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A Study In Red

A Study In Red

4.4 12
by Brian L. Porter
A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper by Brian L Porter tells the story of Robert Cavendish, a modern day psychiatrist who is bequeathed a strange set of papers which purport to be the journal of the long-dead infamous Whitechapel Murderer whose crimes gripped the hearts and minds and instilled terror on the streets of Victorian London. As he begins


A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper by Brian L Porter tells the story of Robert Cavendish, a modern day psychiatrist who is bequeathed a strange set of papers which purport to be the journal of the long-dead infamous Whitechapel Murderer whose crimes gripped the hearts and minds and instilled terror on the streets of Victorian London. As he begins to read the journal, Robert becomes convinced of it's authenticity and finds that the words of the Ripper have a strange and compelling effect on him. Unable to cast the pages aside he finds himself being drawn into the dark and sinister world of the killer until he is unable to distinguish what is fact and what is fantasy. In short, Robert Cavendish begins to feel as though he is being taken over in some way by the soul of the long-dead Ripper. What happens as he progresses through the journal will disturb and shock the reader as the close dividing line between sanity and madness is explored to the full.

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A Study In Red 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not since reading `Mister B Gone¿ by Clive Barker had I felt such an enthusiasm of excitement with each turn of the page. `A Study in Red¿ 'The Secret Journal of Jack The Ripper' by Brian Porter ranks high at the top of the charts as a phenomenal work of horror and intrigue. Although set as fiction his depiction of the Ripper murders reads all too real. The author transports his reader back in time to 18th century London. Through his articulate choice of words, you will feel the cobblestone beneath your feet, see the deprivation, and smell the stench that engulfed the streets of Whitechapel at that time. Not unlike the main character of Brian¿s novel, the journal will possess your complete attention, and evoke thoughts of terror as you anticipate the final climax. In his novel, the author acknowledges many sources from which he meticulously researched much of his material, further adding great realism to his work. In Brian Porter¿s footnotes, he declares `A study in Red¿ is a tale, nothing more than fiction, rather an attempt to throw new light on an old subject. As an avid fan of this new and upcoming author, I can attest he does just that! Brian Palmer not only throws a new light on an old subject, he illuminates it! Reviewer: Author of 'Behind the Red Door' & 'Thorns of an Innocent Soul'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and Kritiques Robert Cavendish is bereft with grief at his father¿s recent passing. He was also surprised to learn his father bequeathed Robert a mysterious journal to be read after his death. Read by him and him alone. As he reads the journal, he comes to realize that he holds in his hands the actual rantings and admissions of Jack the Ripper! But that, as they say, is only the beginning. From those pages Robert discovers the answer to old mysteries and atrocities, answers that lead him down a path of horror and insanity. What affect can the secret ravings of a murderer such as Jack the Ripper have on a person? And what connection did Robert¿s father have to this secret? I was immediately struck by the enormous amount of research that went into A Study in Red 'The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper'. It brought 18th century London to life, making the story almost palpable. For over a hundred years, the mystery of Jack the Ripper has been investigated, written about, and discussed, but never like this. I could feel the cobblestones under my feet, hear the horses and carriages and smell the foul air of the London back alleyways. The journal was an interesting tool, bringing the reader directly into Jack¿s world and the insanity inflicting him. Experiencing the journal with Robert was intense as the mysteries unfold page by page. The suspense kept me engrossed well into the late evening hours, just as Robert had¿ I can feel the goose bumps now. The identity of Jack the Ripper has been explored, but never in such a deliciously nail biting manner. Although fiction, the possibilities of who Jack really was and where he came from as well as his unfortunate victims felt all too real thanks to the obvious hard work of the author to create this sensational tale.
Blondie3 More than 1 year ago
When one starts the novel I believe a person expects something different. It is, but different than you think. The story leaves a set of papers upon his death to his eldest son and with this throws him into a black hole of sorts. It relates to Jack the Ripper in his own handwriting. Therein come the twists and turns. Very gripping, easy pleasurable reading and very different. You "must" read the followup too- The Legacy of the Ripper to get the true meaning of it all. Brian Porter sure knows how to write mysteriously.
