Acklinta's Return Home [Acklinta Series Book 4]

Acklinta's Return Home [Acklinta Series Book 4]

by Robert W. Birch

In this fourth and final book of the series, Fred asks Acklinta, his alien lover, where she'd like to go for a vacation. Unhesitatingly, she asks her human companion to accompany her to Forsunti, her home planet. She explains that nowadays, a direct flight utilizing a wormhole offers greatly reduced travel time. Excitement prevails over certain anxieties, and Fred…  See more details below


In this fourth and final book of the series, Fred asks Acklinta, his alien lover, where she'd like to go for a vacation. Unhesitatingly, she asks her human companion to accompany her to Forsunti, her home planet. She explains that nowadays, a direct flight utilizing a wormhole offers greatly reduced travel time. Excitement prevails over certain anxieties, and Fred agrees. During the weightless phase of the flight, he and Acklinta join the Mega Miles High Club, along with other space travelers, and experience sex in a weightless environment. On Forsunti, Acklinta introduces Fred to the most impressive sights in a dome-covered city. Fred sees a mysterious filmy black apparition that floats by quickly, but is invisible to Acklinta. In a public bath, visitors from several planets indulge in a variety of sexual activities. Fred and Acklinta join in the naughty fun. After leaving the bath they rent a jet scooter. When Fred again sees an unidentified filmy object that flies in front of the scooter, he swerves erratically and attracts the attention of a jet-way patrolman. When Fred tries to explain to the Forsuntian officer what he saw, the patrolman takes him to a government office, where he learns that his unique ability to see what no one else can detect could help the authorities. A remarkable adventure commences. Fred's unique ability leads to an exciting and dangerous adventure the equal of those he survived earlier on Earth--an adventure in which a number of old friends one again back Fred and Acklinta as they battle evildoers.

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Chapter One

"Pick my lussy." The nonsensical request came from Acklinta, the sexy nude alien lying next to the six-foot-two human male. The eyelids of the female fabrication were still closed, and her blonde hair was a mess. Even without makeup, however, she was exceptionally beautiful. Fred Nichols adored her, despite her alien origin and her love of showing off her perfect female genitalia.

"You must mean lick your pussy." Smiling, he lifted the sheet to look down her petite body.

Acklinta stretched. "Yeah, what did I say?"

"Pick my lussy. Your invitation has stirred my appetite, and I know exactly where I want to eat, but I'm curious. It's been almost two years since you've confused the first letters of your words. Remember how you used to mess up words beginning with s or w sounds? You once told me to wart when you meant to say start. You'd confuse initial word sounds when you were excited, so it was a sure sign you were really hot."

"Yeah, and I remember when my translator still struggled with both English and a whole new overwhelming feeling of sexual excitement. Having been programmed to speak French or German didn't help either. I once told you not to wop when I didn't want you to stop. Well, I'm really excited now, because I just woke from a very erotic dream."

Fred ran his hand down between her warm thighs. "You're wopping set," he teased. "I mean you are definitely sopping wet. So, young lady, that dream must've been super exciting. Was I in it?"

Acklinta chuckled. "Shall I lie?"

"Are you going to keep me in suspense, sexy lady, or are you going to tell me about this hot dream that has you so turnedon?"

"Okay, but it's kind of wild. In the dream I was back on Forsunti visiting my family. A Forsuntian female in a human fabrication approached me with a big grin on her freckled face. She said she knew me from before we both were assimilated into these human bodies, but she said she had received the newest upgrades."

"And these were?" Fred was now sitting up in bed, his back leaning against the headboard. He brushed Acklinta's disheveled hair back away from her eyes that were still closed. It was as though she were running a replay of the dream scene in her mind.

"She was given two pussies."

"Like those two slits in your inner thighs when you first came to Earth?"

"No, those trapper slits were carryovers from my Forsuntian body."

"How well I remember them! You had to bend over backwards so I could fuck you." Fred again ran his fingers lightly over her sensitive wet vulva. "That was before you got this wonderful pussy upgrade."

"Well, in the dream, the woman had one like it, right there where it should be between her legs. But the other one was in the palm of her hand. No vagina," she continued with eyes still closed, "just the lips and clit."

"I get it. That way she could be screwed and eaten at the same time." He brought Acklinta's hand up to his mouth and licked the palm.

