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A Royal Christmas Princess

A Royal Christmas Princess

4.7 14
by Scarlet Wilson
After a tough year losing her mom and bills mounting, Holly Yates is in for a lonely Christmas. But when she hears a news report that the small principality of Coronia is looking for their lost princess, Holly is astounded to recognize the baby photo. It's her!

Felix, also a Coronia royal, whisks Holly into her very own fairy-tale including a castle nestled


After a tough year losing her mom and bills mounting, Holly Yates is in for a lonely Christmas. But when she hears a news report that the small principality of Coronia is looking for their lost princess, Holly is astounded to recognize the baby photo. It's her!

Felix, also a Coronia royal, whisks Holly into her very own fairy-tale including a castle nestled within the quaint snow-covered Coronia capitol and her biological father, eager to meet his daughter. With Felix by her side as she meets the people of her would-be kingdom and prepares to attend a ball in her honor, Holly begins to fall in love, not just with Coronia, but also with the would-be prince.

Will the handsome prince still be at the side of this unexpected fairy-tale princess when the clock strikes midnight?

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A Royal Christmas Princess 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
They story is amazing. About a girl finding her way in a world she never expected. And the man finding something he lost. There are some errors here and there but it doesn't discount from the story as a whole.
grandmareads102 6 months ago
Holly's life is at a low point. Her mother's death, the mounting medical bills and her inability to find a good job have driven her to the edge. Things get even worse when she listens to a news story about the search for the lost Coronian Princess. Is that her baby picture on the television? Holly discovers that she was adopted and never knew. What happens next is an romantic story of discovery. Felix de Luca wants to find the long lost heir. His life is in the United States. He doesn't want to rule Coronia. He realizes that being with Holly makes him appreciate his homeland. Holly is practical and caring. She wants to get to know her father. As she gets to know the people who live in Coronia, she wants to help them have a better life. Felix realizes her abilities and wants to help her accomplish her goals. As they spend time together, their attraction grows as does their desire. I was pulled into the story by Holly's sparkling personality. She deserves to find happiness. Felix is her rock. I wanted them to find their HEA. Scarlet Wilson has written a touching holiday story. I enjoyed the characters, the setting and the holiday spirit.
Splashesintobooks1 6 months ago
Festive royal romance! This is another delightful festive read, with a young woman, struggling after nursing her dying mother, discovering that not only was she actually adopted but her real father is royalty and searching for her! She agrees to travel to meet him but is reluctant to have her identity made public before she has had the opportunity to meet her ailing father and discover more about the country he rules. With an opinionated, ambitious member of the press travelling with her, a Chancellor who obviously seeks to undermine her self confidence by overwhelming her with meetings and factual data, her ally through it all is the next in line for the throne, Felix. The problem there is she really likes Felix but is unsure who she should trust and what she should do. Discovering she's really a princess isn't anything like in fairy tales! To discover what happen you'll just have to read the story for yourself! The angst and turmoil experienced by this young woman is emotionally portrayed, making it easy to relate to her as new possibilities unfold before her. It is a well paced story, with great characters and plenty of dilemmas. Another thoroughly enjoyable festive read to escape into, whatever the season! I was gifted an ARC of this novel via NetGalley with no obligation or requirement to review it. This is my honest review after reading the ARC.
Dawncatlady 7 months ago
Holly finds out the truth about her past and travels to a new country and finds her prince. Great story to curl up on a cool night. Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinion is my own.
BookSnuggle 7 months ago
