A Sense of Place: Listening to Americans

A Sense of Place: Listening to Americans

by David Lamb

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Many authors claim to write about the ``real'' (i.e., nonurban) America, but few have done so as perceptively as Los Angeles Times correspondent Lamb ( The Africans , LJ 3/1/83; The Arabs, LJ 3/15/87; Stolen Season , LJ 2/15/91) in his latest work. Written over the last 20 years, the pieces collected here profile Americans living in places we often do not hear about, like Montana, Maine, Alaska, and West Virginia. Without sentimentalizing his subjects, Lamb effectively conveys their pride, self-sufficiency, and reverence for personal freedom as passed down since pioneer days. These are everyday values, lived out on small farms and big ranches, in a factory town in Maine as well as in Britt, Iowa, the hobo capital of the world. For all popular collections.-- Pamela R. Daubenspeck, Warren-Trumbell Cty. P.L., Warren, Ohio
Lindsay Throm
What does it mean to be American? In this thought-provoking portrait, Lamb uses American history and sketches of contemporary Americans to show what happens to the pioneer spirit when the last frontier has been settled. He introduces us to a selection of people representative of the diversity of our population, and despite the criticism about our collective short memory, he shows Americans to be a markedly introspective people. Without denying the problems that plague the nation, Lamb demonstrates that the pessimistic attitude assumed to be current is not reflected in reality as he found it in his travels; he takes the sanguinity he found as an expression of a uniquely American idealism. "A Sense of Place" offers a moving and enlightening perspective on America and provides much-needed balance to the current obsession with what is wrong with the country. It merits inclusion in every collection of U.S. history; in fact, think of it as required reading for every student of American history and culture.

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