Tale of Cinderella: New Musical for the Whole Family

A Tale of Cinderella: New Musical for the Whole Family


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  1. Overture
  2. Buon Giorno
  3. The Tale of Cinderella
  4. Hear Us
  5. Cinderella
  6. Scene: In the House
  7. Poor, Poor, Poor
  8. Scene: In the House
  9. In the Air
  10. Scene: In the House
  11. These Graceful Hands / Stepmother Casts a Spell
  12. Scene: In the Square
  13. Showoff
  14. Scene: In the Square
  15. Have Faith
  16. Scene: In the Square
  17. Make Magic
  18. Scene: In the Square
  19. Demons and Devils and Witches
  20. Peliculo
  21. Scene: In the Square
  22. Unmarried Women
  23. Out of the Ashes
  24. Bring My Porridge
  25. Some Sweet Day
  26. Can You Believe It?
  27. Scene: In the House
  28. Love, Love, Love, Love
  29. Scene: In the Square
  30. Showoff (Reprise)
  31. Scene: In the Square
  32. Bells / Mi Dispaice
  33. Scene: In the House
  34. The Amulet
  35. Scene: In the House
  36. Don't Mess With la Stella
  37. Be Back by Midnight / To the Ball
  38. Scene: Cinderella Arrives / In the Palace
  39. Compliments
  40. Scene: In the Palace
  41. No One Ever Told Me
  42. Scene: Midnight Chimes
  43. Scene: In the Square
  44. The Prince
  45. Scene: In the House
  46. You Are My Love/ N o One Ever Told Me (Reprise)
  47. Cinderella (Finale)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Randy Andos   Trombone,Tuba
David Bunce   Vocals
Richard Centalonza   Flute,Oboe,Tenor Saxophone
Laurence Etkin   Trumpet
Ted Hoyle   Cello
Dale Kleps   Bass Clarinet,Recorder,Alto Saxophone
Larry Moore   Performing Ensemble
Erica Newell   Vocals
Margaret Robinson   Vocals,Track Performer
Bob Zubrycki   Violin
Racheal Evans   Viola
Kevin C. West   Vocals
Will Severin   Guitar,Mandolin
Samuel F. Smith   Vocals
Alyson Lange   Vocals
A.J. Michaels   Vocals
Arwen Spargo   Vocals
Dennis Buck   Conductor
Lorraine Serabian   Track Performer
Paul Aldi   Clarinet
Gary Aldrich   Vocals
Catherine Wronowski   Vocals
Mark Brockley   Keyboards
Christianne Tisdale   Vocals
Joel Aroeste   Vocals
Christopher Bessette   Vocals
Sara Biggs   Vocals

Technical Credits

Larry Moore   Contributor
George David Weiss   Producer
Will Severin   Producer
Gary Aldrich   Vocal Arrangements
Frank Military   Executive Producer

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