Acklinta's Narrow Escape [Acklinta Series Book 3]

Acklinta's Narrow Escape [Acklinta Series Book 3]

by Robert W. Birch

In this third book of the Acklinta Series, the love and sexual attraction between Acklinta, the lovely alien, and Fred, the horny human, remains strong. Acklinta and Fred hope things will settle down, and there will finally be peace and quiet in their lives. Acklinta longs to fulfill many sexual fantasies, and Fred, of course, is more than willing to help in this…  See more details below


In this third book of the Acklinta Series, the love and sexual attraction between Acklinta, the lovely alien, and Fred, the horny human, remains strong. Acklinta and Fred hope things will settle down, and there will finally be peace and quiet in their lives. Acklinta longs to fulfill many sexual fantasies, and Fred, of course, is more than willing to help in this regard. However, a past indiscretion comes back to haunt Acklinta. A Forsuntian with whom she had a casual erotic encounter has come to Earth determined to take her back, with or without her consent. Although Fred tries to keep her under close watch, Nockuta succeeds in drugging and abducting Acklinta. The police have no evidence that her disappearance is in reality a kidnapping, and no clue as to where to begin searching for her. They expend little effort towards finding her. Frantic with worry, Fred has to rely on his own resources. He grows determined to find her himself. Marvin, a short round Mapian whom Fred and Acklinta took in when he needed assistance, volunteers to help. So does a young, uniformed member of the police department--a man who is not a full-fledged officer. Like Acklinta, this man is a Forsuntian in a human fabrication. A long, black, lizard-like female from the past, who was stranded on Earth when she was drawn into a time warp vortex, also offers to assist. Fred and his friends set about trying to find Acklinta. The team begins by investigating a possible hiding place the rogue Forsuntian might have used. When that ploy fails, they try another, persisting until both the action and the sex reaches unprecedented heights.

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Chapter One

"Things should surely settle down now, after all we've been through," Fred Nichols remarked after he lightly kissed Acklinta on each of her closed eyelids.

The beautiful alien lying nude next to him smiled. "Life on Earth has been a whole lot more exciting than I'd expected." She rolled to face the Earthling she had dearly loved for well over two years.

"It's all these extraterrestrials who keep showing up."

"Sure, blame the outsiders," she teased, playfully poking Fred in the ribs.

"Well, I'm ready for some peace and quiet." Fred motioned toward the sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window. "It looks as if today is going to be a wonderful day, Acklinta. Let's take a drive along the coast, this morning, and we can maybe head up into the mountains."

"Not until I've had my snuggle time."

When Acklinta's total entity had gotten assimilated into the human form she now occupied, the engineers on her home planet of Forsunti were wise enough to embed thousands of sensory receptors into the soft covering of her body. After a few upgrades, the fabrication she inhabited became nearly perfect, thereby assuring that she could give and receive pleasure just as effectively as could any human female.

"I love to snuggle with you, Acklinta," Fred declared as he pulled her petite body against his six-foot-two-inch frame. "Your breasts are fantastic. I loved them back when they housed the sonar devices, but I love them now even more without them." These devices had disintegrated during Acklinta's teleportation from Forsunti. This was one of the unforeseen risks associated with the experimental trial of the Forsuntian teleportation programAcklinta had volunteered for, when in a hurry to return to Earth.

The fingers of her left hand brushed over his back. One advantage of being a fabrication was her ambidextrousness. She had quickly learned the essentials of being sensual with either hand. "I love your skin," she said, "so warm--not like the skin of a Forsuntian--and I adore the smell of your body." One of the mix-ups in her design was the placement of her olfactory receptors in her navel. She smelled through her belly button, so cuddling together gave her a unique opportunity to enjoy Fred's aroma.

Their lips met, gently at first. Then the tip of her tongue brushed across her lover's lips. He had taught her about French kissing, and she had immediately found it pleasurable. This morning, as the California sun shone through the window, Acklinta opened her mouth and invited the tip of the Earthman's tongue to enter. Her tongue, which had originally been blue, danced with Fred's. He moaned with pleasure as his body reacted.

His hand ran lightly down Acklinta's back and over her firm buns. Ignoring the sound of the coffeepot signaling the end of its automatic brew cycle, he pulled his woman closer.

"You're getting firm," she observed. "I love how you respond." She had been amazed when she first saw how a human cock changes during arousal, and she remained impressed by the process. "Your prick sure is nicer than those short, curly Forsuntian male depositors." She pushed her pubic bone against Fred's growing erection.

