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Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen


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Who better to appreciate Bruce Springsteen's songs than fellow singer-songwriters? A cast of names great and small contribute heartfelt, musically varied renditions of the Boss's best to this benefit collection -- all proceeds and artists' royalties go to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation and the Kristen Ann Carr Fund. With the


Who better to appreciate Bruce Springsteen's songs than fellow singer-songwriters? A cast of names great and small contribute heartfelt, musically varied renditions of the Boss's best to this benefit collection -- all proceeds and artists' royalties go to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation and the Kristen Ann Carr Fund. With the notable exception of the mighty Dion, who turns in a vocally rich, lullaby-sweet version of "Book of Dreams," most of the artists come from the rock and Americana worlds, from established names such as Elvis Costello, Nils Lofgren, Graham Parker, and Joe Ely to underground favorites such as Cindy Bullens, Sid Griffin, Jesse Malin, and Jason Ringenberg. Springsteen's songs are nothing if not elastic, easy foils for this crew's varied attacks. In a solo, acoustic performance, Dan Bern plucks the ache from the heartstrings of "Thunder Road," while Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers provide party fuel with an "acoustic boogie version" (Grushecky's words) of "Light of Day." Stretching the set's stylistic reach, Steve Wynn captures the paranoia of "State Trooper" in a trancelike electric version, and Jennifer Glass gives "Bobby Jean" a bluegrass spin. The booklet includes comments from each contributor on the song choices, illuminating the vast reach of both Springsteen's music and the story of the collection's other honoree, the Boss's friend Kristen Ann Carr, who died of Sarcoma, a form of cancer, and inspired this and many other fund-raising projects.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Hal Horowitz
Not quite as impressive as 1997's One Step Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen, with whom it shares two artists (E Street guitarist Nils Lofgren and this album's artistic director, Elliott Murphy), Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen presents 37 tracks also spread over two discs. Interestingly, only six songs are duplicated, and different artists perform them. This is not only a testament to Springsteen's quantity of work, but a cursory listen to these songs shows the quality as well. In any case, there is a lot of music here. The focus is Springsteen as singer/songwriter, which results in a large proportion of unplugged strumming guitars and rootsy, rearranged versions with an emphasis on vocals and lyrics. The acts range from the well-known but not quite superstars (Elvis Costello, Cowboy Mouth, Pete Yorn, Billy Bragg) to recognizable club-sized performers (Patty Griffin, Graham Parker, Steve Wynn, the Clarks) to obscure but heartfelt musicians (everyone else). Given the approach, albums such as Tunnel of Love and especially Nebraska are mined for their more introspective tunes. Still, there are a fair share of rockers here (Parker's "Pink Cadillac," Joe Grushecky's "Light of Day") although except for a frantic "Born to Run" from Cowboy Mouth, most are slowed down or given a more sensitive reading. Released in 2003, there are no tracks from either The Rising or 1995's The Ghost of Tom Joad and only a few from 1992's Human Touch and Lucky Town. The disc does unearth some interesting obscurities -- Lofgren's version of "Man at the Top," Marc Broussard's "Back in Your Arms," the Paradise Brothers' "Souls of the Departed" among them -- that spotlight Springsteen's less popular work. Most of the music has been recorded specifically for this project -- a benefit for Parkinson's disease and sarcoma, a rare form of cancer -- but some such as Dion's beautiful "Book of Dreams," Griffin's lonely "Stolen Car," and Mark Wright's "Two Hearts" have been previously released on these artists' albums. Each comes with a short but incisive commentary from the performer. Even though some of the rearrangements are radical (Kirk Kelly strips "Downbound Train" to just ukulele!), they all convey the songs' emotions, in some cases arguably better than the originals. With two and a half hours of music, the album is best taken in small doses where the listener can soak it all in. Nonetheless, this is a successful project, one that does what it sets out to do, and should be embraced by Springsteen aficionados as well as fans of the acts involved.

