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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

by Jean F. Blashfield, Outlet Book Company Staff

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Children's Literature
"Honest Abe" probably earned his nickname when he owned a store with another man in Illinois; the store failed and his partner died, but over the next fifteen years, Abraham Lincoln paid back every penny of the store's debts. This biography is filled with less well-known personal and political details about Lincoln's life, such as the love and influence of his stepmother who made sure there were books around even though she couldn't read herself. As a young lawyer, he defended the railroad's decision to build the first bridge across the Mississippi River, helping to open the West to settlement. He is hailed as a hero of the fight to end slavery, but his original opinions were quite complex, including both moral oppositions to slavery, along with a belief that southern states had a right to make their own decisions. The profile is indexed with a list of historical sites, websites, additional books, and a glossary. The type is large, with frequent photos and other illustrations. The timeline for each president is particularly interesting, offering two columns side by side for personal and world events. Students can see, for example, that when the US was deep into the Civil War, Lewis Carrol was writing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The style and writing quality vary from book to book, but the series provides interesting reading and a very good resource for student research. 2002, Compass Points Books,
— Karen Leggett

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Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date:
Great Leaders Ser.
Age Range:
7 - 10 Years

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