Add More ing to Your Life

Add More ing to Your Life

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by Gabrielle Bernstein

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Lots of people are selling "happiness" these days as if it were a marketable commodity. But in her hip self-transformation book, Add More See more details below


Lots of people are selling "happiness" these days as if it were a marketable commodity. But in her hip self-transformation book, Add More

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Publishers Weekly
Dubbed the "ing Girl" by her self-help mentor Karen Salmahnsohn, motivational life coach Bernstein has built a self-help philosophy on the life equation "Rethinking + Moving + Receiving x 30 days = Changing." Blending approaches from ancient Eastern philosophy and contemporary wellness gurus, Bernstein's system is a familiar mix of physical activity, meditation, affirmations, writing and creative visualization used to provoke change from the inside out. One of Bernstein's major sources of inspirations is the book A Course in Miracles, but spirituality takes a back seat to Bernstein's "ing girl style" and an upbeat voice that should elicit cheers and groans in equal measure (especially among the Generation Y demo she's targeting). Offering a 30-day plan as well as personal anecdotes and stories from women she's coached, Bernstein's kicky attitude doesn't overshadow her thought-provoking and practical exercises.
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New York Times
A decade ago, young women like Ms. Bernstein might have been expected to chase the lifestyle of high-heels and pink drinks . . . But now there is a new role model for New York's former Carrie Bradshaws . . . well versed in self-help and New Age spirituality . . . Ms. Bernstein is one of a circle of such figures, influences less by the oeuvre of Candace Bushnell than that of Marianne Williamson.

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Amy Palmer
"By opening up this book you are choosing to see life in a whole new perspective. Gabrielle unlocks the secrets to a happier, more fulfilled you . . . and does so in a healthy, spiritual way. This book will transform the way you think about living."--(Amy Palmer, founder, PowerwomenTV)
Kris Carr
"Gabrielle Bernstein is a sparkling star amongst the next generation of healers, motivational cheerleaders, and wise (yet red hot) women who have the courage to empower from the hip and the heart to bare it all. This book is delicious and Divine."
Malika Chopra
"Gabrielle Bernstein gives the next generation what its been craving. Mixing spirit with spunk, she reintroduces the sacred principles of A Course in Miracles, and reveals the keys to happiness in thirty days and three life-altering steps. Her ~ing Equation will clear your mind to receive inspiration and serenity."
Sheila Kelley
"Since founding Sheila Kelley's S Factor in 2001, I am eternally in awe of the women I've met. Gabrielle's book is ravish~ing, world-rock~ing, ayurvedic message for your soul. It shall be added to the growing list of femme-centric must-reads to advance our female culture."

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