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A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters from Afar

A Special Delivery: Mother-Daughter Letters from Afar

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by Joyce Slayton Slayton Mitchell, Elizabeth Dix Mitchell
Meet the Mitchells: Joyce, a New Englander with time-honored ideas about family, work, and childbearing. And Elizabeth, a young woman who makes unconventional choices about where to live, ways to support herself, and how to give birth. A mother and daughter, half a world apart, who stay connected by writing letters — intimate, honest, loving


Meet the Mitchells: Joyce, a New Englander with time-honored ideas about family, work, and childbearing. And Elizabeth, a young woman who makes unconventional choices about where to live, ways to support herself, and how to give birth. A mother and daughter, half a world apart, who stay connected by writing letters — intimate, honest, loving letters.

Through their letters, you will enter the lives of two fascinating women. Visit Elizabeth's home in an idyllic corner of New Zealand. Join Joyce's whirlwind life in New York City and Vermont. Share their joy, their excitement — and their anxious moments — as they await the birth of Elizabeth's first child, Joyce's first grandchild.

From Elizabeth's announcement, "I have a new love," to the tense hours leading up to her baby's birth, these letters will captivate you.And all of it is true.

About the Author:

Joyce Slayton Mitchell is the author of over 30 works of nonfiction, including Jobs and Career Planning; The Mitchell Express: The Fast Track to the Top Colleges; and Winning the Chemo Battle. A Vermonter, she currently lives in New York City and is the Director of College Advising in an independent school for girls.

Elizabeth Dix Mitchell is a craftswoman and photographer. She lives in New Zealand with her partner, James Tei, where they are gaining on the challenge of parenting their first child.

Editorial Reviews

Fearless Reviews
A Special Delivery holds interest for a diversity of readers: parents, historians, students of the New Zealand/Maori culture, gender study specialists, midwives, and others. It would make a fine shower gift for an expectant mother, too. Highly recommended.
Midwest Book Review
A Special Delivery is about a mother and daughter who, despite very different personalities and lifestyles, share deep bonds of respect, love, and family. It is about a fiercely independent young woman who chose an unconventional path, and her mother who had given her the freedom to do so. A Special Delivery is about the excitement and anxiety that every family experiences as they await the arrival of a new life. It is also about maintaining intimate family and personal ties from halfway around the globe. A Special Delivery is fascinating, intimate reading.
A daughter in New Zealand and a mother in New England and a generation's difference in outlook on pregnancy and marriage are only part of the appeal of this book of letters . . . . Joyce, a writer and motivator of young adults for college and career, and Elizabeth, an artist and free spirit, explore the issues that separate their generations and find both common ground and room for difference . . . . There is discussion and dissent, but less perhaps than one might expect with such drastic differences; mother and daughter profess much love and respect for one another, and while some tension definitely comes through in the letters, the end result is harmony. . . . Subject matter covers everything from going through pregnancy on a vegetarian diet to cravings for Oreos; choices in designer baby clothes that will be tie-dyed later; money issues and the difficulty of keeping an old car running. There are also fascinating glimpses into the rural life of an artist in the "wilds" of New Zealand . . . . Mothers and daughters should find this a fascinating glimpse into the relationship between two women with very different approaches to life-approaches that nonetheless do not get in the way of the bond they share.
Hardwick (Vt.) Gazette
What impressed me the most was the total honesty expressed from both sides and how diplomatically they dealt with their differences. . . . [The book] is a wonderful gift . . . to mothers and daughters everywhere who could use a lesson in the art of communicating . . . . A delightful and interesting journey for the reader."
I found the book to be delightful and inspiring. . . . I didn't put [it] down for a single moment `til I finished it! . . . Delightful, heartwarming, truly a wonderful book of reality and unconditional love. Books That Make A Difference
Napra Review
Nearly all parents can relate to walking the thin line between anxiety over a grown-up child's lifestyle and the desire to honor the person their child has become. What shines through these letters is how Joyce balances both with grace, and how truly joyful is Elizabeth's buoyant approach to life. A meaningful gift for oneself, one's own daughter, or friends with young adult children.
This book was pure JOY to read! I couldn't put it down! . . . The suspense of the whole birth . . . was almost too much to bear. I was on the edge of my chair awaiting the arrival! As I am sure you will be too!

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What People are Saying About This

Hope Jensen Leichter
The Mitchells are giving a gift to all who seek a better understanding of families. Because of their remarkable ability to communicate about daily activities and feelings — even when they differ sharply in their views — the writing is exceedingly vivid and utterly engaging. With the arrival of this Special Delivery, readers can expect a rare and memorable treat. It is a splendid book and it deserves wide attention.
— (Professor Hope Jensen Leichter, Ph.D., Elbenwood Professor and Director, Elbenwood Center for the Study of the Family as Educator, Teacher's College, Columbia University)
Sandra Martz
A Special Delivery offers a fascinating look at the mother-daughter relationship, exploring cross-cultural and generation gap issues along the way. Expectant mothers and grandmothers will find delight in the many details that are usually left out of books on this subject.
— (Sandra Martz, editor, When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple)
Stephan Poulter and Barbara Zax
This is the tale of an extraordinary mother, her equally extraordinary daughter, and their exceptional relationship.
— (Barbara Zax, Ph.D. and Stephan Poulter, Ph.D., clinical psychologists; co-authors, Mending the Broken Bough: Restoring the Promise of the Mother-Daughter Relationship)
Juliana van Olphen-Fehr
Mothers-to-be face a lot of decisions about how to have their babies: Hospital, home birth, or birthing center? Midwife or doctor? A Special Delivery tells the true story of a young woman who was determined to do it her way. Juliana van Olphen-Fehr, C.N.M.; coordinator, nurse-midwifery graduate program, Shenandoah University; author, Diary of a Midwife: The Power of Positive Childbearing)

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A Special Delivery 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This unique book is a chronicle of letters between a mother and daughter living worlds apart, but manage to stay connected with letters full of love, hope, and the anticipation that comes with pregnancy.

Mothers and daughters across the world will relate to this book and give them a new appreciation for the incredible bond that is shared between them. The bond that is magically multiplied exponentially when a grandchild is on the way.

This wonderfully touching book will make you realize that no matter how far apart you are from loved ones, you can always be close at heart.