Victorian Christmas Revels

A Victorian Christmas Revels

by Revels Chorus

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Revels Records

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  1. Street Cries (A Victorian Christmas Revels)
  2. Gooding Carol / Wessel Cup Carol
  3. A Merry Christmas
  4. Hail to Brittania, children's song
  5. Little Jack Horner
  6. Come, Shepherds, Rise (16th C. Bohemian)
  7. The Kings, for voice, choir & brass ensemble
  8. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  9. Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (Silent Night)
  10. In dulci jubilo (Piæ Cantiones)
  11. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (English)
  12. The Twelve Days of Christmas
  13. Let's All Go Down the Strand
  14. Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake, for voice, choir & orchestra
  15. Parlour Dances
  16. Down at the Old Bull and Bush, for voice, choir & orchestra
  17. Polly Perkin
  18. Lancers Medley
  19. Don't Have Any More, Mrs. Moore, for voice, choir & organ
  20. Malpas Wassail, for choir
  21. Auld Lang Syne
  22. When Christmas Morn Was Dawning
  23. Past Three O'clock, carol (English)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Revels Chorus   Primary Artist,Track Performer
John Langstaff   Vocals,Baritone,Baritone (Vocal)
Richard Hudson   French Horn
Peter H. Bloom   Flute
David Coffin   Vocals
George Emlen   Conductor
David Howell   Choir, Chorus
Peter Hughes   Violin
Tom Kruskal   Concertina
Jacqueline Schwab   Piano
Steve Solomon   Choir, Chorus
Susan Ward   Choir, Chorus
Pamela Dellal   Vocals
David Lindsey   Trombone
Dana Oakes   Trumpet
Sarah Tenney   Percussion,Timpani
Jim Congo   Choir, Chorus
Paul Guttry   Vocals
Mac Howland   Choir, Chorus
Lakshmi Nayak   Choir, Chorus
Adrian Nussdorfer   Choir, Chorus
Maggi Peirce   Vocals
Ken Pullig   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Gary Becker   Choir, Chorus
Carl Corey   Choir, Chorus
Hannah Emlen   Cello
Jamie Jaffe   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Alto (Vocal)
Revels   Choir, Chorus
Georgia Bill   Choir, Chorus
Laura Allen   Choir, Chorus
Margot Chamberlain   Harp
Holly Teichholz   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Kristen Smith   Children's Chorus
Donald Wilkinson   Vocals
Gail Abbey   Vocals
Hans Bohn   Trombone
Jeff Boice   Choir, Chorus
Chester Brezniak   Clarinet
Bobbi Carrey   Choir, Chorus
Allison Condon   Choir, Chorus
Donald A. Duncan   Guitar,Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Susanne Feld   Children's Chorus
EMI Ferguson   Children's Chorus
Gregory Fritze   Tuba
Lori Green   Choir, Chorus
Alice Harty   Children's Chorus
Sarah Hebert-Johnson   Children's Chorus
David Jones   Vocals
Lindsay Kolowich   Children's Chorus
Michael Kolowich   Choir, Chorus
Molly Lanzarotta   Choir, Chorus
Elizabeth McCreless   Children's Chorus
Jack McCreless   Choir, Chorus
Amelia Meath   Children's Chorus
Jonathan Meath   Choir, Chorus
Garrett R. Murphy   Children's Chorus
Laura Olivier   Children's Chorus
Linda K. Olivier   Choir, Chorus
Shippen Page   Choir, Chorus
Kristi Parker   Children's Chorus
Lori Renn Parker   Choir, Chorus
Bet Pendery   Choir, Chorus
Matt Phillips   Children's Chorus
Darryl Robbins   Trumpet
John Rockwell   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Ann Rooney   Vocals
Eleanor Torrey   Children's Chorus
Matthew Wang   Children's Chorus
Raynor Warner   Choir, Chorus
Kristina Wood   Choir, Chorus
Children's Waits   Choir, Chorus
Donald Duncan   Guitar,Bass (Vocal)
Parlour Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble   Ensemble
Holly Teichholtz   Vocals
Adrian Nussdorder   Vocals
David Jones   Vocals

Technical Credits

John Langstaff   Liner Notes,Art Direction,Artistic Director
Franz Gruber   Composer
George Emlen   Musical Director,Music Direction
David Griesinger   Engineer,Engineering
Susan Cooper   Liner Notes
Nyssim Lefford   Engineer
Joseph Mohr   Composer
Phillip Brooks   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Berred Ouellette   Engineer
Robert Burns   Composer
Berred Ouelette   Engineering
Lewis Redner   Composer

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