Product Details

Release Date:
Schoolhouse Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sam Bush   Fiddle,Mandolin,Slide Mandolin
Rosie Flores   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Kirk Kelly   Ukulele,Vocals
Billy Bragg   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Cindy Bullens   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Elvis Costello   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Ely   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Grushecky   Guitar,Vocals
Garland Jeffreys   Vocals
Nils Lofgren   Guitar,Vocals
Elliott Murphy   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Willie Nile   Keyboards,Vocals
Graham Parker   Guitar,Vocals
Brian Ritchie   Bass,Cuban Percussion
Joe Kennedy   Piano
Steve Wynn   Guitar,Vocals
Ian McLagan   Piano
Billy Rankin   Drums
Dan Baird   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Perkins   Bass,Background Vocals
Gary Lucas   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Dan Bern   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Mike Rimbaud   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Edward Sanchez   Guitar
Michael Antunes   Saxophone,Background Vocals
Martyn Barker   Drums
Mark Bosch   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
George Bradfute   Bass,Clarinet,Guitar,Cello,Keyboards
Ernie Brooks   Bass
Ted Broussard   Electric Guitar
Steve Burke   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Chris Cacavas   Keyboards,Various
Tony Cedras   Accordion
Brad Davis   Acoustic Guitar
Dion DiMucci   Guitar,Vocals
Little Johnny Fader   Percussion
Jim Gallagher   Background Vocals
Patty Griffin   Vocals,Guitar (Resonator)
Sid Griffin   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
John Thomas Griffith   Guitar,Background Vocals
Bernie Herr   Percussion
Byron House   Upright Bass
Joey Huffman   Piano
Boris Kinberg   Rubboard
Doug Lancio   Electric Guitar
Greg Likins   Electric Guitar
Lu Edmonds   Electric Guitar
Ben Mandelson   Mandolin
Kenny Margolis   Accordion,Vocals
Michael Mazzarella   Background Vocals
Robert McEntee   Organ,Electric Guitar
Joe McGinty   Keyboards
Greg Morrow   Drums,Maracas
Art Nardini   Bass
Joe Pelesky   Keyboards
Mark Pender   Trumpet
Alison Prestwood   Bass
Marc Reisman   Harmonica
Rick Richards   Guitar,Vocals,Soloist
Paul Riley   Bass
Jason Ringenberg   Vocals
Richie Rosenberg   Trombone
Billy Roues   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Steve "Muddy" Roues   Harmonica,Vocals,Standup Bass
Jackie Santos   Drums
Pete Thomas   Drums
Bill Toms   Guitar
Mark Wright   Guitar,Vocals
Fred LeBlanc   Drums,Vocals
Jesse Malin   Guitar,Vocals
Danny Montgomery   Drums
Johnny Hickman   Guitar,Vocals
Fats Kaplin   Accordion
Jonathan Kane   Percussion,Drums
Jerry Vivino   Saxophone
Joel Jose Guzman   Keyboards
Matthew Ryan   Guitar,Vocals
Scott Blasey   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Tooley   Percussion,Drums
Louis Colletti   Background Vocals
David Jacques   Bass
Pat McGarvey   Banjo,Bass,Vocal Harmony
Top Ten   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Johnny "Shoes" Pisano   Bass,Background Vocals
Joffo Simmons   Drums
Dean Cassell   Bass
Kevin Fox   Cello
Charlene Howard   Background Vocals
Greg Joseph   Bass
Steve Ebe   Drums
Shawn Carter   Piano,Hammond Organ
Joe d'Urso & Stone Caravan   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Rob Hertweck   Electric Guitar
Dave Minarik   Drums
Greg Field   Hammond Organ
Dave DeCastro   Bass
Gary Gramolini   Guitar,Background Vocals
Pete Yorn   Guitar,Harmonica,Percussion,Vocals
Steve Allen   Guitar (Tremolo)
John Cafferty   Vocals
Olivier Durand   Guitar
Florent Barbier   Percussion
Fil Izler   Guitar,Background Vocals
Marc Broussard   Vocals
Calvin Turner   Bass,Drums,Flugelhorn
Rob Alcroft   Keyboards
Mark Baldaccini   Percussion,Drums
Eddy Barattini   Drums,Background Vocals
Scott Bourgeois   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Mark Buzard   Electric Guitar
Nick Volz   Trumpet
Alex Class   Bass Guitar
Lou DeMartino   Electric Bass
Francesco Germini   Piano,Strings
Jennifer Glass   Vocals
Jason Victor   Guitar
Fabrizio Tedeschini   Electric Guitar
Cap Capella Hickman   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Mike Schey   Banjo,Slide Guitar
Sam LaMonica   Drums
Mary LaSang   Bass
Nate Ruess   Vocals
Graziano Romani   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Ivor Potter   Background Vocals
Ivor Ottley   Fiddle
Joe Neary   Background Vocals
Christophe Leroux   Cello
Sam Means   Organ,Acoustic Guitar,fender rhodes
Adam Boyd   Percussion,Drums
Chris Brown   Percussion,Drums
Simon Edwards   Bass
Don Raymond   Bass