He moved back so that he could reach down between Acklinta's slender thighs. "And you, my love, are getting very wet. I adore this perfect pussy upgrade, although I must admit, your original two slits and those blue tongues were pretty interesting." His finger circled her clitoris, feeling it slowly firm in response to his caress. Well designed, it responded quite naturally.

"Yes, those slits and blue tongues, my trappers and my lappers, were on my thighs, and you could only get to them when I bent over backwards."

"I remember them well. These trappers, as you call them, would suck me in and hold me tight. Then your lappers went to work, and did a fantastic job." He continued lightly circling her well-lubricated clitoris.

She purred in response to his sensual touch. "Mmm, I do love this pussy down between my legs and my clit right where it should be--not on the tip of my finger." That latter design flaw had meant that the only way Acklinta could achieve orgasm was to stick her finger in Fred's eye. As a result, his eye had become infected. While she was back on Forsuntia, he had had the eye removed and had gotten fitted with a glass one. He had hope to use the line "I'll keep an eye out for you" when she returned to Earth. However, it was during that visit to her home planet that she got the upgrade that gave her the functional vulva right where it should be, with her clitoris appropriately tucked in at the apex of tender pink lips. She had been impressed by the fact that the design even included a hood to protect her clit from the rain.

"Don't get me wrong, hon. Your trappers were unusual, and your lappers quite proficient, but I too love and prefer the human pussy. Now we can screw in so many more positions, and in most of them I can look into your eyes when I come."

"I hate to tell you, mister, but you close your eyes when you come."

"Well, I can look into your eyes up until seconds before I come."

"And I love when you come inside me." Reaching down, she took Fred's partial erection in her hand. Rhythmically, she squeezed the warm, semi-soft appendage. "Maybe I can pump it up," she said in a teasing way.

He responded to her gentle pulsating squeezes, and his penis began to swell. "Nice," he said, now sliding his finger up and down the slippery valley between the folds of her aromatic pussy.

"I love feeling you harden, and now I want to taste you." Not waiting to be invited, she moved down and took his firm, tasty erection into her mouth. She had become an expert fellatrix, and was quite demonstrative in expressing the pleasure she experienced while performing her skillful oral art.

Fred worked his way around so that he was in a position to lick her, although their difference in height meant that they could exchange some pleasuring, but had to shift bodies a little to take turns when giving serious stimulation. There was no hurry this morning, so simultaneous light and playful licking was all that was called for. She caressed his balls and just behind them with the tips of her fingers. "Like spiders dancing," he described her touch, but it was a bit awkward in the sixty-nine position. "Let me just do you," he offered.

"Okay, but only if I have a chance to just do you." Without waiting for his answer, she rolled over onto her back.

Fred wasted no time. He slid down and then moved up between her spread thighs. He took a moment to enjoy the close-up view. "Awesome," he exclaimed, drawing in a deep breath. "Your aroma is that of a human female with just a hint of your original Forsuntian cinnamon-apple scent. Fantastic!" He pressed in, and his tongue swept up between her succulent lips. "Delicious!"

He was about to begin some serious licking when Acklinta's communicator sounded the shrill alarm that indicated an urgent message was coming in from Forsunti.

"It was starting to get good," she said, "but I really have to answer this." Sighing, Fred slid out from between her legs, and she rolled out of bed. He watched her cute tight butt as she walked to the dresser where she had left the metallic box containing the communicator. Acklinta answered in Forsunti, a language so complex that even though he could now recognize the sounds meaning "hello," he could not even begin to replicate the vocalizations. Although unable to comprehend the conversation, Fred had learned his lover's body language and could tell she was alarmed. He recognized the squeaks and grunts that were the equivalent of saying "goodbye," and when she turned to face him he could see fear in her expression.

"What is it, love?"

"Oh, Fred, I hate to have to tell you this." She plopped down in a chair that usually served only as a place to stack dirty clothes at the end of the day.

"Oh, no, do you have to return to Forsunti?"

"No, I wish it was that simple. Given our pledge to be honest with each other, I told you how, after drinking much too much wompa berry wine, I had a two-night sexual encounter with a human male fabrication back there on Forsunti."

"But on your planet, days last sixteen hours, but your nights only last four."

"Well, the days were included." She lowered her head into her hands. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you everything."

"But you said he was a Brad Pitt fabrication and it would've been hard for any woman to resist that replication."

"I lied about that." She looked up briefly, and then lowered her head again. "I didn't want you to think I'd settle for anything less."

