Adaptive Marine Resource Management Systems in the Pacific / Edition 1

Adaptive Marine Resource Management Systems in the Pacific / Edition 1

by Kenneth Ruddle, Yoshiaki Matsuda, Milton M.R. Freeman

First published in 1991See more details below


First published in 1991

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Traditional Resource Management Systems
A Research Framework for the Comparative Analysis of Traditional Sole Property Rights Fisheries Management Systems in the Pacific Basin
Tradition and the Development of the marine Resources Coastal Management Plan for Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia
Melanesian and European Systems of Marine Resource Management in New Caledonia
Historical Changes and Continuity of the Aquatic Resource Management Logic: The Case of Lake Biwa, Japan
Making the Unworkable Workable: ''Guest Fishing'' In Japanese Coastal Waters
The Japanese ''Type 1 Common Fishery Right'': Evolution and Current Management Problems
Socio-Economic Implications of the International Whaling Ban on a Nationally Regulated Small-Scale Localized Whale Fishery: A Case Study of Baird's Beaked Whale Fishery In Japan
Energy, Food Security and A.D. 2040: The Case for Sustainable Utilization of Whale Stocks
Middletown: The Studies

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