JerseyAngel More than 1 year ago
When I purchased this book I bought it primarily because of all the positive reviews. I'm always one for a good thriller & the idea of getting inside the mind of Jack the Ripper sounded like it was just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed. The journal entries of Jack the Ripper were interesting enough, although they sounded like a text book lunatic. These entries were brief followed by endless pages of analyzing from the man reading the journal. Sometimes often repeating something that he had already said earlier in the book. It quickly became boring. I'm really surprised this has received so many good reviews. The idea was a good one & it held potential but fell flat for me.
Dreyfus More than 1 year ago
Never before have I seen the Jack the Ripper case treated in such a wonderfully tantalizing and forbidding manner. The author has created a fictional journal supposedly written by the killer that is all too real, as though the writer were privy to the inner thoughts of the ripper himself. The sights and sounds of Victorian London are brought vividly to life, intermingled with the terrifying effects that reading the journal has on a latter day psychiatrist, Robert Cavendish, who is unfortunate enough to receive the journal in a bequest in his late father's will. Dark family secrets lurk within the shadows of Robert Cavendish's mind as he is transported by the words on the strangely warm pages of this journal into the world and the mind of Jack the Ripper himself. As he feels himself being drawn into the mind of the long-dead Ripper, Cavendish feels his own sanity begin to slip away. Only by reading the journal to it's dreadful conclusion can he hope to find the truth, and perhaps save his own mind from the terror that emanates from its pages. Although a novel, A Study in Red so skillfully weaves fact and fiction together that one begins to feel that this is indeed a true tale, that the journal is the real thing and that this is just the way it happened in those dark days in long-ago Whitechapel. This is a book that will set your heart racing and your pulse thumping in your wrist. I found it to be a true study in terror and one of the finest psychological thrillers I have read in many a long day. When read together with its sequel, Legacy of the Ripper, it makes for an especially truly chilling thriller reading experience. Highly recommended.
Ralphieboy57 More than 1 year ago
A Study in Red is one of the best books I've read in a long time. And I am an avid reader. It is a superb horror, thriller work of fiction with enough true facts so even the non fiction lovers out there will love it. Mr Porters extensive knowlege of the late 1800's East End London comes through in this book. This book transported to the streets of Whitechaple and into the mind of the Ripper himself. I await anxiously for part two of this trilogy, The Legacy of the Ripper. I thank you Mr Porter for your excellent work.
AnnBKeller More than 1 year ago
A Study in Red begins with a mysterious warning, compelling the reader to read on. What follows is a horrific tale of butchery, bloodletting and madness, the tale of the secret journal of Jack the Ripper. Page, by warm sticky page, Brian L. Porter compels us to follow as Robert receives a very old stack of papers upon his father's death. Puzzled and curious, he begins to read the odd journal. Sleep eludes Robert and he barely eats enough to stay alive as the journal of Jack the Ripper engulfs his fevered brain. Robert hears voices and sees shadows, even though he is quite alone. His study seems strangely cold, although the pages of the journal are unaccountably warm, as warm as blood, and for some odd reason, a queer London fog has gradually surrounded his house. Is Robert going mad? Has the Ripper somehow found a way to cross the boundaries of time into the present? Reading the grisly accounts of the Ripper's murderous deeds would unsettle anyone, but what otherworldly force seems to have overtaken Robert? Somehow, he seems unusually close to the Ripper's story and to his own ancestor's apparent involvement with one of the most heinous murderers of all time. This is a story that will chill the heart and draw one in like no other. Perhaps you, too, will be compelled to open A Study in Red, to learn the truth of the secret journal of Jack the Ripper.
E-M-T More than 1 year ago
When Robert Cavendish inherits a strange set of papers from his father, he has no idea what he is about to discover. But when he begins to turn the age-old pages, handed down from generation to generation, he learns that what he now has before him is the secret journal of Jack the Ripper himself. As the story unfolds, Cavendish feels he is being drawn into the mind of the Ripper. Yet, frightened though he is, he can't stop reading the journal, he feels must continue his quest until the bitter end. Brian L Porter has so very cleverly mixed fact with fiction that I found Jack the Ripper was being vividly brought to life before my eyes. I have always been fascinated with any writings of Jack the Ripper. However, this was different. The fictitious, secret journal, portraying the murders in Whitechapel during the last months of 1888, could really have been written by Jack the Ripper himself. In fact, the descriptions of how the victims were butchered, together with the innermost feelings of the murderer seemed so real that I still find it difficult to believe that it is a work of fiction. It almost seems as though Brian L Porter managed to get into the Ripper's head. This is a brilliant, spine-tingling novel. I found it to be a superb un-put-downable read and I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a dark sinister novel.
