Toast to Prohibition

A Toast to Prohibition

by The Rose Ensemble

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Rose Ensemble


  1. Close Up The Booze Shop (Brighten The Corner)
  2. I Like My Bootleg Man
  3. The Moonshiner's Dance, Part 1
  4. Sign The Pledge For Mother's Sake
  5. It Must Be Settled To-Night
  6. That's A Plenty
  7. Under The Anheuser Bush
  8. Always Vote As You Pray (Sweet By and By)
  9. How Are You Going To Wet Your Whistle (When The Whole Darn World Goes D
  10. Queer People
  11. King Alcohol (King Andrew)
  12. At The Prohibition Ball
  13. The Reformed Blacksmith
  14. Just To Pay Our Respects To Maguiness
  15. Battle Song Of The Y's
  16. The Alcoholic Blues
  17. Drink From The Mountain Spring
  18. A Sober Spouse For Me
  19. Brandy And Water
  20. Bugbey's Champagne Galop
  21. Okay Beer (And Better Times Will Soon Be Here)
  22. Temperance Is Coming
  23. Help Just A Little
  24. A Toast To Prohibition

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rose Ensemble   Primary Artist,Ensemble
Lisa Drew   Alto (Vocal)
Jordan Sramek   Tenor (Vocal)
Kathy Lee   Soprano (Vocal)
Kim Sueoka   Ukulele,Soprano (Vocal)
Dan Chouinard   Piano,Accordion
Daniel Mahraun   Bass (Vocal)
Mark Dietrich   Bass (Vocal)
Nicholas Chalmers   Tenor (Vocal)
Linda Kachelmeier   Alto (Vocal),Harmony
Kris Kautzman   Piccolo,Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer,Text
Lewis   Composer,Text
Vincent Rose   Composer,Text
Andrew B. Sterling   Text
Harry Von Tilzer   Composer
Henry Russell   Composer
Charles Tobias   Composer,Text
Sidney Clare   Composer,Text
Murray Mencher   Composer,Text
Lew Pollack   Composer
Abner Silver   Composer
Edward Laska   Text
Sherman   Composer,Text
Arthur Fields   Composer,Text
Alex Gerber   Text
Albert Von Tilzer   Composer
Joseph Philbrick Webster   Composer
Percy Wenrich   Composer,Text
Frank Cloutier   Composer
John Piper   Text
Jordan Sramek   Producer,Liner Notes,Artistic Director
Steve Kaul   Engineer
Rose Ensemble   Arranger,Liner Notes
Charles H. Gabriel   Composer
Harry Edwards   Text
Unspecified   Composer
Anonymous   Composer
Kathy Lee   Whistle
George Pope Morris   Text
Andy Nelson   Graphic Design
William J. Kirkpatrick   Composer
Charles M. Fillmore   Composer,Text
Mary Kidder   Text
Andrew Kane   Producer
Daniel Mahraun   Liner Notes
Clayton B. Kendall   Text
Hugo L. Yanke   Composer
Frank McIntyre   Composer,Text
Francis Sacca   Composer
Francis Byrne   Composer,Text
Julien Carle   Composer,Text
Robert L. Cooke   Composer
M. Homer Cummings   Text
Lucy Rider Meyer   Composer
Wilbert Hurdle   Text
William Apmadoc   Composer
Susan McFarland Parkhurst   Composer
John J. Hood   Composer
Mary Torrens Lathrap   Text
John William Proudfit   Text

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