Abandon the Night: Envy Chronicles, Book 3

Abandon the Night: Envy Chronicles, Book 3

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by Colleen Gleason

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New York Times bestselling author Colleen Gleason (writing as Joss Ware) continues the Envy Chronicles, featuring men who have emerged from raging fires to be humankind's last hope …

Quentin Fielding had everything. Money. Power. Women. But now that civilization is all but annihilated, Quent wants only one thing: revenge on the man

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New York Times bestselling author Colleen Gleason (writing as Joss Ware) continues the Envy Chronicles, featuring men who have emerged from raging fires to be humankind's last hope …

Quentin Fielding had everything. Money. Power. Women. But now that civilization is all but annihilated, Quent wants only one thing: revenge on the man responsible for the chaos and destruction, the man he should have killed years ago—his father.

Zoë Kapoor is on her own quest for vengeance. The arrow-wielding beauty is searching for the fiends who murdered her family. Together with Quent, she journeys through the ruins of the world they once knew, on a hunt that draws them closer to an enemy they never imagined …

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In Embrace the Night Eternal, the world as we know it has been destroyed by malicious human intent—continents have been rearranged, Las Vegas (Envy) is now on the ocean, immortal Strangers have taken control, zombies and others walk the night, and people try to survive as best as they can. But five men from the past have miraculously survived and emerged with enhanced paranormal powers 50 years later into a postapocalyptic world they could never have imagined. Continuing "The Envy Chronicles" series begun with Beyond the Night (January), this installment takes former hit-man Simon Japp and cult escapee Sage Corrigan, both of whom would like to forget their pasts, on a harrowing journey for the truth (in this case Remington Truth) that leads them back to the community where Sage grew up—with dangerously arousing results.

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Joss Ware has an English degree and an MBA from the University of Michigan. After more than fifteen years in sales and marketing, she owned her own business and worked in a variety of roles for two startup companies. She’s traveled to London, Paris, and Tahiti, and currently resides with her family near Ann Arbor, where she writes full-time.

Joss loves to hear from her readers, and encourages them to visit her website for updates and sneak peeks of future Envy books.