"Yep, plus she said she could come while giving a man a hand job."

"Wow! That was one hell of a wild dream."

"There's more. She had a second pair of boobs on her back. That way her men could play with them while they hugged."

"Now there's a woman I'd love to meet." Using Acklinta's own lubrication, Fred circled her left nipple with a slippery finger tip. "You should've come and gotten me."

"In the dream you would've had trouble finding something on her body that wasn't already in use. She was buried in a stack of men." A smile broke out on her pretty face. "Pelvises were humping, heads were bobbing, and every hand was fondling or stroking something."

"So, was she able to handle all of these guys alone?"

"Well, I did have to help out a little bit."

"I figured that was coming," he remarked as he kissed her on her forehead.

Opening her eyes, Acklinta looked up at her human lover. "And speaking of coming, Mr. Nichols, are you in the mood to play this morning?"

Bending, he kissed her on her full lips. In response, she opened her mouth just wide enough for the tips of their tongues to meet. At this moment he was thankful that he did not have to worry about morning breath, as she still retained her olfactory opening where real humans have navels. In addition, her breath was never bad, as these fabrications had an antibacterial self-cleaning function that kept both their mouths and pussies kissing-fresh.

Having rolled over, Acklinta licked the head of Fred's erection. "I love these morning hard-ons you get, except when you've got to jump up and pee." She blew lightly on the wet surface she had created.

"This one has your name on it. It's made just for you, Baby. Duck my lick," he said playfully.

"I think I'd much rather suck your dick." At the end of her sentence she opened her mouth and swallowed the full length of Fred's impressive instrument. Native Forsuntians did not engage in oral sex, but within weeks of arriving on Earth in her fabrication, Acklinta had become an expert fellatrix. In addition to being blessed by not having a gag reflex, she enjoyed another major plus: she experienced exquisite pleasure from the sensual act of giving head. The designers of her fabrication had been wise enough to include a multitude of sensory receptors in her mouth and tongue.

"Oh, baby, that feels fantastic, but I can't reach you."

"Your turn," she mumbled with her mouth full. She continued sucking as she slid her mouth up and down the hard shaft.

"I'll pay you back."

Playfully, she closed her teeth around the hard shaft and muttered, "You'd better not forget."

"Forsuntian women must give fantastic head without teeth."

"Yeah, we lose them somewhere around age three of your Earth years, but native Forsuntians don't even think of kissing, sucking or any kind of oral sex. I sure learned to enjoy it with you, but it did take me a while to get used to having these white things in my mouth. They do, however, come in handy once in a while."

"When it comes to orally pleasing me, you learned well, young lady." Lying back, Fred watched the beautiful woman whose mouth was sliding slowly up and down over his cock. He loved watching her breasts swing as she bent over him and moved. I can't imagine this woman as a skinny Forsuntian without boobs. Because he was sitting up, he could lightly stroke her hair and the back of her neck, but couldn't reach much else.

As he ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, he remembered how, when she arrived on Earth, she had housed a translator in her head and wore a blonde wig made from the dyed fur of the dwarf Cartellian mongoose. He smiled as he recalled his surprise at seeing her blue tongue. The sophisticated upgrades she had received on one of her early trips back to Forsunti included the removal of the translator and the attachment of hair that actually grew. A red tongue was included with that improvement package. Best of all, the modification included a delicious and perfectly designed pussy, appropriately placed between her slender thighs. His mind flashed on the first time they screwed like two human beings. In their three years together, he had not tired of this intimate carnal activity.

"I want to fuck you, my love," he announced.

"Not yet," she mumbled, continuing to slide up and down, varying the pressure of her suck and keeping her talented tongue in the action. She cradled his balls in her left hand, stroking them lightly with her thumb. "Almost," she managed to say, sliding up and holding just the head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue circled the sensitive rim. She held the shaft between the fingers and thumb of her right hand, slowly sliding up, her thumb on the softer underside. As her hand reached the swollen rim of the cock's head, she gave one good suck, and her mouth lifted up. With her fingers, she firmly squeezed just under the head, and then bent to lick away the drop of pre-cum emerging from the slit. "Now it's your turn to taste me," she announced assertively.

