A Wish in the Woods (Faerieground Series #1)

A Wish in the Woods (Faerieground Series #1)

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by Beth Bracken

Soli and Lucy are best friends—until, on faerie ground, Soli wishes Lucy away.See more details below


Soli and Lucy are best friends—until, on faerie ground, Soli wishes Lucy away.

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Children's Literature - Tima Murrell
Fairies are not always the kind and beautiful creatures that people often imagine them to be. A very long time ago fairies and humans lived in harmony. But something happened and now fairies are bad and the woods that they inhabit are strictly off limits. But for best friends Soli and Lucy, the woods are a short cut to their school and their private secret. Soli, dark and shy, is the counterpart to the bright and bouncy Lucy. Soli confides her secret crush to Lucy one day and Lucy offers to talk to him since Soli is so shy. But Soli catches them kissing—the ultimate betrayal. Soli, crushed, runs crying into the woods. What Soli has forgotten is that a wish made in the woods always comes true. Soli wishes her friend away, and in that instance, her friend is gone. The book is written alternating between both girls' voices. It seems a bit juvenile for the targeted audience, but the illustrations redeem it. They are realistic sketches and dark in nature. As the fairies are portrayed as dark the pictures seem to fit well with the story. The book ends rather abruptly, but will probably pick up with volume two in the "Faerieground" series. Reviewer: Tima Murrell
VOYA - M. Espinola
In this Faerieground fantasy series, best friends Soli and Lucy have done everything together for as long as they can remember. Lucy is the more extroverted and social half of the BFF twosome, while Soli has the more introverted and quiet personality. Despite their differences, they are similar in many ways. From one day to the next, their friendship is tested by a boy they both equally fancy. After speaking to him on several occasions, Soli mentions her interest, and Lucy insists that she can inquire about his feelings for her. When the boy kisses Lucy, Soli runs away to the Willow Forest, where she wishes Lucy would disappear for her betrayal. Lucy finds herself in a world from which she cannot escape, and Soli is forced to follow her into the Willow Forest to save her. The series follows the individual girls as they each play a role in their fate. They encounter a dungeon, faeries, a queen who cannot be trusted, and a story older than they are. In their hands, they hold the fate of the faerie land, their friendship, and their lives. This enchanting and interesting story written in four parts by two authors includes a splash of the mysterious and enchanted with a helping of teenage angst in a world said not to exist. In their teenage world of school, boys, and best friends, what is a little faerie land to make life more interesting? The series addresses issues of friendship and trust and is appropriate for any reader who enjoys the mystical and magical worlds. As an added bonus, the text allows for easy readability for individuals learning English as a second language, reluctant readers, or those with dyslexia. The books are accompanied by vivid pictures throughout, adding to the pleasant layout. The story evolves simply and centers on two characters' rites of passage. This author duo packs a literary punch into the enchanted world of faeries. (Faerieground) Reviewer: M. Espinola

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Faerieground Series, #1
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5.50(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.40(d)
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10 - 13 Years

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