Active Media Technology: Proceedings of the Second International Conference

Active Media Technology: Proceedings of the Second International Conference

by Jian Ping Li

ISBN-10: 9812383433

ISBN-13: 9789812383433

Pub. Date: 04/28/2003

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

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Table of Contents

Conference Organization
Web Intelligence - A New Paradigm for Developing E-Business Intelligence3
On Modeling and Simulating Agent Teamwork in Cast18
Soft Computing Pattern Recognition, Case Generation and Data Mining34
Ubkit for Cyber Assist46
The Timing of Facial Motion in Posed and Spontaneous Smiles57
Properties of Clustering Coefficient in Random Agent Networks73
An Agent-Based Hybrid Intelligent System for Foreign Exchange Trading83
Database Access on the Internet Using Mobile Agent Technology94
Creating a Natural Language Interface for Multi-Agent Systems102
Decision Model for BDI-Based Intelligent Agents108
An Agent-Based Framework for Well-Logging Information Management114
A Logic-Based ACL for Interagent Communication120
Distributed IDS Architecture Based on Learning and Analysis Mobile Agents126
The Frame of a Metasearch Engine Based on Agent132
Where to Migrates: Locating Services for Mobile Agents138
A Multi-Agent System for Grid Computing144
Studying on Granularity of Reinforcement Learning Agents in IFPS149
RoMAS: A Role-Based Modeling Method for Multi-Agent System156
Research of the Radar Trasmitter Power Measurement Based on Virtual Instrument162
The Comprehension of Natural Language Basing on the Agents' Technology168
Developing C2 Systems Using Multi-Agent Technique and HLA Simulation174
QoS Requirements of Multimedia Data on Computer Networks183
Electroencephalogram Experiments of Human Visual and Auditory Calculation for Designing Brain Computer Interface in an Active Computer System190
MPI and Its Implementation in Java196
Picoagent: A Mobile Agent-Based Model for Distributed Applications in Piconet202
Behavior and Security Extensions to FIPA Architecture and Specifications211
Research on Agent-based Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)219
An Interactive Information Query on the Semantic Web225
A New Mechanism for Protecting Mobile Agents231
A Navigation Model of Mobile Agent238
Research on the Query Agent Based on the Model and Method Metadata247
Mobile Agent Based Digital City Spatial Information Service254
Agent Based Multi-User Interaction in Geo-Dve259
A Built-in Data Security Scheduling in Distributed Real-Time Control System267
Research of the Embedded Digital Video Recorder273
An IP Intelligent Agent Development Platform279
Code-Forwarding Agent Model285
Research and Implementation of a Content-Based Emotional Image Retrieval Model293
A Dual Watermarking Scheme of Digital Image303
An Effective Method for Constructing Hopfield Neural Network in Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer Design309
Face Recognition Using Orthonormal Discriminant Subspace Method314
A New Variable Step-Size Blind Equalization Algorithm320
A Signal Processing Application for Non Destructive Testing of Material Structures326
A Watermark Protocol Based on the Semi-Trusted Third Party334
An Improved Approach to Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation Based on Cow340
Numerical Analysis of Micromachine Patch Antenna Using FDTD Technique346
A Novel Associative Memory System Based on Newton's Forward Interpolation352
Improved BP Algorithm for Neural Network and Its Application on Synthetic Integration for Meteorological Forecast358
A Postprocessing Method for the Directional Field of Fingerprint364
Automation Textured and Non-Textured Images Classification and Retrieval370
Multi-Agent Based Recognition System of Printed Mongolian Characters376
Research on Universal IDE for Distributed Simulation System (DSS)382
Triseme Decision Trees in the Continuous Speech Recognition System for Talking Head Animation389
Previewing Control System of Automatic Height Adjustment for Coal Excavator Based on Memory Cutting396
Intelligent Fruit Classification Based on Pixels Statistics402
Adaptive Watermarking Embedding & Detecting Scheme408
A Study of Zero Knowledge Watermarking Technique414
Design and Implementation of an E-Mail Classifier423
An Embedded Web Media Development Platform431
The Research on Information Interoperability and Sharing Model Based on Ontology Description437
The Frame of Personal Active Information System Based on XML443
Add-Mult Fuzzy Neural Network and Comparison with Six Representative Inference Methods451
Improving the Performance of the LMS and RLS for Adaptive Equalizer457
Research of Determination User Session in Web Data Mining463
Mixed Feature Extracting Approaches for License-Plate Recognition470
Two Level Dynamic Permit Credentials Congestion Control Algorithm and Its Performance Model476
A New Interpolation Method Based on Discrete Fourier Transform483
Path Planning Using Improved A[superscript *] Algorithm490
Robotic Manipulator Intelligent Control System Based on a Novel CMAC Neural Network496
Connectivity Compression for Triangle Meshes502
A New Method for Fault Diagnosis Based on Neural Network's Prediction Ability508
Author Index517

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