Action Guide to Government Grants, Loans, and Giveaways

Action Guide to Government Grants, Loans, and Giveaways

by George Chelekis

ISBN-10: 0399517928

ISBN-13: 2900399517920

Pub. Date: 02/03/1993

Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group

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Penguin Publishing Group
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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book21
Sect. 1Introductory Information
1Get the Facts Straight25
2Writing a Grant Proposal33
3How to Write a Business Loan Proposal42
4You Can Do It!50
Sect. 2Business Programs
5The Small Business Administration57
6Small Business Development Centers and Score96
7Small Business Investment Companies107
8Federal Export Assistance132
9State Grants, Loans and Assistance195
10The Small Business Innovation Research Program292
11Minority Business Development Agency306
12Venture Capital Sources317
Sect. 3Personal Benefits Program
13Department of Housing and Urban Development Programs339
14The Resolution Trust Corporation Affordable Housing Disposition Program361
15Farmers Home Administration and Farm Credit Assistance368
16Veteran's Affairs Guaranteed Loans380
17State Housing and Real Estate Money388
18Federal Educational Assistance Programs394
19Foundation Grants for Education410
20Federal Assistance for the Arts and Humanities458
21Foundation Grants for the Arts483
Sect. 4Conclusion and Appendices
23Suggested Reading Materials493
24Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations497

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