Absolute Essential: The Very Best of Jaki Graham

Absolute Essential: The Very Best of Jaki Graham

by Jaki Graham

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Music Club Records


Disc 1

  1. What's the Name of Your Game  - Jaki Graham
  2. Once More with the Feeling  - Jaki Graham
  3. Could It Be I'm Falling in Love  - Jaki Graham
  4. Round and Around  - Jaki Graham
  5. Heaven Knows  - Jaki Graham
  6. Mated  - Jaki Graham
  7. Set Me Free  - Jaki Graham
  8. Breaking Away  - Jaki Graham
  9. Step Right Up  - Jaki Graham
  10. Still in Love  - Jaki Graham
  11. No More Tears  - Jaki Graham
  12. From Now On  - Jaki Graham
  13. The Better Part of Me  - Jaki Graham
  14. Every Little Bit Hurts  - Jaki Graham

Disc 2

  1. You Can Count on Me for Love  - Jaki Graham
  2. Ain't Nobody  - Jaki Graham
  3. Absolute E-Sensual  - Jaki Graham
  4. Through Your Eyes  - Jaki Graham
  5. The Facts of Life  - Jaki Graham
  6. Shivers  - Jaki Graham
  7. Walking on Water  - Jaki Graham
  8. You and I  - Jaki Graham
  9. All I Do  - Jaki Graham
  10. As We Lay  - Jaki Graham
  11. Let Me Know  - Jaki Graham
  12. I Always  - Jaki Graham
  13. Happy Ever After  - Jaki Graham
  14. Don't Keep Me Waiting  - Jaki Graham

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jaki Graham   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

David Grant   Duet
Michael McDonald   Composer
Todd Rundgren   Composer
Julia Fordham   Composer
Andrew Gold   Composer
Graham Gouldman   Composer,Producer
Steve Kipner   Composer
Marlon McClain   Composer
Roger Powell   Composer
Chris Thompson   Composer
Porter Carroll   Composer
Kasim Sulton   Composer
Derek Bramble   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Richard James Burgess   Producer
Ed Cobb   Composer
David Gamson   Composer,Producer
Errol Henry   Producer
Clif Magness   Composer
Brock Walsh   Composer
Willie Wilcox   Composer
Tim Cox   Composer
Rod Gammons   Composer,Producer
Mark Lomax   Composer,Producer
Nigel Swanston   Composer
Toby Baker   Composer
Band of Gypsies   Producer
Marlon "The Magician" McClain   Producer
Jimmy Scott   Composer
Noel McKay   Composer
David Wolinski   Composer
Curtis Wilson   Composer
Michael H. Brauer   Remixing
Neil Wilkins   Liner Notes,Public Relations
Phil Manikiza   Composer
T-Bone Hearne   Composer
Marcella French   Composer
Natalie Ormsby   Liner Notes,Management
Tahirih Walker   Composer
Matt Nelmes   Composer
Andrew Kippel   Composer,Vocal Producer
Tony Ormsby   Management
Simon String   Composer

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