Martha-A-Cheves More than 1 year ago
In reading A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack The Ripper, I came across a passage written by Porter that explained why I couldn't put this book down.... "there was a thrill attached to all the horror I was exposing myself to, not a pleasant thrill, but a thrill nonetheless." To me the "thrill" was wanting to know the full story. With the available resources for research today it just might be possible for a writer to compile all of the evidence and form a conclusion that wasn't possible 100 years ago. Was the Ripper a man sick in body as well as mind? Did he seek help from others? Did he tell someone else what he had done and not been believed? And why kill just prostitutes? Were they to blame for his illness? Or was it his own father that was to blame? Yes Porter tells you the story is fiction, but is it really? I'm not really sure anymore. I've enjoyed reading this book. It's a cross between a "fiction" and a "true crime." So if you enjoy either genre you will enjoy A Study in Red. Do keep in mind that this book is very descriptive.
franella More than 1 year ago
A Study in Red: The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper Reviewed By Fran Lewis Bone chilling, mind manipulating and terrifying and expertly crafted are just some words that describe the most masterfully written account of the heinous crimes committed by Jack the Ripper. Brian L. Porter captures the attention of the reader on the first page and kept this reader and reviewer engulfed and enveloped in this book until the very last word. I can feel the warmth emanating from the keyboard on my computer and the stale smell in the air in the room making my body tense. Enveloped and entrapped in the psychotic world of Jack the Ripper, intertwined and woven so brilliantly with that of the narrator, Dr. Robert Cavendish, I became so absorbed in this tale of horror I began to feel like I was living the events alongside him. Brian L Porter, author of Sunday in Red, grabs the reader by surprise and immerses you into the horrific, mind twisted brain of a man so deranged, and insane you begin to wonder what fact is and what fiction is. Dr. Robert Cavendish's father dies and he leaves him these mysterious journal papers and a letter stating that he is to share what is written in the journal with no one. He is to forever keep the tormenting secret that plagued his great grandfather, grandfather, father and now passed on to him, forever, or risk the consequences to himself and his family. Through the eyes of both the narrator and this maniacal killer, who portrays himself as an innocent victim, infected with syphilis after cohabiting with a whore, or prostitute, he describes in his notes, his thoughts, motives, and reasoning for doing his work. Dr. Robert Cavendish, the narrator as his grandparents and father before, became embroiled in a plot so devious, murderous, and horrendous there was no turning back. Through the eyes of the Narrator: I Robert Cavendish received a journal written by what I was led to believe Jack the Ripper and notes inserted by my great grandfather Dr. Burton Cavendish. Little did I know that when I opened this journal and would begin reading that my life as I knew it would forever change and I would no longer be the person that I am now. Clearly, the author immersed me into the sinister world of this deranged killer of prostitutes. Justifying his actions by recreating and describing his killings in his graphic journal entries, you begin to see the reasoning behind his revenge against, those he so vividly describes as "Whores whose blood will fill the streets." The more I read the more frightened I became. Starting to see shadows in my study, I thought someone was watching me. A man who I believed had multiple personalities and committed these atrocities on so many women was not only clever but also elusive. Always in plain sight but not there. Using the sewers of London, he managed to do his work and not be seen. The brilliance of the author to create an atmosphere of fear using the cold wind, torrential rain, and room changing temperatures is very masterful. Reading his journal and what was revealed at the end and what the killer's relationship was to my great grandfather, myself and my family was startling, too frightening to tell and will not be revealed by myself or anyone else. You have to read the journals and book to learn what lies beneath and the secrets within them. This book deserves more than five stars. It deserves five red rubies too.