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A Wreath for the Bride

A Wreath for the Bride

by William O'Donnell, Lillian Odonnell

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
O'Donnell begins a promising new series by introducing private detective Gwenn Ramadge, hired to investigate the mysterious death, during her honeymoon at sea, of young bride Mary Langner. Although the bride's mother maintains Mary was pushed overboard by her new husband, Clark, New York police are not willing to press the case because of lack of evidence. After Gwenn clears Clark, she hears of the death of another bride, in which the husband also is the chief suspect. Although the backgrounds of the two victims are quite different, Gwenn scents a connection and manages to convince the officer in charge of the second case to let her help in that investigation. After a third murder, this time of a bride-to-be, Gwenn discovers a tie to a dying millionaire. In Gwenn, a young woman of genteel upper-middle-class upbringing who now has to make her way in the world, veteran O'Donnell ( A Good Night to Kill ) has created another winner, an attractive and intelligent private eye. Paperback rights to Fawcett; Mystery Guild featured alternate. ( Jan. )
Library Journal - Library Journal
The author initiates a new series with well-born and competent private investigator Gwenn Ramadge. Hired to prove that a new husband pushed his wife overboard during their honeymoon cruise, Gwenn instead finds him innocent; not until she discovers connections to two other murders does the truth strike her. Ramadge as detective seems amiabale and well-enough drawn to attract a following, even though the three lengthy and apparently disparate cases may test the reader's patience. Unconvincing at times, but mostly good middle-of-the-road fare.

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