Fred had learned that Acklinta knew what she wanted, and she was letting him know what she expected by rolling over on her back and spreading her legs. Moving down the bed, Fred spread the slender legs of his lovely fellatrix a bit further. Offering no resistance, she bent her knees, causing her hips to roll up just a bit. Fred could not have missed his target.

"First I have to look," he declared, for he could also be assertive and insist on being given time lovingly to examine the treasure she presented. "This is such a beautiful view, all pink and wet like rose pedals covered with the morning dew." Moving closer, he drew in a deep breath. "I love your sweet aroma." Fred appreciated all the sensual aspects of her vulva, and he never hesitated to put his admiration into words. As he moved closer, the tip of his tongue easily found her firm little clitoris. "Mmmm." He licked slowly over the firm head of her smooth and sensitive clit. Lifting the hood with his tongue, he moved up the shaft. He and Acklinta both moaned. His tongue moved slowly back down over her clitoris and continued down between tender lips to her vaginal opening. There he found the portal to her body filled with an abundance of her delicious pussy juice, which tasted sweet, like that of a human female, but also bore a hint of her fabrication's unique banana nut bread flavor.

He moved up briefly to lick around what would be a human navel, but was Acklinta's olfactory opening. She drew in a breath and grinned.

"I love how you smell and taste," Fred whispered. "Your Forsuntian history is revealed in your delicate aroma. It's your unique blend of human flavor and that delightful hint of banana nut bread."

"I know, sexy man, and I love that combination too. But you've forgotten that in my original Forsuntian body I had no pussy, and my trapper juice would have reminded you of chili power. That changed when I was assimilated into this fabrication and somehow got a whole new flavor."

He chuckled briefly. "I had forgotten about the holographic porno show you projected for me years ago, where I could see and smell the mating of native Forsuntians. I do remember now that green liquid seeping out of the female's trappers and how it had a chili power smell."

"And do you also remember that the green goo comes out only when a Forsuntian female loses her virginity?"

"Yes, and I remember how you told me it will stain the insides of the female's legs." Moving back a little, he looked at her inner thighs. "There are no green stains down here," he teased. Fred went back to his licking, beginning below her pussy and running his tongue over her smooth perineum and then up back up over her vaginal opening. He continued licking up the warm valley of her fully aroused snatch until arriving at her firm and ever so responsive pearl. Gently, he sucked her clit. Dropping down, with an open mouth he drew as much of her pussy into his mouth as he could. Moving back to her clitoris, he first circled it, and then began a faster flicking with the very tip of his tongue.

"Keep doing that, and I'll come," Acklinta muttered softly.

"Want to?" Fred managed to ask without slowing his stimulation.

"No, I want to come with you in me. Get up here, and let's fuck."

Fred gave her lips and clitoris one more oral caress with the flat surface of his tongue and then moved up over her body. Reaching down, he directed the head of his hard cock to the waiting opening into his woman's welcoming body. As he eased into her, his mind filled with the pleasure he experienced. His entry was slow, heightening their mutual desire for deep penetration. Once fully and lovingly embedded, he rested for just a moment. By moving up on her body, he allowed the shaft of his penis to make better contact with her clitoral area. He began to thrust, slowly at first. Acklinta initially relaxed and allowed herself to be pleasured, but as her excitement grew she became more active, pushing back against hardness stimulating her clit.

As they synchronized their pelvic movements, the pace of their thrusting steadily increased. Acklinta's eyes closed, and Fred watched her face. She began to grimace. Her body tensed, signaling that she was close to coming. Her expression and body language told him in no uncertain terms that she was reaching for her threshold. "Fuck me," Fred whispered. His words formed the trigger, and her body convulsed.

"Oh, yes," she cried out. Fred had only to tighten his buttocks, hold his breath and thrust just a little faster. He caught up with her, and together their sounds joined in a chorus of orgasmic ecstasy. This human male and the Forsuntian female in a responsive human fabrication were good together as hot lovers. They knew how to fuck, and they knew how to make love.

Fred did not pull out immediately, but they rolled over together so that she was on top. Acklinta purred.

"Was that a good orgasm, love?" Fred asked softly.

"Silly man! I've never had a bad one. Have you?"

"Some were better than others, I suppose, but you're right. I've never had a bad one either."

"If your post-coital survey is over, Mr. Nichols, just shut up and hold me."

Fred could not help but love this sassy woman.

* * * *

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