Acoustic Communication / Edition 1

Acoustic Communication / Edition 1

by Barry Truax

ISBN-10: 0893913073

ISBN-13: 9780893913076

Pub. Date: 01/28/1984

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated

Establishes a model for understanding all acoustic and aural experiences in both traditional and radically altered forms.  See more details below


Establishes a model for understanding all acoustic and aural experiences in both traditional and radically altered forms.

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Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
Publication date:
Communication and Information Science Series
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Older Edition

Table of Contents




Sound, Listening, and Soundscape

Acoustic Tradition and the Communicational Approach

The Energy Transfer Model

Signal Processing

A Communicational Approach

The Listener

Hearing and Listening

Listening to the Past

Listening-in-Search and Listening-in-Readiness

Background Listening and the Keynote Sound Listener Preferences and Attitudes

Voice and Soundmaking

Voice and the Whole Person


Soundmaking in Pairs and Groups

Systems of Acoustic Communication: Speech, Music, and Soundscape

The Continuum

The Model

The Brain

The Acoustic Community

Characteristics of the Acoustic Community

Variety, Complexity, and Balance

Some Case Studies

Noise and the Urban Soundscape

Noise and Acoustic Communication

Interlude: The "Deaf Spots" of Noise

The Path Toward Change

Acoustic Design

Variety and Coherence


Electroacoustic—The Impact of Technology on Acoustic Communication

Electroacoustic Communication: Breaking Constraints

The New Tools: Extensions or Transformations?

Space and Loudness

Time and Repetition

Objectification and Commodity


Electrification: The New Soundscape

Redundancy and Uniformity

Dynamic Behavior

Response Characteristics

Analog and Digital

The Listener as Consumer

Extension and Simplification

Analytical and Distracted Listening


The Electroacoustic Media: Audio Mediation

Form and Content in Radio

Radio Structure

Characteristics of Radio Formats

The Acoustic Community as Market

Redefinition of the Acoustic Community

Electroacoustic Sound in the Community

The International Audio Industry

Regaining Control: Electroacoustic Alternatives

Recording and the Document in Sound

Text-Sound, Electroacoustic Music, and the Soundscape Composition

Electoacoustic Design

Principles of Electroacoustic Design

Design of the Compositional System



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