those GREAT MOMENTS of ROMANCE.
BeckySue50 More than 1 year ago
This is a book to buy for all romantics, it is simply the most inspiring and uplifting book of poetry and letters I have ever had the honor to read.
maddylov More than 1 year ago
Simply out of this world!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago