Abandoned Cars

Abandoned Cars

by Tim Lane

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The acclaimed 2008 debut now in softcover—noirish, existential short comics.  See more details below


The acclaimed 2008 debut now in softcover—noirish, existential short comics.

Editorial Reviews

Print Magazine
“The book signals the arrival of a major new voice on the American literary landscape, with or without illustrations.”
Danny Graydon - The First Post
“Lane’s gorgeous black-and-white artwork — naturalistic with occasional leaps into the surreal — consistently lends tension as well as a quiet beauty to these various tales of struggle.”
Alan David Doane - Comicbook Galaxy
“Dirty, greasy, and impossible to put down, Lane’s hardcover debut was the perfectly-timed summing-up of The American Dream in all its power and tail-finned delusion.”
Churrasco la Naje
“Tim Lane presents a personal study of what he calls 'The Great American Mythological Drama,' a fog of events/thoughts/dreams/ disappointments in music/literature/ North American life... Lane leads to something more introspective and extremely sad.”
The New York Times
“The book is a litany of voices from the deep, and Lane's artwork is vivid and hallucinatory. All in all, Abandoned Cars reads like Jim Thompson writing about post-financial-crisis America.”
William Jones - Graphic Novel Reporter
“A brilliant debut....Abandoned Cars doesn’t arrive at a clear-cut solution to the American Myth, but Lane’s effort to understand it for himself is beautifully presented.”
“The real comic book event of the summer...
breathtaking... The book signals the arrival of a major new voice on the American literary landscape, with or without the illustrations.”
“Lane’s beautifully crafted pen-and-ink drawing combines a master artist’s eye for detail with a predilection for the grotesque to produce a superb blending of unforgettable images and poignant meditation on life’s tragic undercurrents.”
Step Inside Design
“[An] apt literary comparison might be to Raymond Carver... Abandoned Cars establishes Lane in the first rank of today’s emerging comics artists.”
The Onion A.V. Club
“The stories take place along a vaguely defined stretch of scenery haunted by the ghosts of Kerouac, Marlon Brando, and Elvis, where visitors can probably hear the distant strains of a Tom Waits song or The Magnetic Fields’ Charm of the Highway Strip playing in the background... Here’s one to watch.”
Jedidiah Ayres - Hardboiled Wonderland
“[I]t reads like the book Jack Kerouac may have written with oh, say, Donald Ray Pollock, populated by characters outrageous and familiar, out of their minds and so far down to earth that they're actually beneath it. And that's not saying anything about the visuals. Tim's gorgeous illustrations are why I bought the damn thing.”
Cliff Froehlich - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“St. Louisan Tim Lane's Abandoned Cars, one of 2008's essential comics, has recently been reissued in paperback with two variant covers that vividly recall the lurid pulps of the 1930s.”
John Porcellino
“[Lane's] excellent, down and out, Beat-inspired tales of post-war/modern day America are unique to the form, and his grappling with what he calls the 'Great American Mythological Drama' yields some of the most literate, stark, and surreal comics I've ever read. [...] Great book.”
“It’s the modern equivalent of the Raymond Chandler yarns that fill up the more exciting portion of your bookshelf — a string of police chases and back-alley fist fights with a surprisingly introspective thread running in the background.”
Chad Derdowski - Mania
“When you put all the pieces together, you don’t simply get a story or a group of stories, you get a book that pulls back the curtain on the collective unconscious of a nation. ... Like the myths that it is inspired by, Abandoned Cars lingers long after reading and grows in stature as you re-live and re-tell it.”
Mike Sebastian - Campus Circle
“The spirit of the Beats imbues the debut collection by Tim Lane… The stories are united by their sense of longing and melancholy. … His pen and ink style, reminiscent of Charles Burns, is extremely detailed and noirishly evocative.”

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