"A Royal Christmas Princess" by Scarlet Wilson is the sweetest Christmas romance story. This is Holly Yates and Felix de Luca's story. Holly is just a normal girl from Baltimore. Her mother passed away a year ago. Holly is tired and trying to figure out how she will be able to pay off all her bills. Then her world gets totally turned upside down after seeing a news report where Felix de Luca is looking for Coronia's lost princess. The photo that they displayed on TV is Holly's baby picture that she has sitting on her dresser. Prince Alfred is very sick and wants Felix to find his daughter. If they do not find his daughter in time, then Felix will need to take over for Prince Alfred. Felix does not want to do this because his life is in New York but he will for Prince Alfred. Holly meet with Felix to tell him that she thinks that she is the baby in the photo. The next thing Holly knows is that she is on a plane to Coronia. If Holly is the lost princess, she needs to decide if she wants to take over for Prince Alfred or go back to Baltimore. Things get really complicated for Holly because not everyone is excited about her being the princess. Plus, the more she spends time with Felix he is becoming more than a friend to her. Felix is a great guy. He is so good to Holly. He is having second thoughts on leaving Coronia and his feelings for Holly are changing to more than friends. Will Holly and Felix be able to have more than a friendship?
BuckeyeAngel 7 months ago
Holly’s parents were now both dead and the hospital bills had taken all the money Holly had. This was the last Christmas in the house Holly had spent most of her life in. After this holiday season Holly would have to put the house on the market to sell she just couldn’t afford it even though she didn’t want to sell the house. Alfred was the crowned prince of Coronia and was very ill and Felix was looking for his heir as Felix was a distant relative and next in line if he couldn’t find Alfred’s daughter. Felix would do his duty if he had to but his life and work was in NYC. It turns out Holly is that lost heir. Holly agreed to go to Cornia with Felix if her identity wasn’t revealed as she didn’t feel she could lead a country especially one she had never heard of. She didn’t want any pressure on her she was stressed enough. As her whole world had changed and she had just learned she had been adopted at twenty five years old and neither adopted parent to talk to This was an excellent Cinderella type of story and I really enjoyed it. You knew what was basically going to happen but loved the procession to the HEA for Holly. I loved how the people stood by Holly and all was explained and how the story ended. I also loved how Holly interacted with the people of her new country especially the common man. I loved the plot, the characters, and the ins and outs of this story. I highly recommend.
jboehmke 8 months ago
This was a fun story. Holly had no idea she was adopted, or that her real father was royalty and didn't have long to live. The news is hard for her to accept. Felix doesn't want to be next in line for the throne, so he wants to find the lost princess. Holly certainly didn't handle things like the typical fairy tale. She was way to concerned about everyone else to get carried away with becoming instant royalty. Holly and Felix were a great team. He was seeing Coronia through Holly's eyes as a newcomer and it gave him a whole new perspective.
Linda__ 8 months ago
LOVED this book! This is a delightful and sweet tale about a lost princess. After a long search, they believe that they have found the lost princes, but she is a mediocre young woman in Baltimore that is juggling three jobs and dire financial straits. Despite this, she isn't sure she wants to be a princess and all that it entails. This is a wonderful novel that shows a young woman with deep character and convictions, but not much else. If is refreshing to read a novel like this and fans of the genre will love this book. This i the first book I've read by this author, but it won't be the last. I've added her to my must read authors' list.
CArcidiacono 8 months ago
Loved. Loved. Loved this romantic Christmas story. What little girl doesn't dream of being a princess, living in a castle and being surrounded by beautiful scenery? Holly sure did when she was little. Little did she know that she would be experiencing the fantasy at twenty-five years young. The characters were right on, the detailed descriptions of the castle and country will take you there in a blink of an eye and the plot is classic but not boring or overplayed. I could see this book being made into a Hallmark Christmas movie. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
sbart84 8 months ago
The perfect Christmas fairy tale of a lost princess. Holly is at her wits end after loosing her parents and mounting bills when she finds out that she was adopted and now might be the lost princess of Coronia. Her birth father, the king has one last wish on his death bed to find his daughter before he dies. Felix, soon to be prince ( he does not want) goes to the states to find Holly. He will whisk her off to Coronia to meet her father. Everyone falls in love with Holly, and even Felix. I so enjoyed this Christmas fairy tale. Great characters and very descriptive writing of the scenes. I high recommend this book. I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.
Bette313 8 months ago
