View From the Air: Charles Lindbergh's Earth and Sky

View From the Air: Charles Lindbergh's Earth and Sky

by Reeve Lindbergh

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
As a tribute to her late father's ``great love and concern for the natural world,'' author Lindbergh ( The Midnight Farm ) imagines and gives voice to the aviator's thoughts as he flies over the land he cherishes. Written as a poem, her words are accompanied by a series of aerial photographs taken in the early 1970s when the elder Lindbergh flew a young nature photographer over northern New England. Brown's sweeping images celebrate the grace and dignity of the landscape in colorful detail: a sun-dappled church; a cluster of red farm buildings blanketed in snow; the blazing colors of autumn foliage. Unfortunately, the presentation of this laudable undertaking seems to distance the reader from Charles Lindbergh's voice. Also, the rigorous meter of Lindbergh's occasionally heavy-handed verse (``Earth can still heal and recover / Given our time and our care. / Some things have vanished forever / But earth will remain, and repair.'') clashes with the grandeur and power of the photographs. All ages. (Sept.)
Children's Literature - Susie Wilde
Best know as an aviator, Charles Lindbergh wrote much about his love and concern for the earth . In View from the Air, his daughter, Reeve gives poetic voice to her father's passion. Her word images are accompanied with aerial views of New England taken by Brown during some of Lindbergh's last flights. Stunning vistas, silent snowscapes, sparkling blue tree-rimmed lakes are interspersed with hazy smoke filled skies that work as a powerful tribute to Lindbergh and the earth.
Children's Literature - Jan Lieberman
Reeve Lindbergh, daughter of Charles, presents a unique gift to the memory of her father and his love for flying and nature in View from the Air: Charles Lindbergh's Earth and Sky, photographs by Richard Brown. Mr. Brown took these color photos in flights with Lindbergh during 1971-72. His spectacular aerial views create their own powerful message to preserve and protect our environment. Combined with Reeve's words, some from her father's writings, they make a powerful impression on the reader. Our journey begins, "This was the world I discovered. / Each year, each season I'd fly, / Watching the earth like a lover, / This was my view from the sky."
School Library Journal
Gr 1-5 --Charles Lindbergh flew over New England in his last flights as a pilot, accompanied by a photographer who expertly captured the neat towns and farms, as well as the natural beauty of the landscape below, throughout several seasons. Lindbergh's daughter has written a poem in memory of her father, the verses of which are well matched to Brown's full-page color photos. The poet's voice is that of a pilot re-creating the satisfaction of being in the air, looking down at ``. . . wild lands and waters/Scattered with sunlight and rain,'' reflecting, as the pioneer aviator did, that ``Earth's oldest wisdom is wildness:/Wildness must always remain.'' A handsome, strongly delivered plea. --John Peters, New York Public Library

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