The Acts Of The Apostles

The Acts Of The Apostles

by Frederick Fyvie Bruce

ISBN-10: 0802809669

ISBN-13: 9780802809667

Pub. Date: 12/19/1990

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

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Table of Contents

Preface to the Revised Editionxvi
List of Abbreviationsxviii
I.Authorship of Acts1
A.External Evidence1
B.Internal Evidence3
1.The Author Was the Third Evangelist3
2.The Author Was a Companion of Paul3
3.The Author Was Luke the Physician6
C.The Author7
II.Date of Acts9
A.Early Allusions10
B.Other Indications12
III.Canonicity of Acts19
IV.Purpose and Plan of Acts21
A.Luke's Prime Purpose21
B.Luke the Apologist22
C.Apologetic in Relation to the State23
D.Apologetic in Relation to the Church25
V.Luke as a Historian27
VI.The Speeches in Acts34
VII.The Sources of Acts40
VIII.Acts and the Pauline Epistles46
A.Paul's Letters as a Check on Acts46
B.Outline of Events47
C.Luke's Portrayal of Paul52
IX.The Theology of Acts60
X.Style and Language of Acts66
XI.The Text of Acts69
A.The Byzantine Text69
B.The Alexandrian Text70
C.The Western Text71
D.The Caesarean Text76
XII.Select Bibliography81
XIII.Chronological and Genealogical Tables92
A.List of Approximate Dates92
B.Roman Emperors in New Testament Times93
C.Rulers of Judaea in New Testament Times94
D.Jewish High Priests in New Testament Times94
E.Herod the Great and His Descendants96
Text and Commentary97
I.The Birth of the Church (1:1-5:42)97
A.Introduction (1:1-26)97
1.Prologue (1:1-5)97
2.The Ascension (1:6-12)102
3.In the Upper Room (1:13-14)105
4.Matthias Replaces Judas Iscariot (1:15-26)107
B.The Day of Pentecost (2:1-47)113
1.The Descent of the Spirit (2:1-4)113
2.The Crowd's Amazement (2:5-13)115
3.Peter's Address (2:14-36)119
a."This is that" (2:14-21)119
b.The resurrection of Jesus proclaimed (2:22-28)122
c.Jesus, Lord, and Messiah (2:29-36)125
4.Call to Repentance (2:37-40)128
5.The First Christian Church (2:41-47)131
C.A Work of Healing and Its Sequel (3:1-4:31)135
1.A Cripple Healed in the Temple Precincts (3:1-10)135
2.Peter's Address in Solomon's Colonnade (3:11-26)138
3.Arrest of Peter and John; Increase of the Church (4:1-4)147
4.Peter and John before the Sanhedrin (4:5-12)148
5.The Sanhedrin Dismiss Peter and John (4:13-22)152
6.Peter and John Rejoin Their Associates (4:23-31)155
D.All Things in Common (4:32-5:11)159
1.Progress of the Church; Community of Goods (4:32-35)159
2.Generosity of Barnabas (4:36-37)160
3.Deceit and Death of Ananias (5:1-6)162
4.Death of Sapphira (5:7-11)165
E.The Apostles Before the Sanhedrin Again (5:12-42)166
1.Signs and Wonders (5:12-16)166
2.Imprisonment and Escape of the Apostles (5:17-24)169
3.The Apostles Examined (5:25-32)171
4.Gamaliel's Counsel; the Apostles Flogged and Dismissed (5:33-42)173
II.Persecution and Expansion (6:1-9:31)180
A.Stephen (6:1-8:1a)180
1.The Appointing of the Seven (6:1-6)180
2.Progress Report (6:7)185
3.Stephen's Activity Arouses Opposition (6:8-10)185
4.Stephen Charged before the Sanhedrin (6:11-15)188
5.The High Priest's Question (7:1)190
6.Stephen's Reply (7:2-53)190
a.The patriarchal age (7:2-8)190
b.Israel in Egypt (7:9-19)194
c.Moses' early days (7:20-29)197
d.The call of Moses (7:30-34)199
e.The wilderness wanderings (7:35-43)200
f.Tabernacle and temple (7:44-50)204
g.Personal application (7:51-53)207
7.The Stoning of Stephen (7:54-8:1a)209
a.Stephen's final witness (7:54-56)209
b.Death of Stephen (7:57-60)211
c.Saul's acquiescence (8:1a)214
B.Philip (8:1b-40)214
