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Adaptations: Disquistions on Psychoanalysis

Adaptations: Disquistions on Psychoanalysis

by Phillip Freeman

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Word Association Publishers
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What People are Saying About This

Anton Kris
"These brilliant, nonlinear annual disquisitions on the state of psychoanalysis, gild their philosophic pills in marvelous comic displays of their author's erudition. Charming the reader as they illuminate the multiple problems currently facing psychoanalysts, they can provide profit and pleasure to a much wider readership than the local celebrants to whom they were originally addressed."--(Anton Kris, MD, Boston Psychoanalytic Institute)
Owen Renik
"Psychoanalysts tend to take themselves much too seriously . . . but Phillip Freeman has an antidote . . . he holds up a fun house mirror . . . ruthlessly surveying the field, mocking every sacred cow he can find and puncturing any balloon that has gotten overinflated. This he does with deadpan psychotic humor and irresistible charm. Lucky Boston! Phillip is the Shakespearean fool who illuminates, and thereby ameliorates, the tragedy."--(Owen Renik, MD, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute)

Meet the Author

Dr. Phillip Freeman is a psychiatrist and a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute Institute. He has faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and at the Boston University Medical School where he was director of Medical Student Education and a vice chair in the Department of Psychiatry. His publications include writing about psychoanalytic education, psychopathology, and applied psychoanalysis. He discusses and consults to production of films and plays in the Boston area. His private practice is in Newton, Massachussetts.

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