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Abandon the Night: Envy Chronicles, Book 3 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was a little hesitant to try this series, but I am very glad I did. It is very interesting! I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a good book. Would definitely start with the first book in the series.
D-B1 More than 1 year ago
I loved and enjoyed the awesome, extraordinary, amazing, suspenseful audio version of Abandon the Night: Envy Chronicles Book 3, by Joss Ware, Colleen Gleason that I received free from the author, Colleen Gleason. Quen's goal is to kill the person who caused the chaos and destruction, his father. Zoe realizes that she loves Quen and does not want him to go through the guilt of killing his own father and devises a plan to protect Quen. Quen loves Zoe and wants her nowhere near his father or the ruthless people surrounding him. Read and or listen to the highly recommended, beautifully written, phenomenal, engaging, thrilling love story of Quen and Zoe in Abandon the Night by the talented Joss Ware, Colleen Gleason.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book 3 in the series. Anothet great book
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: How can these books continue to get better and better when they started out phenomenally?!?! Quentin was an original part of the group that had been hiking in Sonoma when the apocalypse happened. He was a billionaire playboy trying to escape the shadow of his father's overwhelming dominance. The book starts when Quent was 17 being beaten by his father with a riding crop. At that time, he had the means to kill him, but chose not to, not knowing that his father would be instrumental in the destruction of the world 13 years later. Now it's been 50+ years and Quent's entire goal is to make his father (who is an Elite/Immortal/Stranger) pay for his crimes. That is his only goal. Having grown up as a billionaire playboy, he feels that he has nothing else to offer this new society...no money, no influence, no skills. He feels completely and utterly useless in this new society. His one and only bit of happiness is Zoe. Zoe & Quent have been scorching the pages since book one, but that is all they have...a booty call, which is slowly killing Quent. He wants so much more. Elliot turned to the door and wrapped his fingers around the knob. "I've known you for ten years- not counting the fifty we were sleeping- and I've not seen you this worked up about a woman. So it's either an ego thing or she's the one." Quent gave a sharp, short chuckle. "Kind of a leap, from ego to soulmate, don't you think? Can't it just be that she's awesome in bed?" But Elliot was shaking his head. "Nope. I don't think so. Not the way that you're looking." He wants more, but is not willing to drop his shields to let Zoe know that he needs more. This is a man that has lived his life hiding behind a fake facade so that no one can damage him and it's so hard for him to drop that. Coincidentally, Zoe is very much the same way. She lost her entire family at the age of 15 and has spent all her time since alone and focusing all her energies on revenge for the man responsible for their murders. She honestly doesn't even know how to deal with people anymore and is perfectly happy that way, but Quent has gotten under her skin and she can't stay away. This was a gorgeous love story, watching these two learn to trust one another when neither one of them even know how to do that anymore. There are so many barriers between them, but they gradually tear them all down. It makes for such a beautiful book. I loved Quent. I loved Zoe. I think that they are my favorite new couple of this series...just so damn perfect together. LOVE THEM!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Quent Fielding ran away from home in 1997 when she was eighteen years old to escape his abusive martinet father. That occurred thirteen years before he and four other men were trapped in a Sedona, New Mexico cave in some form of a sleep state. Now over fifty years later, they awaken like van Winkle to a world gone mad (see Embrace the Night Eternal and Beyond the Night). He and his cohorts manage to make it to Envy, a bit of purebred human society in what was once known as Las Vegas. Recent information shakes Quent to his DNA core; his father is still alive as one of the architects of the change that destroyed the world. He is determined to track down his father and kill him. One of the Envy warriors, loner Zoe Kapoor the archer obsesses over killing Raul Marck, who murdered her family. Her attraction to Quent is unacceptable in her mind as her feelings intrude on her quest. Quent shares her desire, but believes his need for her makes him stronger. They agree to team up in order to kill their respective tormentors or die together trying. The latest Envy post-apocalyptic romantic futuristic tale focuses on two people with family issues. Quent makes Oedipus look like he had no complex while Zoe's thirst for vengeance rivals that of her beloved. Readers will appreciate this dark futuristic world, as we become aware of how foreboding 2050 has become with each entry. Aptly titled as the night is deadly, readers will relish this strong entry and look forward to the saga of the two remaining Awakening Heroes. Harriet Klausner
MADreaderMD More than 1 year ago
This is the hottest book in the series so far! Quent and Zoe have already had a few encounters in the previous books, so their relationship involves a lot of hot sex from the start of this book. What they really have to work on is trusting each other enough to work together and possibly build a life together. Quent's only goal is to find his father and kill him for his role in the "evolution." Zoe is bent on finding the bounty hunter that killed her family and get revenge on him. Despite their distrust and stubborn independence, they begin to realize it might be best to work together to get what they want. After all, a guy who can sense the history of an object just by touching it and a woman who is a deadly shot with a bow and arrows should make a good team. In this book we get a lot more answers about what caused the change and who was behind it. Of course, there are plenty of questions left unanswered. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. If you are offended by strong language, you might want to avoid this book. However, I thought the smart mouth was a natural part of Zoe's character.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So the first two books are decent, but this one was only so so. Just didnt like these characters too much. Also, getting a little tired of huge build up and then easy kill of these strangers who are supposed to be immortal and invincable. They all seem pretty stupid on the whole.
KahlanMercy More than 1 year ago
Envy Chronicles Book Three. Quent is bent on taking down his father, one of the leaders of the Strangers.  Zoe seeks revenge against Raul Marck for the death of her family.  Together the two set out to conquer their enemies and, in some respects, their pasts.  When they reach their destination, Quent learns more about the mysterious Cult of Atlantis and what that really means for the new world. Narration: Sebastian Fields narrates the series with an amazing consistency.  His voices are distinguishable throughout the series and completely recognizable.  Each character has a personality and history. If you're looking for a story with adventure, zombie-like creatures, and lost civilization mythology this is the book for you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
amiblackwelder More than 1 year ago
Brought to you by THE SEASON Rating: 8 Heat Level: 4 ABANDON THE NIGHT by Harper Collins, 2010 Abandon the Night by Joss Ware is a spell bounding 368 page turning fantasy romance novel set in the future. As the story begins with an abusive tension between Quent and his father, Parris Fielding, the reader is immediately drawn into the dramatic life of the main character -Quent. Joss Ware germinates the story with sharp details like the nape of Quent's neck and active verbs that stand alone like, Snap. The seeds of intensity are watered with a world that is falling to ruin, setting the stage for a suspenseful, imaginative and passionate ride. With sweat and pain blinding Quent and fear and anger motivating him, this unlikely hero rises from the ashes of an annihilated civilization where a crystal found in the depths of the seas of Atlantis yields immortality and a Cult of Atlantis has harnessed its powers to create immortal humans known as the Strangers. The story begins in England when Quent is very young, but most of it takes place in America, namely New Vegas (Las Vegas) which has been dubbed, Envy near sixty years later which ironically has become the cradle for most of surviving humanity and has become the largest settlement on American soil. Fortunately for Quent and four of his friends, because they journeyed into a cave whose energy properties protected them from the effects of the annihilation, the five of them emerge sixty years later still alive and find themselves asking what, how and why. furthering the fantastical aspects of the story are paranormal abilities some of the characters have acquired. Quent has the ability to hold objects and see whose touched it and what the object has been experienced. Adding a flavor of romance to this fantasy is the character Zoe, who enters Quent's life upon saving him from a Zombie like creature. But Zoe is protective of the arrows she uses for hunting these undead and requests Quent to return it to her. This sets in motion the relationship between the two of them, Zoe losing an arrow on purpose, and Quent finding it for her and she demanding it returned. The relationship is hot and steamy and when Quent lays eyes on her he finds his mouth dries, his blood rushes, and his heart pounds. Joss Ware incorporates Zoe's point of view and her struggles as well as employs Quent's own life history to build a more solid story and intriguing plot development. The reader will find him or herself falling in love with both characters and hoping they can overcome the tumultuous future that has befallen mankind because of the sinister intentions of others. As the author delves into Zoe's mind, the reader soon finds her confronted with Raul Marck, a nemesis and soon all hell might break loose. But as everything is crumbling around them, it seems Quent may hold the keys to the future, but when your Quent with no skills, no resources, and nothing to offer, how do you save the world from your sadistic father? This was a very entertaining read and I would recommend it to most everyone of a mature audience. Review by ami Blackwelder, March. 16th, 2010. http://www.hotgossiphotreviews.blogspot.com