Acting for Life: A Textbook on Acting

Acting for Life: A Textbook on Acting

by Jack Frakes

ISBN-10: 1566081076

ISBN-13: 9781566081078

Pub. Date: 03/28/2006

Publisher: Meriwether Publishing, Limited

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Table of Contents

Pt. ABasic acting skills5
Ch. 1Welcome to drama7
Ch. 2Orientation : body, voice and the senses12
Ch. 3The stage and acting terms21
Ch. 4The body31
Ch. 5The voice45
Ch. 6Hamlet's advice to the players58
Ch. 7Practical skills and considerations64
Ch. 8Listening, relating and projecting78
Pt. BPreparing to perform a scene95
Ch. 9Improvisation I : an introduction97
Ch. 10An actor's process109
Ch. 11Basic blocking and showing relationships125
Pt. CTechniques in character development163
Ch. 12A brief history of modern acting theories165
Ch. 13Character traits and emotions179
Ch. 14Images and observations197
Ch. 15What does your character want?212
Ch. 16Types, analysis and representation223
Pt. DThe playscript235
Ch. 17Elements and structure of the play237
Ch. 18Types and styles of drama247
Ch. 19Improvisation II : creating your own scenes262
Pt. EFilm acting277
Ch. 20Acting on-stage for an audience versus behaving for the camera279

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