Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail

Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail

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by Frank Romano (2), Frank Romano

The definitive guide to PDF-based workflow with AcrobatTM and InDesignTM!

  • Digital workflow, start to finish: equipment, software, processes, and more!
  • Advanced PDF techniques with Adobe Acrobat 4.05 and InDesign
  • Real-world solutions for the toughest PDF problems

The professional's guide to PDF workflow with


The definitive guide to PDF-based workflow with AcrobatTM and InDesignTM!

  • Digital workflow, start to finish: equipment, software, processes, and more!
  • Advanced PDF techniques with Adobe Acrobat 4.05 and InDesign
  • Real-world solutions for the toughest PDF problems

The professional's guide to PDF workflow with InDesign and Acrobat!

  • Choosing the right equipment for digital workflow environments
  • Creating and applying PDF files: key options, settings, and techniques
  • Establishing designer/printer relationships that will work for you
  • Short runs, personaliztaion, repurposing, soft proofing, and archiving
  • Adobe Capture: Converting paper to PDF
  • Advanced trapping solutions, including In-RIP trapping
  • Third-party plug-ins: Crackerjack, PitStop, Checkup, and more

This is the start-to-finish professional's guide to digital, PDF-based workflow with Acrobat and InDesign! Frank Romano—the industry's leading expert—shows exactly how to use PDF to achieve breakthrough speed, productivity, and creativity! From preflighting to color management, trapping to RIPping, you'll find it here!

Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail includes comprehensive coverage of Adobe's powerhouse tools for PDF workflow, InDesign and Acrobat 4.05. You'll find proven solutions to dozens of real-world problems, from PDF touch-ups to distilling files on a network, creating searchable PDF catalogs to handling TrueType fonts—even creating separations from Microsoft Office files!

Want all the benefmany of the headaches? This book will help you do that.

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PDF is a phenomenon. Adobe's Portable Document Format, known as "that cross-platform utility," is also the cross-media utility. It is profoundly changing the the print industry. It is also helping to evolve electronic publishing. If you are a graphic designer, a prepress specialist, a printing company, an art director, a production person, a Web publisher, or a publishing professional—you had better stay up to date on Acrobat.

Acrobat 4 has features of interest to the high-end printing industry. It is designed to be the sub-atomic particle of new digital workflows. Workflow is more than moving electronic files around. It is the "glue" that links the creative professional to the information consumer.

A PDF-centric workflow uses a complete, self-contained file as a component in a production workflow or the final document in a publishing workflow. Designers and their printers send PDFs to their clients for soft-proofing on screen or hard copy printouts on their printer. Fonts and graphics are already embedded in the PDF file (if all went well). They don't need the page-layout program the designer used, because they can view and print the PDF with the free Acrobat Reader. With the full version of Acrobat, the client can annotate revisions or approvals with notes, sound files, strike-throughs, drawings, or highlights—right in the PDF.

For publishing purposes it is the one format that preserves the form and content of the information and is universally accessible. Every day, thousands of people around the world, using every major computer platform, download the free Adobe Reader from

A decade ago, when Acrobat was introduced, itwas seen as the replacement for print. Today, it is seen as the salvation of print. It makes printing production more effective and engenders new workflows. It has a natural place on the Web and disk-based information distribution.

Adobe Acrobat is the product. PDF is the file format. This book is about both and the way you work with this unique program in digital systems.

Frank Romano
Rochester, NY
April, 2000

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Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago

After completing this book I closed the cover and read the title again, 'Acrobat PDF and Workflow InDetail'. It certainly is a detailed book with over 470 pages of PDF information. But then I read the cover again 'The definitive guide to PDF workflow with ACROBAT and InDesign!'' and 'Advanced PDF Techniques with Adobe Acrobat 4.05 and InDesign'. These two statements are want peaked my interest in the book at first. I was looking for the definitive guide with advanced techniques for PDF with InDesign. I was disappointed to find only once chapter in this book dedicated to InDesign and it was just eight pages in length! Not as advanced as I had hoped to read.

The book starts with information on digital workflow, Postscript, PDF introduction, Acrobat 4.05 and much more. It is not until chapter 6, page 185 do we start to read about creating PDF files. That is a fairly long read to get to the meat and bones of PDF generation.

Running through the tools of Acrobat 4.05 Frank touches on many aspects but leaves out much information needed to gain the full benefits of each. Every tool within Acrobat 4.05 has it¿s own set of preferences but these preferences are not described InDetail.

There is good stuff here. Information on Acrobat Distiller is definitely explained InDetail with each setting thoroughly described and the results of those settings demonstrated. Acrobat Catalog is discussed as well as the benefits of using this feature. Much of what you can do with Acrobat is present and ideas of what you may not thought PDF was capable of are touched on.

If you are looking for the definitive PDF workflow guide on InDesign as the cover states, this is not it. You have quite a read ahead of you before you ever get to the bits of PDF generation. The book does a good job with information of Digital workflow, PDF history and Plug-ins for Acrobat. If you are looking for a book that describes Acrobat and PDF truly InDetail my recommendation is the PDF Bible by Ted Padova.