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Abc's Of Surviving School Violence

Abc's Of Surviving School Violence

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by Natalie Johnson Leslie, H. Steve Leslie

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ABC's of Surviving School Violence

By Natalie Johnson-Leslie H. Steve Leslie


Copyright © 2010 Natalie Johnson-Leslie and H. Steve Leslie
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-6397-9

Chapter One

A = Alertness of the surroundings is key

B = Break a window if you need to yell or flee

C = Call 911 then silence the phone

D = Do not huddle in a group-spread far to be alone

E = Exercise caution when you hide

F = Flip off the light switch and watch from every side

G = Giddy-up if you can; a safe place you must find

H = Help others around you and be very kind

I = If you hear a loud bang; Stop! Drop! and make no sound

J = Jump if you must-keep close to the ground

K = Kick if you can to be protected from harm

L = Look left, look right; do not touch the fire alarm

M = Move quickly away from violent actions

N = Non-violence leads to satisfaction

O = Officers are on their way to keep you out of danger

P = Prepare to remain under-cover like a ranger

Q = Quietness is important when hiding one and all

R = Rescue is near for everyone big and small

S = Show your hands to the officer and spread your fingers wide

T = Time to tell what you saw-no more need to hide

U = Understand you can survive with others aid

V = Violence is wrong; it can make you so afraid

W = Watch for the safety of others-this is expected

X = eXtra kindness is needed and will not be rejected

Y = YUCK! Being violent is not nice; being violent is not cool

Z = Zoom in on surviving violence if it happens at your school

So listen little children to what I say Don't be violent night or day Violence in school is always wrong We must be kind to everyone


The issue of school violence continues to be of concern to parents, teachers, administrators, and the public at large. How knowledgeable are young kids about possible options to survive an incident of violence in their classroom, lunchroom, library, or on the playground? At what age is it appropriate to teach young kids safety tips about school violence? In schools, young kids are taught safety features in case of fires, tornadoes, and strangers. Unfortunately, the majority of the incidents of school violence are not perpetuated by strangers. What can be done to fill this gap? In spite of more security in schools, school violence continues to plague our society.

Today, school systems at all levels from day-care centers to universities continue to suffer the pain and loss of many members of their communities through the cold hands of school violence. Those most affected by the plague of school violence are families who lose loved ones. Thus, it makes sense that surviving school violence should be addressed head on from a young age when young minds can be influenced to make the right choices. The message presented in this book is an attempt to educate, inform and emphasize, practical, common-sense principles and practices that can save lives in the event of school violence. Parents and teachers can use this book to supplement early learners' introduction to the alphabet with survival tips to overcome violent acts. This way one fewer life may be lost through school violence because of the knowledge shared with early learners in this book.


Excerpted from ABC's of Surviving School Violence by Natalie Johnson-Leslie H. Steve Leslie Copyright © 2010 by Natalie Johnson-Leslie and H. Steve Leslie. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Abc's Of Surviving School Violence 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
G_Rahill More than 1 year ago
Natalie Johnson-Leslie and H. Steve Leslie's book is an important resource for parents and professionals who wish to help children survive school violence. It is concise and to the point. It sends a strong moral message about violence: that it is wrong, that we are to help each other in violent situations, and that there are some who might be more vulnerable to violence than others (the disabled) and would need more assistance in times of crisis. It provides options for children who may become a part of various types of school violence, i.e., school break-ins, emotional or physical bullying, and, indirectly, natural disasters. It provides children with a number of resources to access help by phone and encourages children to assist each other. The book also provides children the options to create means of escape when no perceivable access is evident. The book helps children to identify the personnel who are at their disposal in times of trouble. It is written clearly and humorously. One suggestion would be to provide a brief introduction in the same simple language, that would contextualize the different messages for the reader. For example, the book itself might begin with the phrase, "Listen little children to what I say" and proceed to introduce the contents of the book and the different contexts in which they might expect to face violence. I enjoyed this little book and am looking forward to seeing it as a digital text :o) Guitele J. Rahill, PhD, LCSW Assistant Professor Department of Social Work, College of Nursing and Health Professions Arkansas State university