A Shore Thing: An Otter Bay Novel

A Shore Thing: An Otter Bay Novel

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by Julie Carobini

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Callie Duflay just isn’t like the rest of her family. While they’ve built white collar lives, she prefers getting her hands dirty by working with children and local California causes. When Callie learns that a beloved piece of untouched property in her town of Otter Bay may soon be developed, she confronts the architect assigned to the project.



Callie Duflay just isn’t like the rest of her family. While they’ve built white collar lives, she prefers getting her hands dirty by working with children and local California causes. When Callie learns that a beloved piece of untouched property in her town of Otter Bay may soon be developed, she confronts the architect assigned to the project.

Gage Mitchell may be an easygoing, eco-friendly professional, but he’s not about to back off this job no matter how cute Callie or her pet pooch, Moondoggy, may be. His reasons and hers are noble—both have a heart for protecting God’s creation, and the truth is these two would be perfect for each other outside of this face-off. But will they ever figure that out?

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Callie Duflay spends her time fighting the good fight and rooting for the underdog, so when she learns that a piece of land in Otter Bay, CA, is about to be developed, she sets out to protect it. Enter Gage Mitchell, who has a job to do and isn't going to let anyone stand in his way. While the two have very different goals, their reasons behind their choices are equally sincere. Despite their initial conflict, they find themselves feeling more for each other than they thought possible. VERDICT Carobini, whose three other novels are also set near the beach, does a great job detailing the setting for the reader in this second Otter Bay novel (after Sweet Waters). In addition, she has crafted a strong female protagonist who is sure to be liked by fans of L.L. Chaikin.

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Julie Carobini writes seaside novels filled with faith, flip flops and waves of grace. Books in her acclaimed Otter Bay series include Sweet Waters and A Shore Thing. Julie and her husband Dan have three children and live on California’s central coast.

