Accretion Disks in Compact Stellar Systems

Accretion Disks in Compact Stellar Systems

by J. Craig Wheeler, Wheeler

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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Advanced Series in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Table of Contents

Introduction to Accretion Disk Research1
The Limit Cycle Instability in Dwarf Nova Accretion Disks6
Angular Momentum Transport in Low Mass Accretion Disks41
The Emission Lines from Accretion Disks in Cataclysmic Variable Stars75
Eclipse Mapping of Accretion Disks: The First Decade117
Atmospheres of Accretion Disks and the Emerging Spectra148
Disks and Magnetospheres201
Mass Loss and the Boundary Layer212
The Interaction Between the Stream and the Accretion Disk243
Tidal Effects on Accretion Disks in Close Binary Systems272
Accretion Disks in Bright X-Ray Binaries303
X-Ray Illumination Models of Soft X-Ray Transients360
Black Hole Accretion Disk Instabilities370

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