"Okay, what else? I can handle it. I'm sitting, so tell me what's going on."

"Well, he was one of the early models, and he hasn't been able to afford any upgrades. His eyes are a little crossed, his nose a bit crooked and his chin is too small for his face."

"But you were drunk."

"And I was horny."

"But that's done, and I have no right to judge you. I got drunk and was horny while you were gone, too. You know I misbehaved also."

"But your affair ended on good terms. I thought mine was just a crazy fling that ended when I left Forsunti. I thought it was over, but that contact was from the man I messed around with. He wanted to have communicator sex with me."

"But you told him no, didn't you?"

"Of course I told him no, but then he said he's signed up for the second test of the Forsunti teleportation program. He's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. He said the first thing he's going to do is look up me."

"Look you up."

"Yes, what did I say?"

"Never mind. Just tell me why you looked so frightened." Fred went to her, knelt in front of the chair and took both of her trembling hands in his.

"He said he was going to take me back to Forsunti, and when I told him I had a boyfriend here he said that didn't matter. He said he'd take me back one way or another."

"Surely he wouldn't try to kidnap you!"

"Well, he got pretty forceful and demanding when I was with him, and that really scared me."

"Oh, dear, did he hurt you?"

"No, but he threatened to."

"Earth's a pretty big place. If he's never been here, there's probably not much chance he'll find you." He moved back to the bed. "Come here and let me hold you."

Acklinta climbed back into bed and snuggled up to Fred. "They're not being careful on Forsunti. Nockuta--that's his name--told them he was my brother, and they didn't check it out. He'll be sent to the exact spot where I materialized. That's just a mile from here." She began to cry. "I'm really, really scared."

Fred held her tightly. "It'll all be okay. I won't let him get you."

"I wish they hadn't given me the ability to feel guilt. I feel so bad about having been with Nockuta on Forsunti. I'm a terrible creature."

"Acklinta," Fred said as he propped himself up so he could look into her tear-filled eyes, "you are not a terrible creature. You are a very sensitive and loving human female."

"But I am terrible, and I feel so guilty."

"Listen to me. When human beings experience guilt, it's their conscience telling them they did something wrong. That's how we learn. Making a mistake doesn't mean you're a terrible person."

"I don't understand. I feel so ashamed."

"Acklinta, guilt is when someone says, 'I made a mistake,' and then moves on. Shame is when someone says, 'I am a mistake,' and continues to feel disgraced. My love, you are not a mistake. You're a perfect human being and that means you aren't perfect. You have nothing at all to feel shameful about, my love. We all make mistakes and move on. That's just being human."

"Oh, Fred, how was I so lucky to have found you?" She kissed him on his chest.

"We both got lucky that day on the topless beach, but I think your tits did it for me."

"Silly man, it wasn't my tits, it was my pheromones." She giggled.

"Shame on you," Fred teased.

Acklinta laughed. She had, under her lover's tutelage, acquired a delightful sense of humor. "I'm going to take this naughty body into the shower," she said as she rolled out of bed. "Want to join me?"

"I've got to get some coffee first. I'll bring you a cup."

"Not as much mayonnaise as last time." In addition to a sense of humor, Acklinta had acquired a taste for coffee. However, she did not like it black or with a creamer. After a bit of trial and error, she discovered that the brew appealed to her taste buds when topped with mayonnaise.

As Fred entered the bathroom, Acklinta stepped into the shower stall. Its clear glass door allowed him full view of this beautiful woman as she tested the water and then raised both hands to wash her long blonde hair.

I love those boobs, he thought. Ever since her teleportation, when the sonar devices disintegrated, her breasts had responded more naturally to her movement. Fred liked watching them rise and fall as Acklinta raised and lowered her arms. Leaning back against the sink, he sipped his coffee, as the object of his love and desire ran soapy hands over her body. I love that woman, he acknowledged silently. "I love watching you," he said out loud.

Having rinsed herself, Acklinta slid open the shower door. "Hand me my towel, please." When he did, she began drying her hair, facing him directly with her legs slightly spread. She was showing herself, displaying her wares, pleasing this human male's desire for visual stimulation.

"You're teasing me," Fred remarked.

"I enjoy teasing you. This is something I never did in my Forsuntian body. Males on Forsunti derive no pleasure from watching a female's body, but I discovered great pleasure in visually pleasing you."

"You please me very much and in so many ways. Now hurry and dry that naughty body before your coffee gets cold."

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