A Way of Hope: An Autobiography

A Way of Hope: An Autobiography

by Lech Walesa

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Walesa achieved fame in August 1980 when shipyard workers in Gdansk won the right to form a free trade union. In this long-awaited autobiography, he gives his unique insider perspective on Solidarity, the events leading to its formation and its fall. Concentrating on 1980-81, Walesa covers only briefly shipyard working conditions before 1980 and his internment after 1981. Mary Craig's Lech Walesa and His Poland ( LJ 9/15/87) places the events in context more fully. Despite all that he has endured, Walesa remains optimistic about the future. His insights make this a valuable book for most collections.Marcia L. Sprules, Univ. of South Dakota Lib., Vermillion
School Library Journal
YA This singular appeal for human dig nity for the Polish people makes Wale sa's autobiography meaningful and en lightening. Walesa creates a vision of centuries of hopeless oppression, pover ty, hunger, inhumanity, vacuous leader ship, endless petty bickering, and jeal ous betrayals within the Polish society until a series of events united them. Wa lesa, with the simple prose of one who has the clarity of vision, purpose, and reason needed to express the tyrannical treatment of his people by the Russian puppet government, wins for them the concessions without theories or point less rebellions. James Michener's Po land (Random, 1983) gives good histori cal background on the obstacles Walesa has overcome and supports Walesa's au thoritative and accurate record of the leading historical figures involved. This is a classic story of one man's leadership against overwhelming tyranny. It is an easily read, inspiring autobiographical chronicle that will continue to be a valu able addition to young adult collections for years to come. Barbara Batty, Port Arthur Independent School District

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