1.Persecution and Dispersion (8:1b-3)214
2.Philip in Samaria (8:4-8)216
3.Simon Magus Believes and Is Baptized (8:9-13)217
4.Peter and John Visit Samaria (8:14-17)220
5.Peter and Simon Magus (8:18-24)222
6.The Apostles Return to Jerusalem (8:25)224
7.Philip and the Ethiopian (8:26-40)224
C.Conversion of Saul of Tarsus (9:1-31)232
1.Saul's Expedition to Damascus (9:1-2)232
2.The Light and Voice from Heaven (9:3-7)234
3.Saul Enters Damascus Sightless (9:8-9)236
4.Ananias Sent to Saul (9:10-16)237
5.Ananias Visits Saul (9:17-19a)238
6.Saul Preaches in Damascus (9:19b-22)240
7.Saul Escapes from Damascus (9:23-25)241
8.Saul in Jerusalem; He Is Sent to Tarsus (9:26-30)242
9.The Church Enjoys Peace and Prosperity (9:31)245
III.Acts of Peter: the Gentiles Brought in (9:32-12:24)246
A.Peter in Western Palestine (9:32-43)246
1.Peter at Lydda: The Healing of Aeneas (9:32-35)246
2.Peter at Joppa: The Raising of Tabitha (9:36-43)248
B.The Story of Cornelius (10:1-48)251
1.Cornelius the Centurion's Vision (10:1-8)251
2.Peter's Vision (10:9-16)254
3.The Messengers from Cornelius Arrive at Joppa (10:17-23a)256
4.Peter Enters the House of Cornelius (10:23b-33)257
5.The Good News Preached to Gentiles (10:34-43)260
6.Gentiles, Receiving the Holy Spirit, Are Baptized (10:44-48)264
C.Peter's Action Endorsed by Jerusalem (11:1-18)266
1.Peter Called to Account (11:1-3)266
2.Peter's Defense (11:4-17)267
3.Peter's Defense Accepted (11:18)270
D.Antioch Becomes a Christian Base (11:19-30)270
1.Gentile Evangelization in Antioch (11:19-21)270
2.Barnabas and Saul's Ministry at Antioch (11:22-26)272
3.Famine Relief Sent to Judaea (11:27-30)275
E.Herod Agrippa I and the Church (12:1-24)279
1.Martyrdom of James; Imprisonment of Peter (12:1-4)279
2.Peter's Escape from Prison (12:5-11)282
3.Peter Reports His Escape (12:12-17)285
4.Peter's Escape Discovered (12:18-19)287
5.Death of Herod Agrippa I (12:20-23)288
6.Continued Progress of the Gospel (12:24)290
IV.Church Extension from Antioch and Apostolic Decree at Jerusalem (12:25-15:35)290
A.Barnabas and Saul (12:25-13:3)290
1.The Envoys from Antioch Return (12:25)290
2.Barnabas and Saul Sent from Antioch for Ministry Farther Afield (13:1-3)292
B.Cyprus (13:4-12)294
1.The Missionaries Arrive in Cyprus (13:4-5)294
2.The Incident at Paphos (13:6-12)296
C.Pisidian Antioch (13:13-52)299
1.Arrival at Pisidian Antioch (13:13-15)299
2.Paul's Sermon in Pisidian Antioch (13:16-41)302
a.Exordium (13:16)302
b.The mighty works of God in Hebrew history (13:17-22)302
c.History and prophecy fulfilled in Christ (13:23-37)306
d.Peroration (13:38-41)311
3.Response to Paul's Sermon (13:42-43)313
4.Gentile Interest Arouses Jewish Opposition (13:44-52)313
D.Iconium, Lystra, Derbe (14:1-28)317
1.Adventures in Iconium (14:1-7)317
2.Miraculous Healing at Lystra (14:8-13)320
3.Proclamation of the Living God (14:14-18)322
4.Persecuted at Lystra, the Missionaries Go On to Derbe and Then Retrace Their Steps (14:19-23)324
5.Return to Antioch on the Orontes (14:24-28)327
E.The Council of Jerusalem (15:1-35)329
1.Judaizers Visit Antioch (15:1-2)332
2.Paul and Barnabas Go Up to Jerusalem (15:3-5)333
3.The Council Meets (15:6)335
4.Peter's Speech (15:7-11)335
5.Paul and Barnabas Address the Council (15:12)338
6.James's Summing Up (15:13-21)338
7.The Apostolic Letter to the Gentile Christians (15:22-29)344
8.The Church of Antioch Receives the Apostolic Letter (15:30-35)347
V.Paul, Leaving Antioch, Moves to the Aegean World (15:36-19:20)349
A.Recently Planted Churches Revisited (15:36-16:5)349