Technical Credits

Rosie Flores   Liner Notes
Kirk Kelly   Producer,Liner Notes
Billy Bragg   Liner Notes
Cindy Bullens   Liner Notes
Elvis Costello   Producer
Joe Ely   Liner Notes
Joe Grushecky   Liner Notes
Garland Jeffreys   Liner Notes
Nils Lofgren   Liner Notes
Elliott Murphy   Producer,Liner Notes,Art Direction
Willie Nile   Liner Notes
Graham Parker   Liner Notes
Brian Ritchie   Producer
Bruce Springsteen   Composer
Steve Wynn   Producer,Liner Notes
Tom Cochrane   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes,Cello Arrangement,Instrumentation
Dan Baird   Producer
Gary Lucas   Arranger,Producer,Liner Notes
Dan Bern   Liner Notes
Mike Rimbaud   Producer,Liner Notes
Bob Benjamin   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Bill Bowen   Producer,Engineer
George Bradfute   Producer
Butcher Bros.   Producer
Bob Cadway   Producer,Engineer
Tony Daigle   Engineer
Dion DiMucci   Producer,Liner Notes
David Domanich   Producer,Engineer
Little Johnny Fader   Engineer
Steve Fishell   Producer
Chris Fletcher   Producer
Neil Giraldo   Instrumentation
Patty Griffin   Producer,Liner Notes
Sid Griffin   Producer
Aaron Hurwitz   Producer
Doug Lancio   Producer
Kenny Margolis   Producer,Liner Notes
Michael Mazzarella   Producer
Robert McEntee   Engineer
Rusty McFarland   Engineer
Joe McGinty   drum programming
Jason Ringenberg   Liner Notes
Billy Roues   Producer
Steve "Muddy" Roues   Producer,Engineer
Grant Showbiz   Producer
Dave Sinko   Engineer
Rick Witkowski   Producer,Engineer
Mark Wright   Producer,Liner Notes
Fred LeBlanc   Producer,Liner Notes
Jesse Malin   Liner Notes
Dave Marsh   Liner Notes
Mike Mayeux   Engineer
Johnny Hickman   Liner Notes
Clarks   Liner Notes
Matthew Ryan   Engineer,Liner Notes
Izmore   Producer
Pat McGarvey   Producer
Top Ten   Liner Notes
Kevin Fox   Cello Arrangement
Nick Luca   Producer
Jason Candler   Engineer
Joe d'Urso & Stone Caravan   Producer,Liner Notes
Gary Salomon   Producer
Pete Yorn   Liner Notes
Steve Allen   Engineer
John Cafferty   Liner Notes
Florent Barbier   Engineer
Aaron Prellwitz   Engineer
Marc Broussard   Producer,Liner Notes
Calvin Turner   Producer
Sean McDonald   Producer,Engineer
Lance Massey   Engineer
Nick Joyce   Producer
Maria Baglien   Remixing
Cowbot Mouth   Arranger
Crazysloth   Producer
Otto DAngelo   Engineer
Diego Feijóo   Art Direction
Jennifer Glass   Liner Notes
Tom Gloadly   Engineer
Salvador Trepat   Executive Producer
Alberto Sollieri   Engineer
Nate Ruess   Producer,Liner Notes
Graziano Romani   Producer,Liner Notes
Michelle Paponetti   Art Direction
Chris LeRoy   Remixing
Sam Means   Producer
Brieuc Maurel   Engineer

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