Acadian All Star Special: The Pioneering Cajun Recordings of J.D. Miller

Acadian All Star Special: The Pioneering Cajun Recordings of J.D. Miller


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Bear Family


Disc 1

  1. La Cravat  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  2. Gabriel Waltz  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  3. Don't Hang Around  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  4. My Sweetheart's My Buddy's Wife  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  5. Setre Chandelle  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  6. Allons Dance Colinda  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  7. Is It Too Late To Cry  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  8. Somewhere You Don't Care  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  9. Dans Les Grand Meche  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  10. Chere Catan  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  11. Chere Petite Brun  -  Vermillion Playboys
  12. Vermillion Two Step  -  Vermillion Playboys
  13. Fais Do Do Breakdown  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  14. Chere Cherie  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  15. New Jolie Blond  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  16. Dans La Platin  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  17. Drunkard Waltz  - Jimmy Durbin
  18. Fais Do Do Two Step  - Jimmy Durbin
  19. Chere Meon  -  Jimmy Choates & His Melody Boys
  20. Petite Negress  -  Jimmy Choates & His Melody Boys
  21. La Blues De Cajin  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  22. Chere Eci Et Chere Laba  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  23. Bayou LaFourche  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  24. Sothe Fermon  -  Happy, Doc & the Boys
  25. Eunice Waltz  -  Veteran Playboys
  26. Chinaball Special  -  Veteran Playboys

Disc 2

  1. Chatatinia Waltz  -  Austin Pete & His Evangeline Playboys
  2. Evangeline Playboys Special  -  Austin Pete & His Evangeline Playboys
  3. Oakdale Waltz  -  Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys
  4. Walfus Two Step  -  Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys
  5. Chuck's Waltz  -  Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys
  6. Teiyut Two Step  -  Chuck Guillory & His Rhythm Boys
  7. War Widow Waltz  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  8. Cankton Two Step  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  9. High Point Two Step  -  Austin Pete & His Evangeline Playboys
  10. Redell Waltz  -  Austin Pete & His Evangeline Playboys
  11. La Valse de Hadacol  -  Happy & Doctor
  12. Crowley Two Step  -  Happy & Doctor
  13. Jole Blonde  -  Acadian Aces
  14. Acadian Two Step  -  Acadian Aces
  15. Criminal Waltz  -  Acadian Aces
  16. Poor Hobo  -  Acadian Aces
  17. The Lafayette Playboys Waltz  -  Aldus Roger & Lafayette Playboys
  18. Hix Wagon Wheel Special  -  Aldus Roger & Lafayette Playboys
  19. Prison Waltz  -  Cleveland Mire and the Jolly Boys
  20. Hudson Breakdown  -  Cleveland Mire and the Jolly Boys
  21. Welcome Club Waltz  - Lionel Cormier and the Sundown Playboys
  22. Sundown Playboys Special  - Lionel Cormier and the Sundown Playboys
  23. The Fifty Cent Song  -  Louis Spell & His French Serenaders
  24. Lover's Waltz  -  Louis Spell & His French Serenaders
  25. Along the River  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars
  26. Acadian All Star Special  -  Lee Sonnier & His Acadian All Stars

Disc 3

  1. The Waltz That Carried Me To The Grave  - Pee Wee Broussard
  2. The Pee Wee Special  - Pee Wee Broussard
  3. Big Texas  - Papa Cairo
  4. Big Texas  - Papa Cairo
  5. Chere Tu Tu  - Pee Wee Broussard
  6. Creole Stomp  - Pee Wee Broussard
  7. Hey, Mom!  - Amadie Breaux
  8. Hard Luck Waltz  - Amadie Breaux
  9. (I Know Now That) I've Made a Big Mistake  - Jimmy Newman
  10. I Don't Know What I'm Going To Do  - Jimmy Newman
  11. Le Valse De Bayou Blanc  - Pee Wee Broussard
  12. M&S Special  - Pee Wee Broussard
  13. Country Gentleman  -  Abe Manuel & His Louisiana Hillbillies
  14. I've Got Your Heart Locked Up  -  Abe Manuel & His Louisiana Hillbillies
  15. Le Valse De Te Maurice  -  Terry Clement & His Rhythmic Five
  16. Diggy Liggy Lo  -  Terry Clement & His Rhythmic Five
  17. Hippy-Ti-Yo  -  Abe Manuel & His Louisiana Hillbillies
  18. Country Girl  -  Abe Manuel & His Louisiana Hillbillies
  19. Love Sick Waltz  -  Aldus Roger & Lafayette Playboys
  20. Mardi Gras Dance  -  Aldus Roger & Lafayette Playboys
  21. Prison Two Step  -  Louisiana Rhythmaires
  22. La Valse De Chagrin  -  Louisiana Rhythmaires
  23. St. Landry Waltz  -  Louisiana Rhythmaires
  24. Janot Special  -  Louisiana Rhythmaires
  25. Lost Love Waltz  - Robert Bretrand
  26. Drunkard's Two Step  - Robert Bretrand

