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A Taste Of Cambodian Cuisine

A Taste Of Cambodian Cuisine

5.0 4
by Demaz Baker

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Xlibris Corporation
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A Taste Of Cambodian Cuisine 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fernando515 More than 1 year ago
This cookbook is a wonderful revelation. It has so many delicious Cambodian dishes that use fresh ingredients, and the recipes are easy to understand and prepare. The vegetables turn out crunchy and colorful, the sauces are light, and the taste of the fish or meat are brought out and balanced well. This is a wonderful departure from the dark, gooey or cloyingly sweet sauces of Chinese or Thai dishes (the nearest culinary relative). The ingredients can be easily found in Asian grocery stores. My favorites are Chhuu Chhi (a fish curry dish)and Salmon Amok, which can be readily prepared even by novice cooks. They have now become old-time favorites -- and stand-outs that elicit requests for a repeat performance -- when I have dinner guests. A light and quickly prepared meal is Noodles Siemreap, for which any leftovers can be a delicious lunch the next day. In fact I found the cookbook's noodle and rice dishes so delightful. It's hard to go wrong on the recipes in this cookbook. The dishes are tasty and healthy yet new and unique compared to those commonly found in commercial Asian restaurants. I've had so many enjoyable meals with friends and family from these Cambodian recipes and highly recommend this cookbook!
tastebud More than 1 year ago
This cookbook has straight-forward, easy-to-make recipes for family meals as well as for entertaining. The illustrations and photos of the presentations are attractive and appetizing. The ingredients listed are easy to get and available in any grocery store, and if some exotic spices or herbs are used, I have always been able to find them in Asian grocery stores. The taste of Cambodian dishes is not spicy hot like in other Asian cuisines, although some dishes have heat from ginger or curries. My favorite soup is the Rice Soup and the Chhuu Chhi is tasty and spectacularly sonderful as a whole salmon for parties! I highly recommend this book.
Bibliofile More than 1 year ago
This book is an excellent introduction to Cambodian cuisine. Since the Cambodians predate the Thai and the Vietnamese in Southeast Asia, Cambodian cuisine could be considered the original Southeast Asian cuisine, and probably influenced both the Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. This book makes this exotic cuisine easily available. Demaz Baker has tested all recipes using ingredients easily available in local Asian grocery stores. I particularly like the Pork (or Chicken) Curry with Bamboo Shoots, which is the easiest curry recipe I have ever seen that results in authentic taste. Especially good is the Salmon Amok, a baked salmon dish with coconut milk, which typically served in Cambodia in banana leaves or coconut shells, but can just as well be served in individual baking dishes. The recipes are enhanced by beautiful photos of the various dishes. I highly recommend this book.