Access Denied (Turing Hopper Series #3)

Access Denied (Turing Hopper Series #3)

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by Donna Andrews

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Tracking a fugitive's credit card purchases, Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper and her friends are lured to a vacant house—and what they discover could get them all "deleted."


Tracking a fugitive's credit card purchases, Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper and her friends are lured to a vacant house—and what they discover could get them all "deleted."

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Publishers Weekly
Expert plotting and a highly original heroine lift Andrews's third entry in her Agatha Award-winning series starring an almost-sentient computer (after 2003's Click Here for Murder). "Artificial Intelligence Personality" Turing Hopper has been monitoring the credit cards of notorious criminal-at-large Nestor Garcia, waiting for signs of activity. When suddenly thousands of dollars of purchases begin appearing, Turing traces them to deliveries to a vacant house in northern Virginia. For Garcia to be using his credit card in such a manner is highly suspicious, so Turing and "her" assistants, including human friends Tim and Maude, who work for Washington's Universal Library, start investigating. Tim watches the vacant house, but when a dead body turns up, Tim could well be the police's only real suspect in the murder. Later, someone tries to break into Maude's house, and Turing realizes that a devious plot is unfolding. Could Nestor Garcia be behind it all? As Turing works on the puzzle, racing against time, she observes everything with the wry, witty musings on human-computer relations that make this "techno-cozy" series a true standout. Agent, Ellen Geiger at Curtis Brown. (Dec. 7) Forecast: Blurbs from Margaret Maron and Steve Hamilton will help attract readers who don't ordinarily go for cozies. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Artificial Intelligence Personality Turing Hopper and her other-abled human friends search cyberspace and meatspace for the archfiend who kidnapped Turing's clone. Ever since stealing T2, the computer program designed to back up Turing during her reincarnation as the unseen CEO of the Alan Grace Corporation (Click Here for Murder, 2003), Nestor Garcia has escaped even Turing's unsleeping vigilance. Now there's a sudden lead: Somebody has used Garcia's charge card to pay for a package delivered to a vacationing couple's suburban Virginia address. When programmer-turned-shamus Tim Pincoski stakes out the place, he dozes off and awakens to the Fairfax County police force's questions about the murder inside. Clearly, Tim and his older friend, secretary Maude Graham, need help. As usual, however, Turing, who's uniquely equipped to track criminals through the endless databases in which they can't help but leave footprints, is handicapped by her lack of corporeal identity. Not only can she not respond to the police without revealing that she's just a computer program; she can't even chase the deer away from Maude's hostas (well, not at first, anyway). Sadly, Andrews's accustomed wit (nettled by another AI personality, Turing "counted 1010 before answering") is channeled into a chase for some pretty small fry, with Nestor Garcia just as far out of reach at the fadeout. Will Andrews condemn one of the most cleverly conceived detectives of the decade to an endless quest for a spectral bogeyman? Stay tuned. Agent: Ellen Geiger/Curtis Brown Ltd.

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Turing Hopper Series , #3
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Donna Andrews introduced Turing Hopper in You've Got Murder, followed by Click Here for Murder. She also writes an award-winning birder's mystery series.

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Access Denied (Turing Hopper Series #3) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable book that teaches the reader the basics of computer security, and also the basics of computer gaming. Fun to read, interesting, and never boring. People are real, behave as humans do, and the AI behaves believably.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Artificial Intelligence Personality (AIP) Turing Hopper has gained sentience and with the help of her two friends is now in charge of Universal Libraries and Alan Grace Inc. All three sentient beings are on the lookout for Nestor Garcia because he knows about Turing and wants to steal her just like he did her clone T2. When someone uses his credit card to make online charges and have them delivered to a house where he family is on vacation, Tim, a private investigator sets up a surveillance, which collapses when he falls asleep on the job.--- When he wakes up, the person who was supposed to pick up the packages is dead. And he has to talk his way out of jail. Turing hacks into databases where she finds that a stolen credit card ring is operating in her part of the city. That information leads them to a collection agency where a skip tracer who is the ringleader has all the credit cards, the names, what was purchased and where it was delivered in a spreadsheet. When he disappears, Turing and company set out to find him because they want to know if he is connected to Nestor.--- Turing is absolutely adorable as she tries to understand how carbon based entities operate. She constantly contrasts their personality traits to that of AIPs and decides she wants to be part of both worlds. Turing¿s lawyer is let in on the AIP¿s secret and id already making plans for her to gain recognition in the courts. Turing wants to keep a very low profile until Nester is caught and T2 is returned to her. Readers will find ACCESS DENIED a charming mystery with a delightful heroine.--- Harriet Klausner