A World of Ideas

A World of Ideas

by Bill D. Moyers

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Library Journal - Library Journal
``The true conversation of democracy,'' says Moyers, ``occurs not between politicians or pundits but across the entire spectrum of American life.'' This book is a compilation of the 41 interviews that Moyers conducted for his 1988 PBS TV series, an eclectic mix of authors, scientists, educators, and philosophers, including the late Barbara Tuchman on the lessons of history; Tom Wolfe on political activism on the local scale; and former New York Public Library Director Vartan Gregorian on how libraries remind one about ``one's past, present, and most of the possibilities for the future.'' In an age of 30-second sound bites, these thoughtful discussions are welcome and important. Recommended. See also William F. Buckley's On the Firing Line: The Public Life of Our Public Figures , reviewed on p.90.-- Ed. -- Judy Quinn, ``Library Journal''
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
YA-- Imagine sitting down with 41 noted philosophers, theologians, novelists, and natural and social scientists to talk about trends, dangers, and strengths in today's society. Moyers' edited transcripts of his PBS series provide the opportunity to do just that. Moyers' background as a political journalist is especially evident in his questions about moral and governmental leadership and the future of America, but, as he notes in his introduction, he is most concerned with gaining a broader perspective on issues and choices he must make as a family member and citizen. Teachers can use parts of each interview to spark class discussions, as topics for writing assignments, and to give insight into the characters of important contemporary thinkers.-- Alice Conlon, University of Houston

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