A wonderful tale of a young woman not only discovering that she is adopted but that she may well be a real life princess. Her parents were wonderful people but they are gone now and she has a chance to meet her biological father and discover where she came from. She wants to explore the country of Coronia and get to know her father before letting everyone know that she, Holly Yates, is actually the lost princess of Coronia. Felix, the one everyone thought would take over the throne, is wonderful and helps her see the country and learn the ways of Coronia. The two become very close but they know their time is limited before her returns to NY. Will Holly take over the throne and will her story have the fairy tale happily ever after? Definitely a book I recommend to everyone.
EileenAW 8 months ago
A Royal Christmas Princess by Scarlet Wilson is a sweet fairy tale type of story and is also part of the Royal Christmas series. It is a charming story that focuses on finding an unknown princess for a small European country before the ruling Prince dies. Holly has been holding down at least three jobs to help pay the bills following her parent’s illnesses and death. She decided it was more important to have a flexible schedule in order to take care of them than find the perfect job. One wintry day while walking dogs, one of her jobs, she became aware of the search for a missing princess,the Lost Princess of Coronia. As part of the coverage, a picture was shown of a baby in a dress. Holly knows that picture as it used to be on her mother’s dresser. Holly returns home to search for the picture. As she does, she encounters other paperwork, showing that she was adopted along with other mementos and documents. Holly takes these belongings to the people searching for the princess. Felix de Luca was an almost Prince. Or he would be, if they didn’t find another heir before Prince Alfred died. He was some very distant relative on his mother’s side. He was in charge of the search. Within minutes of meeting Holly, he knew she was the one, even before having a DNA test preformed. He would have preferred to stay in America, running his business conglomerate, than take over as the Prince of Coronia. Holly agrees to travel to Coronia and learn more about the place as long as Felix is her tour guide. Felix not only accompanies Holly around the country, but helps her have fun in the country near the Alps. Holly helps Felix remember why he loved his country before leaving it behind. It didn’t hurt that they are each falling for each other. One of my favorite scenes takes place in the library. Holly had worked part-time in a library back home and knew how to appreciate the room and all of the historical, and valuable, books housed in there. It felt like a scene out of Beauty and the Beast. This was a sweet, fun and entertaining story with very likeable and authentic characters that you want to cheer on, hoping for that happy ending. The characters were well written with complex characteristics. The story line was riveting and kept my attention to the very end. The story line was riveting and kept my attention to the very end. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down, reading it in one day. I highly recommend this book to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
CatmomJD 8 months ago
Prince Albert of Coronia is dying. His last wish was to find his long lost daughter so she can take the throne after he passes. Broke and in debt after taking care of her sick parents, Holly Yates’ life is about to change drastically. When she hears of the search for a missing princess and the clues all point to her, she must find out the truth. Holly leaves Baltimore and heads for the small European country of Coronia with Felix De Luca, the man who would become prince if the princess is not found. Felix is thrilled to have found the princess. He is looking forward to Holly becoming the princess so he can return to New York where he can live a normal life out of the royal spotlight. Holly discovers her love for Coronia and its people, while she tries to figure out her next step. Should be become princess or should she return to America and her old life? While Holly is making her decision, she has to deal with the evil reporter, Cassie Carmen, who is jealous of Holly and has her own plans to get ahead in life. She doesn’t care who she tramples on her way to the top. Holly and Felix also start to have feelings towards each other which will make Holly's decision on more difficult. This magical story was a lot of fun to read. It was easy to visualize from the descriptions and dialogue. I could relate Holly's thoughts and emotions as I also found out about my biological father and met him when I was 25 too. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for good heartfelt holiday story.
Lashea677 8 months ago
How can a person be true to themselves without having all the facts? Holly faces that dilemma in Scarlet Wilsons' "A Royal Christmas Princess". Finding out that the truth has been hidden by the people she loved and trusted, Holly sets out on a quest to find answers. In the process she finds her destiny. A Royal Christmas Princess is a tear -jerker that merges haunting scenarios with heartwarming storytelling and enchanting characters to deliver a message courage and hope.