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chuck Guillory   Vocals
Shirley Bergeron   Guitar
Louis Fournerat   Steel Guitar
Adam Hebert   Fiddle,Vocals
Shelton Manuel   Fiddle,Vocals
Austin Pitre   Accordion,Vocals
Aldus Roger   Accordion
Wallace Touchet   Fiddle
Ophy Breaux   Fiddle,Vocals
Leroy "Happy Fats" LeBlanc   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Alphée Bergeron   Accordion
Robert Bertrand   Fiddle,Vocals
Pee Wee Broussard   Accordion
Papa Cairo   Steel Guitar,Vocals
Ronald R. "Pee Wee" Lyons   Steel Guitar
Curzy "Porkchop" Roy   Drums
Oran "Doc" Guidry   Fiddle,Vocals
Amadie Breaux   Accordion
Abe Manuel   Fiddle,Vocals
Milton Molitor   Accordion,Vocals
Jimmy Newman   Guitar,Vocals
Lee Sonnier   Accordion
Cleveland Mire   Accordion
Farrel "Benny" Fruge   Piano
Eula Mae Fruge   Guitar
Elwood Dupuis   Vocals
David Roger   Drums
Dalton Delcambre   Steel Guitar
Charles "Pete" Choate   Bass
Calvin Holloway   Vocals
Bruce Broussard   Vocals
Bobby Leger   Accordion
Blackie Dartez   Guitar,Vocals
Blackie Broussard   Vocals
Aldus Broussard   Vocals
Roy Morgan   Guitar,Vocals
Ronnie Goudreaux   Drums
Purvis Clement   Fiddle,Vocals
Marshall Arceneaux   Guitar,Vocals
Louis Spell   Accordion
Louis Noel   Guitar,Vocals
Lionel Cormier   Accordion
Leroy Leger   Drums
Lawrence "Blackie" Fruge   Fiddle
Laura Broussard   Vocals
Larry Miller   Steel Guitar
Johnny Redlich   Vocals
Jimmy Choates   Fiddle
Jerry Dugas   Steel Guitar
Jake Mire   Guitar
Jack LeBlanc   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Howard Mire   Vocals
Willie Porter   Steel Guitar
Theo Dugas   Fiddle
Terry Clement   Accordion
Tan Benoit   Drums
Rob Fabacher   Steel Guitar
Adamus Adams   Accordion

Technical Credits

Johnnie Allan   Illustrations
Dave Sax   Reissue Producer,Illustrations
Leroy "Happy Fats" LeBlanc   Composer
Alphée Bergeron   Composer
Pee Wee Broussard   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Christian Zwarg   Mastering
Andrew Brown   Liner Notes
Daniel Gersdorf   Photo Restoration
Mychael Gerstenberger   Artwork
Jay D. Miller   Composer
J. Newman   Composer
Amadie Breaux   Composer
Abe Manuel   Arranger,Composer
Jay Miller   Producer
Austin Pete   Composer
Leroy Leblanc   Composer
Lee Sonnier   Composer
Amadus Adams   Composer
Lyle Ferbrache   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer,Illustrations
Louis Spell   Composer
Lionel Cormier   Composer
Laura Broussard   Composer
Jack LeBlanc   Composer
Howard Mire   Composer

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