1.Paul Parts Company with Barnabas and Takes Silas as His Colleague (15:36-41)349
2.Paul and Silas in South Galatia; Timothy Joins Them (16:1-4)351
3.The Churches Grow in Faith and Numbers (16:5)353
B.Philippi (16:6-40)353
1.The Missionaries Are Called to Macedonia (16:6-10)353
2.Troas to Philippi (16:11-12a)356
3.The Faith of Lydia (16:12b-15)358
4.The Pythoness (16:16-18)359
5.Imprisonment of Paul and Silas (16:19-24)361
6.Earthquake at Midnight; The Jailer's Conversion (16:25-34)363
7.Paul and Silas Leave Philippi (16:35-40)365
C.Thessalonica to Athens (17:1-34)368
1.Arrival at Thessalonica (17:1-4)368
2.Trouble in Thessalonica (17:5-9)370
3.Beroea (17:10-15)373
4.Paul Waits for His Companions in Athens (17:16-21)375
5.Paul's Areopagitica (17:22-31)378
6.The Athenians' Response (17:32-34)387
D.Paul at Corinth (18:1-17)389
1.Paul Arrives at Corinth (18:1-4)389
2.Paul Spends Eighteen Months in Corinth (18:5-11)392
3.Paul before Gallio (18:12-17)394
E.Ephesus (18:18-19:20)397
1.Hasty Visit to Judaea and Syria (18:18-23)397
2.Apollos (18:24-28)401
3.Paul and the Twelve Disciples at Ephesus (19:1-7)405
4.Paul Leaves the Synagogue for the Lecture Hall of Tyrannus (19:8-10)408
5.Conflict with the Magicians (19:11-19)409
6.Further Progress Report (19:20)412
VI.Paul Plans to Visit Rome Via Jerusalem and Achieves His Goal by an Unexpected Way (19:21-28:31)413
A.He Plans to Leave Ephesus for Macedonia and Achaia (19:21-20:6)413
1.Paul Makes Plans for the Future (19:21-22)413
2.The Riot at Ephesus (19:23-41)414
a.Indignation of the silversmiths (19:23-28)414
b.Demonstration in the theatre (19:29-34)417
c.The town clerk calms the agitation (19:35-41)419
3.Paul's Visit to Macedonia and Greece (20:1-6)422
B.The Journey to Jerusalem (20:7-21:16)425
1.Paul at Troas (20:7-12)425
2.From Troas to Miletus (20:13-16)427
3.Paul's Summons to the Elders of Ephesus (20:17)429
4.Paul's Farewell Address to the Ephesian Church (20:18-35)429
a.Retrospect on his Ephesian ministry (20:18-21)429
b.Misgivings about his journey to Jerusalem (20:22-24)431
c.His charge to the elders (20:25-31)432
d.Final admonition (20:32-35)435
5.A Tearful Parting (20:36-38)437
6.Miletus to Tyre (21:1-6)438
7.Tyre to Caesarea (21:7-9)440
8.Agabus Reappears (21:10-14)441
9.Arrival at Jerusalem (21:15-16)442
C.Paul at Jerusalem (21:17-23:30)443
1.Meeting with James and the Elders (21:17-26)443
2.Riot in the Temple (21:27-30)448
3.Paul Rescued by the Romans (21:31-36)450
4.Paul Obtains Leave to Address the Crowd (21:37-40)452
5.Paul's Defense to the People of Jerusalem (22:1-21)454
a.His early days (22:1-5)454
b.The Damascus road (22:6-11)456
c.Ananias of Damascus (22:12-16)456
d.Paul's vision in the temple (22:17-21)458
6.Paul Reveals His Roman Citizenship (22:22-29)459
7.Paul Brought before the Sanhedrin (22:30)461
8.Paul's Appearance before the Sanhedrin (23:1-10)463
a.Interchange with the high priest (23:1-5)463
b.The resurrection hope (23:6-10)465
9.The Lord Appears to Paul by Night (23:11)467
10.Plot against Paul's Life (23:12-15)467
11.The Plot Revealed (23:16-22)468
12.The Tribune Prepares to Send Paul to Caesarea (23:23-25)470
13.The Tribune's Letter to the Governor (23:26-30)471
D.Paul at Caesarea (23:31-26:32)473
1Paul Taken to Caesarea (23:31-35)473
2.Paul Accused before Felix (24:1-9)475
3.Paul's Defense before Felix (24:10-21)477
4.Felix Adjourns Proceedings (24:22-23)482
5.Paul's Interviews with Felix (24:24-26)482
6.Festus Succeeds Felix; Paul Le

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