Tribute to Rancid [Big Eye]

Tribute to Rancid [Big Eye]


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Danny Thompson   Drums,Vocals
Francis   Bass
Alex Elena   Drums
Anthony Esposito   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Chris Callahan   Bass
Atlantis Black   Guitar,Vocals
Miklós "Csillag" Varga   Bass,Vocals
3 Danks   Vocals
Mike Zumpano   Guitar,Vocals
Hunter Zinkil   Guitar,Vocals
Geoff Yeaton   Saxophone,Vocals
Clint Weiler   Drums,Vocals
Uncle Daddy Billy   Guitar,Vocals
Travisty   Guitar,Vocals
Eric J. Toast   Guitar,Vocals
Sparky Dank   Drums
DIRT Hooligan   Bass,Vocals
Drake Duncan   Bass,Vocals
Toni Tallon   Drums
Charles Takai   Guitar,Vocals
Rayne Fowley   Drums
Owen Strats   Drums
Spark   Drums
Xtian Goblyn   Guitar,Vocals
Shane Silver   Bass
Laura Janisse   Guitar,Vocals
Craig Kaplan   Bass
Tim Martinkovitch   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Adams   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Brown   Drums

Technical Credits

Randy Smith   Producer
Judson Leach   Mastering
Anthony Esposito   Producer
Grace Falconer   Engineer
Mike Z   Producer
Allen Erikson   Producer
Ryan Fenical   Producer
Bent Goblyn   Producer
Jack Bernstein   Executive Producer
M. I. B.   Producer

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