Abortion Moral/Legal Persp

Abortion Moral/Legal Persp

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by Jay L. Garfield

ISBN-10: 0870234412

ISBN-13: 9780870234415

Pub. Date: 01/04/1985

Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press

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University of Massachusetts Press
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Abortion Moral/Legal Persp 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Jimmet-Lawrence More than 1 year ago
Essays examine the nature of abortion, the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion, and the judicial status of the fetus. Introduction -- Roe v. Wade: a retrospective -- Roe v. Wade: majority opinion and Rehnquist dissent -- The legacy of Roe v. Wade -- Roe v. Wade: a study in male ideology -- Personhood -- The judicial status of the fetus: a proposal for legal protection of the unborn -- Personhood and the abortion debate -- The limits of legislative and judicial enforcement of controversial moral standards -- Understanding Blackmun's argument: the reasoning of Roe v. Wade -- A human life statute -- constitutional privacy, religious disestablishment, and the abortion decisions - Killing and letting die -- Killing and letting die -- Abortion and self-defense -- Persons, privacy, and Samaritanism -- Abortion and the claims of Samaritanism -- Abortion, slavery, and the law: a study in moral character -- Abortion, privacy, and personhood: from Roe v. Wade to the human life statute -- Appendix: selected Supreme court decisions concerning abortion and contraception -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Contributors.