Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

by Karen Marie Graves, Robbyn Smith Van Frankenhuyzen

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Abraham Lincoln remains one of the icons of American history. Born into a humble family, Lincoln rose to the heights of national office at a time of national crisis. A pragmatic and proud man, Lincoln demonstrated the ability to shrewdly maneuver in the political and legal circles in which he worked. A man who showed great love for his family, Lincoln experienced the tragic loss of two children. Lincoln was also a man who opposed slavery but realized the practical realities of ending such bondage. Forced to oversee the Federal response to secession, Lincoln took charge of a nation split in half. In the end, Lincoln did not live to see the fruits of the Union victory as he was felled just at the moment of the war's culmination. Here, in Karen Marie Graves' Abraham Lincoln, younger readers will be introduced to this enigmatic but powerful man. Graves does an excellent job of capturing the essence of Lincoln's life and contributions. The author of this illustrated work traces not only Lincoln's life but also his temperament, family life, and emotions. As part of a series entitled "The Importance Of," which features analyses of significant historical personages, this book may fill a valuable spot on the bookshelf of any youngster interested in either President Lincoln or the Civil War. The book that reads well and provides a close look at a man who was compelled to lead America through one of its darkest times. 2003, Lucent Books, Romaneck

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The Importance Of
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