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A Shore Thing: An Otter Bay Novel 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
ThoughtsOfAWorkingMom More than 1 year ago
The general theme of the book was a nice concept. I love beach type books, and that combined with a Christian author made it a wonderful book to read. As a lover of sappy, wholesome books, the romance between Callie and Gage just warmed my heart. I was also in awe of Callie, and admired her sense of purpose and tenacity. She knew what was important to her, and she jumped in with both feet, without thinking twice. Sometimes I wish I had that kind of strength and sense of conviction.
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
Callie Dufflay is a cause fighter. She is always fighting for some cause or another. She has deep convictions about right and wrong, about taking care of our planet and she stands and acts on those convictions. A deep faith also drives her to do the right thing. She is on a mission to help save a piece of property in her small village that borders a marine sanctuary. Gage Mitchell, is starting over. His last boss was so dirty and crooked, he knew it was time to begin a company of his own. Choosing the small town of Otter Bay, and a new project that looked like it would be a real money maker, he is finally feeling like things are going his way. His sister and nephew have come to live with him, after her husband was sent to prison, Gage is happy to be able to have them with him. This project/mission is really stretching Callie. Not only is she suddenly all in the news, her family is not happy about it. And this new guy in town Gage, she seems to constantly be running into him. She knows that there is some underhanded dealing going on with this property, but her promise to the owners, keeps her silent. Will Otter Bay have a new development? Will the Kitteridge family be robbed of their property? What will happen to Otter Bay? This book was so fun to read, I never knew what Callie would be up to next. I could relate to her anguish over trying to help someone who is being swindled, while trying to keep their confidential secret. This book is definitely a book to read this summer. I loved it from cover to cover. 400 pages US$14.99 5 stars This book was provided for review purposes only
Fallbrookfamily More than 1 year ago
A truly great read. Julie Carobini has been one of my favorite authors since her first novel Chocolate Beach, and A Shore Thing has risen to the top of my list. This "green" beachy read kept me engaged to the very end. I fell in love with the main character, Callie Duflay, and her quirky thoughts. At one point she says to herself, "If I could bend that way, I'd deliver my own swift kick to my behind." The story unfolds in Otter Bay as Callie tries to save the town's beloved beachside bluff from development, and in the process is drawn to architect and arch-rival, Gage Mitchell. The message throughout reminds us that although we often forget to ask, it's the Lord who determines our steps. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun story.
LoudWaves More than 1 year ago
Callie Duflay is at odds with just about everyone--except her reluctantly adopted hound, Moondoggy. But that doesn't stop her from diving into the next cause to come along: the proposed development of her beloved open space along the California Coast. As the elected leader of the opposition, Callie tries to balance her extended family, work at a youth camp, and a persistent news reporter, but it seems nothing has prepared her for falling in love with the object of her objection: the developer's architect, Gage Mitchell. An engaging read for any time of the year, but especially great while sitting on the beach.
TheReadersCove More than 1 year ago
Julie Carobin weaves a wonderful tale of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities into an all out battle to save and preserve the habitat at Otter Cover. The characters make mistakes, loose battles and get depressed. Yet faith in God is the thread that weaves its way into their lives, giving them determination and courage to press forward when the tides turn and it appears all is lost. The writing is smooth, realistic and has a good balance of description and engaging dialogue. The characters are many but each fits well into the story. They interact with realism and the challenges of modern life. The surprising twists and turns will keep you reading. A Shore Thing is an upbeat and enjoyable book for the Christian Romance booklover.
tweezle More than 1 year ago
Callie Duflay is an energetic young woman who enjoys working as assistant camp director, and much to her family's horror, enjoys being involved in local causes. While walking the beach one day, Callie discovers that the Kitteridges are selling Otter Bay and it's being earmarked for development. She can't believe they would sell it, as they promised the property to the town. Since then, the otters have returned and were rebuilding their lives. Callie decides she should do something about it, and starts a group to try to stop the development. Gage Mitchell is an eco-friendly architect who was hired to draw up plans to develop the Bay. He has the good, or maybe not so good, fortune of running into Callie and learns about her mission. For Gage, everything is riding on this job and Callie could ruin it all for him. Callie believes she is doing the right thing, and so is Gage. But as time goes on, will they discover what the right thing really is? My comments: I normally don't read romances, and gave up on Christian type romances quite a few years ago. They all seemed so... eh. Nothing thrilling nor exciting nor new. I wasn't really sure what I'd find between the pages of this book, and had put it off for a bit, because it was a romance. So, one really yucky day, I sat down and started reading. I was so surprised. What a delightful and heartwarming read! I became so wrapped up in the book, I found that a couple hours had gone by and I really didn't want to stop and put it down. The characters were fun, it had some humor, and held quite a bit of suspense throughout. It was truly an enjoyable read and one that I won't have a problem giving to my teenage daughter. "A Shore Thing" is a beautiful book about family, friendship, love, commitment, keeping promises, faith, and hope. It has some very good messages behind it, making it not only entertaining, but a book with values that gives you something you can take away with you long after you've finished.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Outstanding story couldn't put it down . Great author
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
A Shore Thing by Julie Carobini is an Otter Bay novel following up to Sweet Waters. Callie Duflay has earned a reputation as always fighting for some cause or another. Her family is frustrated by her refusal to settle down and live a normal life instead of working as assistant camp director at a local Christian camp. When she discovers that a section of beautiful shore land is going to be developed into condominiums, she starts a protest group to stop the destruction to the beautiful natural area, but she finds that she may have jumped the gun when she talks to the owner and finds out the truth behind the property's sale. Throw in handsome Gage Mitchell, the architect for the project who creates sparks with Callie every time they meet, and you have a recipe for star-crossed romance. Gage is a likable hero with strong faith and the desire to build green buildings, but he seems to throw back his head and laugh a lot. Callie's desire to do right leads her into plenty of trouble, but she has to learn to accept that God's will may not be what she wants. Gage and Callie are a natural couple, but at times the story seemed a bit stilted, with a bit too much of heads being thrown back in laughter. It's still a sweet romantic read perfect for the beach.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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